Is Braylon Broughton the Cowboys' mid-round DE guy?


After reading One.Cool.Customers latest Visit Tracker, I started trying to piece some things together when it comes to our mid-round strategy. We can debate the pros and cons between Fletcher Cox or David DeCastro or Dre K all day, but once Friday is over, we have to figure out what the Valley Ranch game plan is on Saturday and Sunday.

One intriguing item of note: After Fletcher Cox, TCU's Braylon Broughton is the only ranked DE visiting Dallas.

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It's no secret that the Cowboys have essentially been running a 5-2 since they can't seem to get any pressure from Coleman or Spears. We've gotten to the point where we rely on Spencer and Ware to get pressure that our DEs are just wasted bodies down there in the middle of the trenches.

I think Rob Ryan knows he needs somebody besides Lissemore, who he'll be counting on to take on a huge role as a starter. Cox is a real possibility at 14 and Dallas could very well take him, but if they like what they see out of Broughton in Dallas, they may use 14 on a Dre K, Barron, or Gilmore.

Searching for game tape of Broughton isn't very easy, so what I did was find RGIII highlights from their season-opening barnburner this past season to get a feel for what Broughton brings. In the video below, watch Broughton, No. 99, at the RE position.

Robert Griffin III vs TCU 2011 (via JMPasq)

Broughton was tasked with dealing with two primary Baylor OL, Cyrik Richardson (68) and Cameron Kaufhold (71). Keep in mind that TCU was fresh off a Rose Bowl win and didn't seem to be ready for what awaited the Horned Frogs in Waco.

In the first few minutes, it appears Broughton has a high motor with a keen eye on where the ball is at all times. When Griffin scrambles, he gets off his block quickly. He doesn't really pop off the screen in the early going, other than appearing to be the best DE on the TCU front. But the important thing to me is that he doesn't quit on plays.

At 2:29, he gets beat by Richardson on a little fake step by the LT. Grand scheme, it didn't matter. RGIII got rid of the ball in no time at all. This was basically the theme of the game overall. Baylor went straight at TCU's CBs in man coverage and won. RGIII didn't need to crack many zones.

As soon as the 4Q hits around the 5:00 mark, Broughton charges ahead and ramps up his game. He turns to the edge and outraces the LT at will from this point on, except for a few plays where he cuts inside and trips RGIII into what would be a crucial fumble. Gritty second-effort there. NOTE: On this play, he gets initially double-teamed before an outside blitzer coaxes the LT outside. It's after all Broughton's momentum was headed away from RGIII that he turned back and tripped him up.

From this play on, Broughton became a giant problem for Baylor and a menace on the D-line.

Granted, this is just one game of tape on Broughton, but I came away impressed. As the game wore on, he figured it out and got stronger.

I haven't seen anything regarding character concerns on the guy, except that he told that we never really learned the defense, so that might exclude him from being an RKG. But the man ran a 4.55 40 at the Combine for a guys who's 6'4 1/2" and 257 lbs.

If Dallas ends up coming away from its meeting with Broughton impressed, I think he would be a strong 3rd round candidate for Dallas to upgrade the D-Line and still allow us to take a DB at 14.

Braylon Broughton's Pro Day Results

6'4 1/4"

257 lbs.

40-yard dash: 4.55

Bench Reps: 26

Vertical Jump: 36

Broad Jump: 09'10"

20 Yrd Shuttle: 4.30

3-Cone Drill: 7.19

What do you think about Broughton?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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