This Draft Anticipation is Killing Me


So I'm sure like everyone else, I desperately miss football season and though one of the things we have to look forward to in this month of April is the draft, I'm also tired of waiting for this draft. The draft is only 18 days 18 hours 35 mins and 32 secs away, but right now this seems like an eternity to me. I mean I've heard pretty much every name that there is to go to the Cowboys. Whether it's Decastro, Poe, Brockers, Cox, Gilmore, Kirkpatrick, Barron, and etc, we have heard it all. Personally I can't wait till we get this thing over with, because it will mean we are even closer to approaching the NFL season.

So I was browsing the web and I came across Walter Football's site and I saw something that peaked my interest. So wait for it..........this thing that caught my eye was the 2013 MOCK DRAFT. This intrigued me, I wanted to see some of next year's top draft prospects and where did this mock draft have them going. Now by no means am I trying to discredit this year's draft or am I trying to skip this upcoming season. I just thought it would be a fun idea to look at some of next years draft prospects and see which ones will be buyable options this time next year to help our beloved team become champions or repeat as champs. Like in any other draft there's many prospects, so I will break this up into 3 situations GOOD, BAD, & UGLY according to how the Cowboys season turns out.

Since my reference is Walter 2013 Mock Draft, I will start with his scenario first. He has us picking at 17th and judging by the fact that we are picking 14th this current year, this means he expects us to be once again an average team with probably an 8-8 record. (Don't get offended he has the Texans and Lions playing in the Super Bowl) So this would fall under the BAD scenario and I think the prospect he has chose for us would be perfect for this scenario.


Meet LSU Barkevious Mingo. He is a DE who has nice size, a great motor, and still has a lot of potential to improve even more. Mingo is projected to be one of the top DE/OLB prospects next year along with teammate Sam Montgomery, if he decides to declare for the draft. So the question is what would make him such a good prospect for our average team?One would assume that if we are once again average like last year, that we may experience some of the same problems also. Such as not closing out games, not being a mentality tough team, and not producing enough pressure on the quarterback from other places besides Demarcus Ware. Selecting this player would finally allow us to part ways with Anthony Spencer and to draft an impact OLB which we would have probably neglected to select in the 2012 draft.

The next scenario we will look at is the GOOD scenario, were our team this upcoming year improves to a winning record and probably makes the playoffs. In this scenario we would probably be drafting in the twenties or possibly thirties if everything goes as we hope. Also in this scenario I'm imagining that we have drafted BTB's posterchild David Decastro in the 2012 draft making some community members real happy. *cough Bigham* When your team has a winning record I feel you can truly go by the BPA approach and this player would clearly give us the most value at our selection if he is there.


This big fellow is Barrett Jones G/C for Alabama. Being an LSU fan I have to admit that I was kind of happy to see this guy have to come out of the first meeting between the two teams, because he is the anchor of that line. This guy can play every position on the offensive line and he could have came out this year and probably been a first round pick. With this selection the Cowboys will have most definitely built a foundation for years to come. Since this is the GOOD scenario I would assume we got efficient play out of our o-line, but Jones would still provide an upgrade at the center or guard position, and would be also playing on a rookie pay scale. If this upcoming year goes well I think Jerry would be a full time believer in the BPA approach and he would start to salivate at elite o-lineman in the first round. Just imagine Tyron, Decastro, Barrett, Free, and have your pick at that RG position.

The last scenario is the UGLY one, all the pessimist fans will love this one. In this scenario our team will be picking in the top 10. In order for our team to regress like this I feel either Romo has to either get a season ending injury or Romo has to have the worst year since his first year starting in the league. Regardless we will most probably be looking for a future signal caller and this draft has options for us. There isn't two sure quarterback prospects like in the 2012 draft, but there is plenty names. Matt Barkley, Tyler Wilson, Landry Jones, Tyler Bray, Aaron Murray and more depending on if they decide to make themselves eligible for the draft. Even in this UGLY scenario I don't see our beloved team being the worst team in the league so I would thing we miss out on Matt Barkley, but there is two other quarterback prospects that I think Dallas would take a special liking towards.

8943402_medium Tyler-wilson-211x300_medium

If you are not familiar with these two prospects they are Oklahoma's Landry Jones and Arkansas Tyler Wilson. If our team is picking for a future signal caller, I would have to imagine these two players would be on the top of their list. I have no facts to back this up, but imo besides texas schools these two programs are more of the most liked programs by our front office. Arkansas is Jerry's alma mater and Oklahoma is always a powerhouse, which is not to far from Dallas. Regardless these are two of the better quarterback prospects in this class, besides Barkley and given the fact that in this scenario we would be picking in the top 10. Both of these guys would definitely be on our boards and I wouldn't be shocked to see one of them with a star on their helmet. Both guys are pocket passers, with nice size, very strong arms, and they play in strong conferences with strong competition. A lot teams would drool over these two prospects and if our teams season turns out this UGLY were we our picking in the top 10, this would definitely be a satisfying reward to help our team in the future.

So there you have it that is my GOOD, BAD,and UGLY scenarios for this upcoming year. Like I previously stated I was just bored with all the 2012 draft talk and wanted to look at some other future names. Just like with any mock draft, they are always changing and this mock can look totally different at the end of next year. Some new prospects will emerge and some other prospects may underachieve and fall. So feel free to vote, rec, or comment and tell me which three 2013 prospects you feel would be good for each one of our possible scenarios.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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