I've dissected who will be the 1st round pick.

Well, not really. Its a 1 in 9 shot I believe, real detective I am right? Lets look at the players they've brought in.

note:I'm only listing the National visits, as the Dallas Days players I believe will have no impact on the first round pick

RB-Doug Martin

OL-Cordy Glenn, Peter Konz, Amini Silatolu, Jeff Allen, Ronald Leary

WR-Ryan Broyles

DL-Fletcher Cox, Chase Baker

LB-Courtney Upshaw, Ronnell Lewis, Korey Toomer

CB-Dre Kirkpatrick, Stephon Gilmore, Casey Hayward, Chris Greenwood, Lionel Smith

SS-Mark Barron, Harrison Smith, DJ Campbell

In the last 6 years, Dallas top pick has been someone who has visited the Ranch. In order from 2006 to last year, Bobby Carpenter, Anthony Spencer, Felix Jones, Jason Williams, Dez Bryant and lastly Tyron Smith. This year, Dallas has invited at least 7 players that will go in the first round, most likely. Cordy Glenn, Peter Konz, Fletcher Cox, Courtney Upshaw, Stephon Gilmore, Dre Kirkpatrick and Mark Barron. I do think however there are 2 other players Dallas is interested in that did not visit, both are DTs...Michael Brockers and Dontari Poe. So, thats a total of 9 players that are potential picks, 7 of them are defensive players(wink, wink)

What I found interesting was a lack of defensive lineman that were invited, only 2. Top 10-15 potential pick Cox and Chase Baker from Boise St, a guy who most likely will go undrafted. Even the Dallas Days players there were no DL guys at all. Yet at other positions, like CB, OLB/ILB, and OL, there were multiple players that will go in the mid rounds, both from the National Visits and Dallas Days. No Dlineman?? Cox was the highest rated player they brought in, a DT. They also are very high on 2 other DTs, Poe and Brockers. Do you see where I'm going?

I do believe Dallas is targeting a DL/DT with their pick at 14. I would not be shocked if their top 3 list included Cox, Brockers than Poe. The lack of DTs at the Ranch tells me this. Yes, visits don't mean everything. But it seems they did bring in a highly rated player at a position they need to upgrade, defensive line. And again, supposedly they are "Gaga" over Poe and also like Brockers. When you look at the other players that could be potential 1st rd picks, its as if they are an "in case" scenario. As in.."In case" we don't get Poe, Cox or Brockers, we will then decide on Kirkpatrick, Upshaw or maybe trade down and look at Gilmore, Barron, Konz or Glenn. It makes sense, Poe, Cox and Brockers are all rated higher than the others. I believe this is their list in order for their 1st round pick:

1. Cox

2. Brockers

3. Poe

4. Kirkpatrick

5. Barron

6. Upshaw

7. Gilmore

8. Konz

9. Glenn

Well, so I didn't get it down to one exact player. But I do believe I think I narrowed it down to the position. I do believe Dallas will draft a defensive tackle at 14, at least thats their target! For sure it'll be a defensive player. Right?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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