I'm pretty sure I'm going to be happy after round 1

I've been reading a lot of mock drafts and a lot of posts with guys saying "this is the guy we need to get" and I have found out I have liked what I read and agree with most of them. Usually around this time of year I get fixated on 2 or 3 players I really like that I hope dallas can realistically get. In past years it's been guys like Leon Hall, Reggie Nelson (yes I thought he was the next Ed Reed), B Albert, R Clady, E Thomas (yes it wasn't realistic but I really wanted him to be a cowboy), M Pouncey, Iupati,and Bulaga and every year between 2005 and 2011 I ended up disapointed (Dez grew on me though). This year there are 10 guys I really like so I am pretty sure I am going to be happy on draft day.

So the question is what route will Dallas go in round 1? Here is my list in order of my preference.

1 Morris Claiborne - Yes I know he wont be there at 14 but I hope Dallas trades up to get him. Now I don't want to give up future draft picks especially any #1's or 2's and up until a week ago I didn't think it was possible but I read a rumor (I think on ESPN) that Cleveland and Dallas are discussing trading #1's with Dallas throwing in M Jenkins, F Jones and a #4 this year. If this is true I am all for it. We are talking about a cheaper upgrade at CB and all we give up is a backup RB (yes a good one) but let's be honest Jones can be replaced can you say Lamichael James rd 3? or even promoting Tanner. Regarding that 4th rounder that some of you dont want to give up are you really saying we cant make it without the likes of Stanback, McGee, B Williams, AOA, Butler, Choice etc.

2 Quinton Coples - This is the longshot, I hope he is there at 14 but I don't think he will. The only bad thing I can see about this pick is that Ratliff has to stay at NT. This is the disruptive force we need at DE in the 3-4 that we have been lacking. Yes I know there are questions about his motor but if we land him I'm betting that being sandwiched between Ware and Ratliff will solve that problem.

3 Luke Kuechly - I think this guy will be the best player to come out of this draft not named Luck. There are 2 reasons I don't have him #1 and they are ILB isn't a premium position and we already have 3 good ILB's. However if you draft by BPA and stay at 14 he is the guy if he is there. Really there are worse problems to have then to many good players at one position.

4 David DeCastro - From what I have been reading on this site and others is that this is the consensus pick for Dallas fans. If we land him I love it as well. I know the arguement against him is that we addressed this position in FA and all I have to say is ... are you serious? I see 3 positions on the interior OLine and I only see 1 starter. Livings is going to start (that is basically what his salary says) but Bernadeu .... maybe, I think they HOPE he claims the job but I dont think they are going to hand it to him and at center .... Costa? Okay I dont want to rip him to much I have to take a step back and realize that he is a 2nd year undrafted FA who has had only 1 real off season. I do believe Costa will be a good player someday. I can basically say the same thing about Nagy, Kowalski, and Arkin but we need starting caliber players right now. I think we solidified our depth in free agency not our starting lineup and I read that Callahan likes Decastro as a center. I like the idea of a oline with Smith, Free, Livings, Decastro and hopefully a 5th guy who seizes the oppurtunity.

5 Dontari Poe - This is the guy who I am betting will be the selection if we stay at 14. He fits the profile of a NT does he not? NT is a need and this is good value at 14. This solves problems at 2 positions in my opinion. Kicking Ratliff out to DE is long overdue. I do have concerns about his production in college and I have read that he was misused so here is hoping that Dallas does their homework on him. I love the rotation of these 6 players on the DL Ratliff, Hatcher, Poe, Brent, Lissemore and Spears.

6 Whitney Mercilus - While I am one of the few people that think A Spencer is a good player (it's an arguement for another post) I do like the idea of grabbing his potential replacement now as I do not think Spencer will be a cowboy after this year and outside of Ingram whom I dont think will be there at 14 this is the guy I like the best.

7 Donta Hightower - This guy is growing on me. 2 weeks ago I would of said no way. However I like his motor and his versatilty. I read a previous post that someone else wrote about him and that's when I started looking more at him. This is a guy that can play every position in the front seven except NT or DE in the base 3-4. He can be a SOLB an ILB or a pass rush specialist at DE in 4-3 and even spell D Ware a WOLB. Sounds like a RKG.

8 Mark Barron - I like this guy but only in a trade down into the 20's scenario. I think the best case scenario for Dallas would be that the Pats covet somebody at #14 and trade their 2 1st rounders to Dallas for 14 (we would probably have to throw in a #4 but oh well) and Barron falls to 27 and we land Nick Perry or Coby Fleener with the other 1st rounder. Getting back to the reason I like this guy is simple ...he is the best safety in the draft and I am tired of worrying about safety.

9 Coby Fleener - This is another I would love in a trade down. How come nobody is talking about him as a possibility? I know this isnt a need and backup TE isn't a huge priority but hear me out. This pick would do 4 things. It would lessen the blow of not having a #3 WR, it would net us Jason Witten's eventual replacement, did you see what NE did with 2 TE's last year? and it means the NY Giants wont draft him.

10 Dre Kirkpatrick - This guy intrigues me because I keep hearing safety when people talk about him. I have never been a believer in the theory that CB's can automatically play safety. However this guy appears to be physical enough to do it. The worse case scenario is if he cant play safety we have added a really good 4th CB and the eventual replacement for Jenkins.

Like I said I should be very happy on draft day as there are plenty of good selections for Dallas to choose from. However keep up the debating on the site as I love hearing it but I have a hard time finding arguements against any of the players anybody else thinks we should grab. So rejoice Cowboy fans we are going to grab a good player ...... unless Jerry trades out of round 1?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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