BTB Experts - Five Questions I need answered

Like every Cowboys' fan, I have my favorite names that I want to hear called at the 14th spot. At one point I was excited about a couple of potential picks, but now things seem to have changed and I'm not sure what to expect. Here are 5 questions that I have going into the draft. Hopefully, you can help me.

Question 1: What is the chance of us getting David DeCastro?

I understand he probably won't be there at 14 as I expect Kansas City to take him with pick 11. And even if he is there, Dallas may not be interested in him as I've heard a lot of emphasis put on securing an elite pass rusher with our first pick. Can you give me a percentage that depicts the chances of Dallas getting DeCastro?

Question 2: What pass rusher stands the best chance of being drafted?

I absolutely love Melvin Ingram from South Carolina as his athleticism is just what we need to complement DeMarcus Ware on the other side (watch highlights here), but I haven't heard too much about him lately. I've seen his name come up a couple times, but he hasn't visited with us yet. He is certainly my favorite, but who else is someone we should be excited about if we hear their name called? Can you list the top 3 pass rushers and what pick you expect to see them go?

Question 3: Is Mark Barron a reach at 14?

I love Barron as he reminds me of pro bowler Dashon Goldson of San Francisco. He is a smash mouth tackler with good coverage skills. It just seems to be a reach.

Question 4: Is Dre Kirkpatrick out of the equation?

I wrote an article on yahoo in January talking about how I expect the Cowboys to land one of the 'Bama Boys in the draft. Now, after signing Brandon Carr, I'm not as interested in Dre Kirkpatrick. He seems like a wild card pick and a little risky to take him that early. Plus, I really like Josh Robinson and it seems like we can give ourselves the cornerback depth we need without using a first round pick.

Question 5: Does anyone else like Lavonte David from Nebraska?

I watched highlights of this linebacker and the first thing I thought was - he is small. So I immediately started wondering if he was fast enough to play strong safety. As I read draft reviews stating how is doesn't really fit the LB or S position, I started asking myself - who cares? If you look at tight ends these days, they are transforming the game as they have developed more into pass catchers. So quite frankly, a player like Lavonte David (watch highlights) would be just the type of player to counter that. I would love seeing his name called when we pick in round 2.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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