The Blip: Robert Turbin

Continuing the trend and talking about some of the under the radar prospects that may be popping up on draft radars around the league, we will be talking about RB Robert Turbin of Utah State. I know most of you out there are thinking "we don't need another running back" but you need to make sure you scout everyone and look at all players so you can choose the best player available. Plus, you will need to assess whether you really believe that Felix Jones should be retained since he is going to be seen as a backup and COP back. In my eyes, you don't re-sign depth, you re-sign starters only and keep churning the rest of the roster unless they are a regular contributor like KR/PR, special teams ace, or really good on nickel downs or pass rushing situations.

I have lived in many places before now, but my current residence is in Utah so I got to hear a little about Robert Turbin as well as some of the other prospects from Utah. Keep an eye out in next years draft for DT Star Lotulelei of Utah. He might just might be one of the best prospects as a NT next year. I also predict TE Dennis Pitta (BYU) of the Ravens is going to break out at some point whenever he gets a shot. I'm not a fan of any Utah football programs or really any college programs for that matter. It's all NFL for me and the Cowboys are my squad. Anyway, take the jump and take a look at Robert Turbin.


Name: Robert Turbin
Position: RB College: Utah State

Combine Stats:

40 Yard Bench Press Vertical Broad Jump Three Cone Shuttle
4.50 28 reps 36" 10' 2" 7.16 4.13

Robert Turbin has a nickname amongst his peers. If you can't guess what it is by looking at the massive biceps that he possesses then have a look at the picture at the end of this post and I think you'll figure it out. The name fits him very well as he is absolutely a beast. Have a look at this video, which is the most extensive highlight video out there of him. You may really like what he has to say in the first interview section, which is really as far as you would really need to watch. Why they have a clip of him bowling I have no idea, but I did have a hope that he was going to throw the ball overhand at the pins like a pitcher. Anyway, lets have a look:

The funny thing is that with the hair and the physical nature that he is capable of running (along with the rubber elbow pads he wears) reminds me a lot of Marion Barber III. You will notice that he doesn't necessarily try to run over every single defender on the field. You would think that this would signify he would have more longevity in the NFL. Well, you might be able to say that but he does have a history of injuries. In 2010 he had his entire season taken away because of a knee injury (I believe a torn ACL) and previously was granted a medical redshirt for a foot injury. Hence, he is not necessarily coming into the NFL among the most durable of players. Although he played all 12 games the other seasons, so I wouldn't put him in the medical red flags either. Let's have a look at his stats for the last season.

Carries Yards Avg. TD Rec. Rec. Yds Avg/Rec Rec. TD
249 1517 6.1 19 17 171 10.1 4

Robert Turbin is a pretty decent runner. He has the ability to be a banger like the Barbarian was for us but with his 4.5 forty-yard dash he is faster and a much more fluid and agile runner than MBIII ever was. You can probably tell that by the video though. He is also a pretty good receiver out of the backfield, although he didn't have that many receptions for the Aggies. Instead of trying to break down his film to you, let me just give you his analysis courtesy of

Turbin has been a productive back, consistently rushing for over 100 yards per game. Good size. He remains a bit of an unknown, but should excite throughout the pre-draft process with his athletic ability and could go as early as the second round.

Turbin is very athletic. Has the size to be a thumper inside, but moves more like a shifty, quick back. Has very quick feet that he employs to stop and start instantaneously out of the backfield. Has a big frame that gets to full speed fast. A classic downhill runner who can run through linebackers and carry the pile. Was a threat throughout his career in the pass game. Has the speed, athleticism, and durability to wear down an NFL defense for an entire game.

The only thing that could keep Turbin off the field for an NFL offense early is his pass blocking. At Utah State, Turbin would whiff on blockers at times. The problem is his technique; he tends to get off balance and blown back into the passer. Cut blocks were an issue for him as well.

Basically, by my take he is Marion Barber III with a +1 and -1. What I mean is that you take MBIII and add the agility quickness and speed element. However, no one could bust a blitzer like MBIII (I'm sure some of you remember the 2008 Hard Knocks where he decleated #58 on a block in a pass protection drill. Probably the sickest block I have ever seen a running back make. However, this is a weakness for Robert Turbin as you read above.

My analysis, if you bring this guy in and he makes it through training camp then you use him strictly in goal line situations and on 1st and 2nd down where he won't be needed to pass block quite as much. He currently is graded as a mid-3rd to early 4th round selection by I can't really see us taking a running back any earlier than probably the 5th round or maybe even the 4th round (probably our compensatory pick). That is unless we ended up following some speculations and trading Felix Jones as part of a deal to move up for someone, which in that case we could definitely use Turbin or a back with his skill set.

As far as I know, Turbin has not received an invite to valley ranch, nor does he have any ties to any of the staff to my knowledge. Being a part of what I would call the weakest conference in college football (fitting that it is called the WAC conference) doesn't exactly get you as highly scouted as the SEC and stuff too so that will drop his stock just for reasons of competitive experience. One thing I can tell you though, is don't make him angry, you wouldn't like him when he's angry.


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Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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