Simple Math: 1 + 2 = 3

Perhaps this horse's corpse has already suffered enough in the esteemed circles of football nerddome, but for my First Post Ever, I just had to bring up the possible impact of the shiny new cornerback duo about to make its debut in Dallas. "Lofty" might not be too strong a word for the expectations we can have for our totally overhauled secondary. Right? Brandon Carr is a known quantity at a high level. Morris Claiborne, seemingly already the same. Personally, I'm also a little high on Matt Johnson right now, but the more realistically expected performance of Claiborne, Carr, and Co. will hopefully be the missing variable the Cowboy defense was so clearly missing last year. At the end of the day, it's simple math.

A + B = C

Pash Rush + Tight Coverage = Sack (or Interception...either way, Win)

See, on December 11, 2011, I was hollering and groaning along with everyone else in Cowboys Stadium when the effing Giants overcame a two score lead and lucked out (yet again the luckiest, flukiest team in the league) by blocking the game-saving field goal (yet again, our Pro Bowl quarterback not recieving fan credit for leading another clutch drive into field goal range). And, on both of those improbable Giants drives for scores in the final minutes, my eyes were burned out of my head by the sight of, again and again, Smaller Manning somehow throwing the ball to an open reciever *right before* numbers 94, 93, and 90 ripped his flukey head off. The pass rush was there. I mean, it was right there. But the defensive backs simply couldn't cover up all their recievers for 3-4 seconds.

Like many of us, I don't get to go to Cowboys games on a regular basis, so I loved being able to see the whole field as God intended, and what I saw was the same thing that was evident to everyone else by the end of the season: a failing secondary. T. New slowing down, getting beat all over the place. Jenkins getting hurt every time he fell down (literally). Safeties struggling to cover lost receivers. No variable B. The pass rush was there. The chicken was in the building. The egg, however, was notably absent.

So, like everyone else, when I heard that Jones & Son had landed Brandon Carr, I was pretty darn happy. But Jenkins would inevitably fall down, and then what? [Jenk, I actually like you; you're a good player, but facts are facts. When you're not on the field, you're not on the field.] And then...Draft Night. Sitting at the local sports bar with all our nachos and dreams, crossing fingers for a neat new Barron or a big, fancy OG...and then, Pick Six. And at first we said, who? What? Really? And as began to sink in, I thought, wow, this is it. Because my eyes had been burned out by Big Blue recievers running around catching passes at will. And because we now have, all of the sudden, an elite trio of cornerbacks?

3-4 seconds is looking more and more realistic every day. And make no mistake, A + B does equal Sacks and INTs, and Sacks and INTs usually equal Wins. So be hopeful. Be lofty. Next time I visit Cowboy Stadium, hopefully instead of recievers running around free, after 3-4 seconds there will be an opposing quarterback underneath a big pile of 94, 93, and 90....

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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