10 Reason’s The Dallas Cowboys Will Be Better In 2012


Good Afternoon BTB Nation. First let me say that I'm still riding the high from the decisions that this Front Office has made in the last few months. I'm also not alone when I say that I can't wait for Training Camp to get started, and I know this won't happen but Hard Knocks would be perfect this year; Even though I'm still backing Jason Garrett about keeping the media out as much as he can.

My inspiration for this article came from ESPN's Ben and Skin Show, in a segment last week Ben gave his 5 reason's The Dallas Cowboys will be better in 2012. I found it refreshing to have an optimist for once instead of everyone from Calvin Watkins to Galloway and Company criticizing every decision that is made. I usually stay away from ESPN and would rather listen to Talking Cowboys with Mickey Spagnola or The Break with Nick Eatman, Josh Ellis, Derek Eagleton and the rest of the gang, can't leave out Bryan Broaddus. The reasoning behind going to The Mothership is because I feel they don't spend their time criticizing, and spend more time analyzing.

Enough of that more to come after the Jump.

Without further ado, here is Ice Bone's List of The 10 Reason's The Dallas Cowboys Will Be Better in 2012:

10. A Full Offseason: Some people don't accept this as an excuse for last year's (8-8) season, but after hearing so many from Troy Aikman to Daryl Johnston put emphasis on the importance of conditioning under Mike Woicik, I have to nod their way. Too many times last year we saw Miles, Dez and others fall victim to injury, too many times we saw defensive players in the wrong position. A full offseason will give Coach Woicik his time to get these guys ready, and will allow The Mad Scientist Rob Ryan enough time to implement his full playbook.

9. Bill Callahan: This was my favorite acquisition in the Coaching Staff. This guy has had nothing but success in creating monsters on The Offensive Line. This excites me because I'm one of the few that agree with not drafting more offensive linemen because of the sure fact that we have many already on the squad. Coach Callahan will not only serve as a doctor for our O-Line woes, but also as an Offensive Coordinator with Head Coaching experience to help Jason Garrett with timing and other growing pain issues. In Callahan we trust, can't wait to see if he can create something with Ronald Leary and the possibilities of a battle with Costa,Arkin,Nagy, and Kowalski.

8. Tony Romo: This man never ceases to amaze me, the way he played last year with a leaky O-Line was nothing short of miraculous. Tony Romo is a leader, he has even shut critics up by not participating in Golf Tournaments he would usually go out for. Tony Romo is geared on one major goal: winning the SuperBowl. He has a beautiful wife, he has a beautiful son, and now he is hungrier than ever for a beautiful Lombardi Trophy and SuperBowl ring on his finger. If he plays like he did this past year he will be on his way to reaching that height.

7. RKG Central: This offseason has been about one thing in Jason Garrett's mind: Getting the RKG vibe to soak this Locker Room into. Garrett has said goodbye to staples of this team in years past and is committed to winners, excuses don't matter to him. He wants high-motor guys ready to fight and die for each other. He knows a thing or two about success of a team, and he plans making this team a staple in the playoffs.

6. The Veterans: The Vet's on this team are poised for a championship run. Tony Romo, Jason Witten, Miles Austin, DeMarcus Ware, Jay Ratliff, Felix Jones, Doug Free, and many others are looking to take the next step. When your core is as strong as this there is only one way to go and that is up.

5. Mike Jenkins/Anthony Spencer: These guys are playing for their future, and you can go one of 2 ways either you commit to win like Drew Bree's did in San Diego or you moan and pout like DeSean Jackson did in Philly. These guys aren't like Jackson; they care about this team and about each other. Mike Jenkins had a solid season last year and I believe he's going to be back to his 2009 self. Anthony Spencer wants to stay in Dallas and he had solid season last year depending on how you look at it. Both are poised for a great year in my opinion.

4. Secondary WAS the weakest link: It started with the move to dismiss Dave Campo and bring in a young, bright guy in Jerome Henderson. This guy wears cleats during practice; I love it. Then in Free Agency Jerry goes out and closes Brandon Carr and gets Brodney Pool for depth. Not done yet, in the Draft they land Morris Claiborne, and a kid with a ton of upside in Matt Johnson who already has an interception return in Mini-Camp. Now you add Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick to that mix and you have a recipe for and Elite Secondary for years to come.

3. The Defense will be better: If having guys like DeMarcus Ware, Jay Ratliff, Brandon Carr, Mike Jenkins and Sean Lee is not enough; this team picked up ILB Dan Connor, DE Tyrone Crawford, OLB Kyle Wilbur, and others. This defense though young and inexperienced in some aspects, they have plenty of time to learn and contribute this year. They will be relentless, agile, and ferocious to stop the run as well as get pressure on the QB, not alone in that they will have some guys in the backfield giving them time to acclimate Eli, Vick, and RG3 with the turf. Don't believe me ask Rob Ryan.

2. Leadership: The pundits have claimed that this is what the team has been missing for a while. Well after listening to Tony Romo, DeMarcus Ware, Sean Lee, Jason Witten and Miles Austin this offseason; I'm confident that they are taking strides in becoming more vocal, especially now that they have witnessed what Jason Garrett envisions in this team. Don't be surprised when Romo digs into his WRs in Training Camp, and Ware and Lee get this Defense in shape. The leadership has always been here it just needed a push.

1. The Red-Headed Genius: From the Big Guy in Jerry Jones to the last player on the Depth Chart this team believes in one thing Jason Garrett. This man is getting praises from Colin Cowherd to Calvin Watkins and of course all of us. He has been around championships his entire playing career, and has been on some of The NFL's strongest units. That is his M.O., He is committed to this team and they are most definitely committed to him. He is making the decisions and Jerry Jones is putting his leash back in the trash where it belongs. Jerry wants another ring before he gives it over to Stephen Jones and all signs lead to Jason Garrett and through this Princeton Prince.

Well there you have it, I have said my peace, take it how you will, you always do. As always I hope you had a good read and I will leave you to it. Goodnight BTB community, enjoy your lives.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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