10 reasons we will we better next year

my prediction has us going 10-6, that would not just be a 2 game improvement, because our schedule is way harder this year. That prediction is not just because i am a cowboys fan, here are 10 areas which we will have major improvements, unless god forbid an injury.

1)Backup QB - Orton is a huge improvement over Kitna, enough said, i still remember week two when Kitna played horrible, but of course Romo saved the day, Orton is a guy who started last year, and is probably the best backup QB. He`s the type of guy to hold the pieces together if Romo god forbid misses a few games.

2)Running Back - lats year DeMarco Murray played just 7 games,and in those games, we went 5-2 in those games, and the two games we lost with him (Against the Iggles and Cardinals), Murray didnt get as much runs as he should have, hopefully he plays 16 games and does what he did last year.

3) Fullback - Sure, not such an important position, but Fiamenta is an average FB,, while Vickers is one of the best in the business .

4) Center - Unfortunately, Phil Costa will start, but did you not notice how much he has improved over the year, you can`t blame an UDFA with no off season to play amazing, I think he will be much much beter this year.

5) Anthony Spencer - He will be playing for money again, which could be either very good or very bad, I doubt he has a Desean Jackson type year this year, and I think he wants to earn himself a spot on the team for 2013

6) Inside Linebacker - Carter and Conner instead or Brooking and James, and Sean Lee is entering his 3rd year, he is still improving, we got way younger in this position, replacing two 30 plus year old with two 25 minus year old, i am counting Carter because he was the 4th ILB last year.

7) Cornerback - By far the biggest improvment, replacing Newman with Carr, Jenkins with Claiborne, Scandrick stays still, and Jenkins as the 4th instead of Ball. I think we have one of the best trio of CBs in the league, only Jerry can turn an area of extreme weakness into the strongest area, in just one off season.

8) Safety - Pool over Elam is a slight improvement, Church is coming off an Injury, we have another shot to turn AOA decent, and Matt Johnson has the potential to be a huge turn-over machine =.

9) Full Offseason - I know, it sounds lame to blame an 8-8 season on no offseason, but it was Jason garret and Rob Ryans first full year as coaches. Hopefully a full offseason will help us improve with our new coaches.

10) - Coaching Staff improvements - Jerome Henderson, Bill Calahan, and Leon Lett were all great choices for the job,they all will hopefully turn a weak area into a stronger one.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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