Trading the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th?

I have seen all over BtB that there is interest in trading the later round picks to move up and grab another great player that could be a rookie starter. This, to me, sounded like a great idea. I mean, what are the odds that your later picks are going to do anything noteworthy anyway?

Well this is my first fanpost, and I must admit I'm no OCC, but I was curious about the numbers. I've broken down some of the values of those picks and added them up to see just how far we could have gone up in the draft this year if we had decided this was truely a good option.

I think this is where I say "After the Jump"

First, lets look at the players we got, the position in which they were drafted, and what those picks are actually worth in points for the draft. I'll start after the 3rd round, since I personally would like to get at least 3 players in any draft and we traded our 2nd to get the all mighty Mo.

4th Round

Pick 18(113) Kyle Wilber 68 points

Pick 40(135) Matt Johnson 38.5 points

5th Round

Pick 17(152) Danny Coale 30.6 points

6th Round

Pick 16(186) James Hanna 17 points

7th Round

Pick 15(222) Caleb McSurdy 2.6 points

Now that we have this information it seems that all we have to do is add up these values, take that number and apply it to the NFL Draft Value Chart and see what we come up with as a comparable draft position.

Well, when you add up the numbers it comes to 156.7 points, which, if you went to the link, comes out around the #82 pick. However, the real problem is that Matt Johnson was a compensatory pick, which is untradeable, so you only end up with 118.2 points. Taking away that pick still sets us in the top 100, but just barely, settling in at around #96.

I was a little surprised that you could trade away that many players and only end up in the #96 position. Granted, I am no expert on how the draft goes as far as what other teams are thinking, nor what the Cowboys are thinking for that matter. However, I would think that each team has to feel like they're getting the better end of the deal to make the transaction happen.

I may be wrong on the numbers (as I said I'm no OCC), but this is the way I figured it worked so I wanted to see what the ever enlightend and proud members of BtB thought.

So what do you think? Would you trade the likes of Wilber, Coale, Hanna, and McSurdy for the #96 position? #96 this year went to the Rams, who were very kind to us in this draft, and they picked Chris Givens, WR, Wake Forest.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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