Dear Mike,

So, I hear that you are planning to hold out of OTA's and you want a trade. Really? I must say that you have been in the league a total of four less-than-stellar years and now suddenly you think you have the right to holdout on the team?


In the four years you have been in the league you have made one Pro Bowl, started all 16 games only twice out of your four short years in the league, and your production has dropped off each of the last two years. Last year, the Cowboys secondary couldn't cover a dead bug and you think you have the right to holdout this year? Listen, Mike, you had one pick last year with only 24 tackles in only 12 games; this was your worst production since your rookie year. The secondary was seemingly the primary reason for the team's drop off last year which ultimately cost your team the division title and the playoffs.


I can't understand how you can possibly feel a sense of entitlement after you have done...well, NOTHING!! You have never been someone who provided much run support and the most INTs you ever had in a season is five. Since then, you have had one pick in each of the last two years.

So the team brought in some secondary help via the draft and free agency and now you wanna cry, stomp your feet, and quit on the team? Who do you think you are, Albert Haynesworth? C'MON!

Winners rise to the occasion and stare a challenge in the face not go to bed and pull the covers over their head. Nobody said you were going to be cut from the team; the team just brought in some players to create some competition and add some depth to an otherwise swiss cheese secondary.

Last night I made some macaroni and cheese and asked my wife to hand me the strainer so I could drain the water; she told me I should just use the Dallas Cowboy secondary instead of the strainer.

Let me clue you in on something, Mike: Teams get better by adding depth to their roster thus creating competition. That's how teams grow stronger. That's how teams make it to the Super Bowl.

Instead of using this to make yourself better you want to stick your head in the sand? You're like Lebron James in the fourth're wilting away like a dead flower.

This is what is wrong with the Cowboys as a whole. Certain players think they are the best thing since the invention of beer and wine, and when posed with a challenge you decide not to show up. Good thinking! That makes you look REEEAAL good to the other 31 teams in the NFL, Mike. I wouldn't want someone who avoids a little competition and I am sure the other 31 teams in NFL don't want someone like that either.

I can see you on a job interview now with your highly mediocre resume in hand:

"Mr. Jenkins, when posed with a challenge, how do you typically respond?"

"Well, first, I cry a little. Then when I run out of tissues I usually like to threaten to quit my job if things aren't done my way. Finally, when nobody listens to me, I typically enjoy not showing up to work at all."

"Thank you, Mr. Jenkins. NEXT!"

I cant help but ask, Mike, do you pee sitting down?

Man-Up, find your sac, and get your butt to work where you belong. The team needs you. This is where you got your start in the NFL and if you really think you are deserving of being a holdout why don't you show up to camp and let everyone see what you are actually capable of. Here's an idea, stay healthy for a whole year.

Yeah, I get it - you were hurt for much of last year and still did what you could to stay on the field despite your injury. Congratulations! That's the equivalent of me telling my boss I should get a raise because I came to work even though I had a cold for a week. Big Deal!! Who cares! Your supposed to do that. ITS YOUR JOB! You automatically assume that responsibility when you accept your job.

With the attitude you are showing everyone I would rather have Helen Keller take your spot. I know she can't see but she probably has a better sense of smell so she can just use her nose to find the ball.

You are part of a "team." Act like it!

Being in the NFL is a privilege; not a right. You are entitled to NOTHING and you need to show that you have what it takes to make it in the NFL before you "take your ball and go home" just cause things didn't quite go the way you want them to.

Get to camp. Show "pick 6" what its like to play corner in the NFL and help the team win a Championship. Nobody likes a quitter. If you want to whine, cry, stomp your feet, and create a feud then we will work on getting you a part on the Real Housewives of Dallas.

Otherwise, this is football; show us you got a pair and get to work!!


SikandTiredof UrOvrInflatedViewofUrself

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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