Romo and the Super Bowl Question

I’ve never understood the idea that playing in a Super Bowl is the be-all, end-all of rating a quarterback. Is it important? Yes, no question.

But then let’s consider the following starting QBs in Super Bowls in the last ten years:

Trent Dilford

Kerry Collins

Rich Gannon

Brad Johnson

Jake Delhomme

Donovan McNabb

Matt Hasslebeck

Rex Grossman

And Dilford and Johnson actually won Super Bowls.

Sorry. I wouldn’t trade Romo straight up for any of those guys in their prime. Would you?

So let's put this question into context (after the jump).

Last year, Romo clearly lost two games. The one against the Jets and the one against the Lions. Those were close, heart-breaking games. No question. But how close would those games have been without Romo?

To me, Romo had his finest year last year, those games notwithstanding. First, Romo played through a painful rib injury, which really rallied the team and showed a new level of leadership. After the Detroit game, Romo threw just four interceptions and 23 touchdowns. That's crazy good.

And let’s not forget that the offensive line was almost entirely rebuilt last year, and not for the better where the interior was concerned. In fact, the best lineman was a rookie. And his best wide receiver, Miles Austin, was slowed or out most of the year with injuries. Then there was the loss of Murray.

If Romo gets time to set up, he’s lethal. And he’s one of only a few quarterbacks who is actually more lethal when he has to scramble. Think about that.

I’ll give you Brady. I’ll give you Brees, Rogers and both Mannings. But that’s it. No, I wouldn't give you Ben Roethlisberger. There's no way he'd have won Super Bowls in Dallas. But put Romo on those Pittsburgh teams and he's have rings.

In fact, I wonder if Brady, Brees, Eli, Peyton, or Aaron would have any Super Bowl rings had they traded teams with Dallas. Maybe. But I'm not so sure. Not with a cupcake for a coach. Not with a GM who trades lots of draft choices for a number two receiver or brings in a narcissist like T.O., over the objections of a Hall of Fame coach who had rebuilt the Cowboys from the ashes of Jerry insanity.

So if Super Bowls are the be-all, end-all, then let's at least compare apples to apples and consider how those QBs would fair with the teams Romo has had. I'd love to hear the arguments.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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