2012: Random Thoughts about Anything but a Quiet Offseason


Since the OTA's have begun; so many thing have been pondered in Cowboy's Nation. Today's article is directed towards the news and everything that has occurred recently in The NFL. I have read many of the articles that have been written in the last week about OTA's and such'; just let me say almost all of you have been over-reacting to situations that have taken place. Look I'm from the school that says none of us really know what the deal with our Dallas Cowboys is. Until we see this team perform we are just making assumptions.

Sorry BTB but this is the utmost truth, you do not know better than Jerry Jones, you do not know better than Jason Garrett, because guess what they do not care what your opinion is about the people that make this team. Are they wrong every now and then? Yes they make mistakes. However you have to realize they are paid hundreds of thousands to make those mistakes, and at the end of the day we are just guys that work normal 40 hour or plus week jobs and spend our spare time researching our favorite team. We do pay those salaries with our merchandise buys, and our constant obsession with our team, but we are not professionals. If you think we are, we are lying to ourselves.

Truth is if we want to have a voice that people really listen too, most would say take the appropriate classes and graduate with a Broadcast Journalism degree from a decent college. Sorry to attack the fans but it had to be said. Get a degree, then we try our best to make it on ESPN, maybe then someone will actually care about our opinion.

Off the soap-box and onto the next one....

Mike Jenkins is not at OTA's: Who gives? It's OTA's. This guy knows Rob Ryan's Defense. He knows what is expected of him, and if he holds out past mandatory practices then he is an idiot. So the Colt's want him? He is worth keeping for a year and making him earn his extension or new contract from another franchise. However there isn't a deal in place worthy a trade at this point. Brandon Carr, Mike Jenkins, Morris Claiborne, and Orlando Scandrick is good enough for me. Keep that tandem intact for this year and worry about it later. Sorry Mike, you have no leverage, you are under contract, either perform and get money or don't and get less than you could.

NFLPA has decided to sue NFL Owners over this fiasco involving a possible collusion. NFL, and John Mara you miserable jerk, you should've let this one go with The Washington Redskins and The Dallas Cowboys, oh well you we're a jerk as usual and things blew up in everyone's face, Now everyone is out money because you decided after you approved it; that it wasn't fair. Sorry everyone Jerry Jones makes more money than you could even dream of and that hurts but, now everyone's screwed; hope it's worth it, is it?

Adam Rank is a piece of Garbage, enough said there, sorry dude I just read what you write no matter the team and I really question how a guy like you is on and I am here not taking your pathetic job; Idiot.

It's sad that a lot of our rookies are injured but I still have the confidence that the ones we need will be available when needed. Guy's it's only OTA's and keep telling yourself that and look forward, you will be fine. Get healthy dudes.

I talked to John Clayton, well I called in and he answered my question. His opinion? The Dallas Cowboys and The Philadelphia Eagles will be battling for The NFC East, however the loser will still make the postseason. Sorry G-Men it's tougher this year.


New Orleans: What an absolute train wreck!! You will overpay but if you don't your stupid, Drew Brees made you relevant, without him you are nothing; with him you are team that has a chance. If you are not going to pay him what he wants than you are just being a moron, try and find a franchise QB, no matter how good friends Payton and Romo are it's not happening. Pay Brees or be deceased in the NFC.

Tim MF'n Tebow: The Jet's are headed for a disaster that they cannot predict. This is 1912 and The RMS Titanic is headed for an iceberg, but the lookouts (i.e. Rex, Tannenbaum) have no idea. I can't wait because one of my closest friends loves this team and it is floundering in front of his eyes. He'll Never Let Go.

T.O.: You are 38 years old, it's not an option; if Oakland bites you will be lucky, but try something else, you have exhausted most of your options in the NFL.

Why is everyone crowning The San Francisco 49er's NFC Champions? Alex Smith<Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Eli Manning, Tony Romo, Matthew Stafford, Michael Vick, Matt Ryan. My point is these days No Franchise QB= No Superbowl, gone is the Dilfer Days!

Flacco higher than Romo?: Whoever decided that, do the world a favor: run and hide, pathetic just pathetic.

Tragedy of Junior Seau: Great player, RIP. Relevant to the subject what you choose to do outside the field is your choice. Nobody made you make those tackles, lose that game or get those concussions. Dorsett and many others: It is your fault not The NFL. How you choose to live your life is your own. Seau you will be missed, great player, great individual, sure tragedy.

That happens to exhaust me of all NFL that I have been pondering the last week and a half. Ruthless Aggression is how one person I know described this, but it is intended to share my take on the 2012 Offseason. After saying what needed to be said I realize that I could be banned, but I'm real and that's my only promise. Hopefully I will be back soon. Until further notice Ice Bone is logging off. Good Night BTB!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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