Hey Garrett why don't you stick with what works???

Hello my name is Luis and I'm a die hard Cowboys fan have been my whole life. Now, to my first ever post on BTB I chose this topic because I believe the Cowboys are "The most talented team in the NFL" and they have to capitalize and destroy defenses. Continue reading after the jump to see what I'm talking about.

Option 1 is this.

Talent wins every time if you know how to use it. We all seen Tony's numbers they're exceptional I say put my guy in shotgun empty back set and give him 5 options out there no matter what defense they throw at him he will destroy them my money is on tony. In case your wondering this would be my five options (If of course I had a say) Dez, Holmes, Austin in the slot, Witten, and Phillips. I love this formation because the possibilities are endless! For example after running a play that extends the field with Austin and Dez how about throwing a WR screen and moving some big offensive lineman to take it home!!

Option 2.

Confuse defenses! What I mean by that is how about a formation with 3WR and Felix and DeMarco in the back field. I personally will move Felix to WR and send him deep if the defense bites on that audible I would simply throw to DeMarco in the backfield for a huge gain!!!

Option 3.

Throw more screens!!! Especially in the division we are in they all want to hurt our QB I say make them PAY!!!! When they send a blitz especially in first downs throw it to your half back and make them think long and hard before they try and take our QB out!! Again going back to option 2 put Jones and Murray together and simply alternate throwing the all so powerful screen keep Number

Option 4.

Defense!!! We all hear about the best players will always play! I'm dying to see that... I want to see a Defensive Line with Ware, Lissemore, Brent, Ratliff and Spencer! I believe that's our best line and will perform tremendously!! Experience is way overrated for Defensive lineman specially high motor guys is simply not rocket science beat out your opponent and get to the QB!!! Finally

Option 5.

I want to see an aggressive defense!! In all aspects want to see our linebackers blitz and CB especially Brandon Carr I believe this is where having a Mike Jenkins will pay dividends!! You send Carr out on a blitz and have Jenkins take his spot!!! Endless possibilities with all of our play makers in the backfield. Our sack numbers went way down last year sending pressure from all areas should help us take the next step in becoming one of the best defenses in the NFL.

Well folks, I hope you enjoy reading my first ever BTB post! Please go ahead and let me know what you think it will be greatly appreciated and I will enjoy responding to any of your comments! ****Go Cowboys!!!!!!!!!!!!! Opponent’s defenses guessing!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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