Eagles 12-4 (2nd seed) -just being realistic the eagles have had 2 straight outstanding offseasons, added a great draft, have the best running back, a great pair of wide recievers and a killer Oline, Dline, and secondary.

Cowboys 10-6 (6th seed)- We sneak into the playoffs thanks to some ugly games we should have lost, but came away with the win.

Giants 8-8 - They underachieve yet again, but they don`t get lucky like last year and miss the playoffs.

Redskins 5-11 - this season is a success for them, RG3 plays great, but it will be hard to rebuilt with no 1rst round pick for the next 2 years.


Falcons 10-6 ( 4th seed) - This division became up for grabs b/c of the bounty scandal, and two teams with a young QB.

Saints 8-8 - The saints begin as a mess starting 2-6, but a good ending brings them close to the playoffs and the division crown.

Panthers 8-8 - they start quickly starting 4-1 but Newton`s bad play in the clutch costs them some games.

Buccs 7-9 - Freeman improves, the whole team improves, this is one of the most improved teams this year, but end up last in a very tight division.


49ers 11-5 (3rd seed)- The defense dominates the every team they play but the offense becomes a mess when Gore and Jacobs play horrible.

Seahawks 8-8 - Matt Flynn plays OK, but he`s got nobody to throw to, the defense becomes elite, and keeps the seahawks in games.

Cardinals 8-8 - The offense is great, a solid RB, two great WRs, the defense is the problem, John Skelton wins the QB competition and starts all 16 games.

Rams 6-10 - The rams had a great off-season, Bradford improves, and the defense plays well.


Packers 13-3 (1rst seed)- They really need a running back, but with Rodgers, who needs a running game?

Lions 10-6 (5th seed)- Stafford to megatron is unstoppable. The secondary needs alot of help, but the front seven makes it better.

Bears 10-6 - They just miss the payoffs in a huge games vrs. the lions, a bad start haunts them as the miss playoffs.

Vikings 4-12 - Ponder is a bust, has a horrible season, and the vikings are in a huge mess.

Wild Card Round - 49ers beat Cowboys 16-10, Lions beat Falcons 32-25

Divisional Round- Lions beat packers 29 - 28, Eagles beat 49ers 23 - 10

Conference Final - Eagles beat Lions 28 - 22

AFC - (sorry don`t have time for explanations)

AFC East

Patriots 12-4 (2nd seed)

Bills 9-7

Jets 6-10

Dolphins 4-12

AFC West

Broncos 10-6 (4th seed)

Chiefs 10-6 (6th seed)

Chargers 8-8

Raiders 5-11

AFC South

Texans 11-5 (3rd seed)

Titans 10-6

Colts 6-10

Jags 3-13

AFC North

Ravens 13-3 (1rst seed)

Bengals 10-6 (5th seed)

Steelers 10-6

Browns 5-11

Wild Card Round - Texans beat Chiefs 24 - 16, Bengals beat Broncos 17- 14

Divisional Round - Ravens beat Bengals 16 - 13. Patriots beat Texans 20-18

Conference Final - Ravens beat Patriots 30- 26

Super Bowl - Eagles beat Ravens 26-21 MVP - Michael Vick


MVP - Michael Vick / Patrick Willis

Off. Player of year - Ray Rice/ Arian Foster

Def. Player of year -Patrick Willis / Jason Pier-Paul

Coach of the year - Romeo Crennel/ Andy Reid

Comeback Player of year - Reggy Wayne/ Terrel Suggs

Off. Rookie of year - Griffin 3rd(Was)/ Floyd(Ari)/ Richardson(Cle) (Richardson wins)

Def. Rookie of year - C. Jones(NE)/Kuechly(KC)/Claiborne(Dal) (Jones wins)


QB - Romo,Orton,McGee- Romo and Orton are locks, McGee gets trade in week for to the Buccs for a 6th rounder, we continue with 2 QBs, and Rudy Carpenter stays on the practice squad.

RB - Murray, Jones, Dunbar - Dunbar vrs. Tanner is a battle in training camp, and Dunbar wins out, and as expected, Murray is the #1 RB.

FB - Vickers - Chapas is cut, Vickers is one of the best FBs in the league, a very underrated signing.

OT - T.Smith, Free, Parnell - We go with 3 Tackles again because of the whole Guard and Center mess.

OC/OG- Costa ,Nagy, Kowalski, Bernadeau, Livings, Arkin, Leary. -Combining Guard and center b/c of all the guys that can play both, Costa, Livings and Arkin start, but Nagy and Bernandeau come in alot.

TE - Witten, Hanna, Phillips - Hanna becomes #2 TE onlt b/c he is my pet cat, I Think he is much better than Phillips.

WR - Austin Bryant, Coale, Radway, Harris, Kemp - If Dallas spends a 5th rounder on a WR, that means they are cpmfertable with him as the #3 WR, and he is an ideal slot WR, Ogletree remains on practice squad, we have room for an extra WR b/c Arkin plays LS and G. (BTW how many players can be on practice squad).

DE - Hatcher, Crawford, Lissemore, Geathers, Spears - Spears and Hatcher start, but Lissemore and Crawford get a lot of playing time.

DT - Ratliff, Brent - Brent gets soe time as DE, and an injury to Ratliff late in season give Brent a chance.

OLB - Ware, Butler, Spencer, Wilber - Wilber comes in for spencer ALOT, and Ware just continues to be himself.

ILB - Lee, Connor, Carter, Mcshurdy - Connor starts but it`s basicly a 50-50 between them once it`s week 5.

S - Sensabaugh, Pool, Church,Owusu-Ansah, Johnson - Garret has to chose between 2 young Safteys and chooses Church, Pool,Owusu-Ansah, and Johnson split time.

CB - Claiborne, Carr, Scandrick, Jenkins, Butler- Jenkins is trade to the Packers for a 4th rounder, Taplin Ross becomes the 5th CB, and Butler moves up to 4th.

K - Bailey - End of story, Bailey was insane last year.

P - C. Jones - Played very well last year, and costs almost nothing

LS - Arkin - Arkin playing 2 positions opens room for an extra WR

please comment if you like or have any questions thanks

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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