2012: An Offseason of Hope


Good Afternoon BTB Nation, It certainly has been a minute since I have contributed to this glorious site of knowledgeable, football-savvy individuals. I decided to wait until after Free Agency and The NFL Draft before I would write an article, because I figured after all the Mocks and talk leading up to The Draft, and as fun as those can be we simply did not know what would happen. I was correct in my assessment.

Last season ended in way that could be described as unacceptable, when your Quarterback is playing at a level higher than Mt. Everest and making magic happen on the field, but your defense is giving up too many big plays and points that you lose five leads; unacceptable. When your Offensive Line is leaking in the middle and your All-World Quarterback is running all over the place to avoid pressure; unacceptable. When you are virtually non-competitive against your division rival that is unacceptable, and changes needed to be made.

This team went into this offseason with some glaring needs, but so did every other team in the league. Jason Garrett and Company knew this more than any of the so-called experts, and they didn't hesitate pulling the trigger on underachieving players or coaches, they were men on a mission with the goal being to create a team of RKG's as Garrett would say. This team is in a tough division, and they knew they must get better and quick.

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A team wanting to obtain their goals has to take risks and make calculated decisions. This team did just that starting with new Coaching additions and then Free Agency. During that period we watched as this ball club worked furiously to get their team in good shape in order to make a more pure draft. Gone were the old, weak, and non-hungry men. This team parted ways with many that were once staples of this team. Garrett, Ryan, and The Jones' want to win, they desire to win, and they must win. And So Free Agency began, with needs in the secondary, offensive line, middle linebacker core, and a back-up for Tony Romo. The Cowboys went out and signed CB Brandon Carr, FS Brodney Pool, ILB Dan Connor, QB Kyle Orton, OG Mackenzy Bernadeau, OG Nate Livings, and even upgraded to FB Lawrence Vickers.

Now I'm not saying that these guys are going to be studs, but I have reasons to believe that these guys were selected because the coaching staff saw potential and fire in these guys to make this team take a step forward. Then as they were applauded for their work in Free Agency, everyone began dreaming of The Draft. The pundits all picked Mark Barron, the fans were leading toward David DeCastro, or Fletcher Cox; little did we all know Dallas had other plans.

Thursday April 26th, 2012 pick number 6 was traded from The St. Louis Rams to The Dallas Cowboys. "With the 6th overall pick in The 2012 NFL Draft, The Dallas Cowboys select CB Morris Claiborne from Louisiana State University." The NFL Social media frenzy began, and nobody expected a move like that. The Dallas Cowboys within a few months upgraded their weakest unit into one of their strongest, at least on paper. However our Cowboys weren't finished. The 3rd Round was here and Dallas took a pass-rushing Defensive End in Tyrone Crawford, in the 4th they select OLB Kyle Wilber, with a Compensatory Pick again in the 4th they snag Safety Matt Johnson. Then came Virginia Tech WR Danny Coale, TE James Hanna followed suit, and in the 7th a project was born with ILB Caleb McSurdy.

With every choice made, The Dallas Cowboys selected RKG after RKG, and it carried over into the 2nd Draft with Rookie Free Agents Ronald Leary. This team is working toward that ultimate goal and working diligently to put the best team forward in 2012. Rob Ryan has toys to play with, and Romo get's a few fresh targets. Stephen and Jerry have invested their confidence in the man once labeled the Red-Headed Genius, and it shines bright on the horizons of Valley Ranch.

I started my contributions here on BTB full of optimism for 2012, and after watching the decisions made here recently, I have every reason to stay in that frame of mind. Nobody is crowning this team NFC East Champions, and definitely not picking this team to represent the NFC in the Superbowl, and neither am I. However we are in the beginning stages of 2012 and we can all have dreams and aspirations. The time to make history and obtain the one goal shared by many is upon this team. The hunger to win, be successful and make the men who have donned the famous Blue Star proud is upon this team. It starts with Jason Garrett and with his commitment and passion it bleeds upon this team.

So as I finish this article I'll make a whisky drink and toast to 2012, a year filled with optimism, ambition, and above all the pride we fans have in America's Team. Here's to The Dallas Cowboys, a team on the rise.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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