Extremely pre-mature 53 man roster prediction 2012

I know it's crazy early for a roster prediction. I know. But I just read a post on ESPNDallas, and it got me thinking. I have some time before my next meeting for work, so I thought I'd put my prediction together.

This is as the roster stands right now - no trades, acquisitions, Let me know what you think - I'm going through DC withdrawal, and this should help a bit.


1. Tony Romo

2. Kyle Orton

3. Stephen McGee

Cowboys keep 3 qb's. Tony Romo and Kyle Orton obviously, Stephen McGee shows up in the preseason - not breakout, but makes a few plays. JG5000 gives him 1 more year to learn under one of the best QB's in the league (and the best backup) - also uses McGee strategically as the Scout team QB, as his mobility will help match the likes divisional opponents Vick and RG3.


4. Lawrence Vickers

Can't wait to see Vickers play this year. Very excited to see him lead our rb's, and give us our first 1,000 yard rusher in years.


5. DeMarco Murray

6. Felix Jones

7. Lance Dunbar

Hard choice for the number 3 RB spot. Loved me some Phillip Tanner last year, but this is a new year. Both Murray and Jones can catch the ball, and I have a feeling the RB's are going to need to catch the ball this year (need comes from the way JG5000 wants his RB's to catch the ball, not because of any sort of necessity bc of lack of proven 3wr). College stats: Dunbar 97 recs, 1033 yards, 8 TD -- Miller 42 recs, 481 yards, 1 TD -- giving the nod to Dunbar, because of his explosiveness (or so I've heard) and receiving capabilities.


8. Dez Bryant

9. Miles Austin

10. Danny Coale

11. Cole Beasley

12. Andre Holmes

Dez Bryant and Miles Austin, if healthy, will both go over 1,000 yards. They are talented, big, strong, and can run after the catch. Dez should have his "breakout" 3rd year, but he won't take over the numero uno spot... it'll be more like 1a and 1b with Miles. Danny Coale broke his foot, but he's still open - and believe it or not, Decam finds a way to put him in on situational punts (versatility). Cole Beasley had a good mini camp, i'm really just adding him here because the Cowboys have a new theme of adding young, new talent and doing away with old, unproductive talent going on nowadays. The majority of Cole and Danny's time will be spent inside the hash marks. Holmes - big wr, will backup Dez and Miles. Will also be used in "big" sets, with Bryant and Austin and Witten - sometimes also with Hanna, which brings me to...


13. Jason Witten

14. John Phillips

15. James Hanna

The Senator, AKA The Judge, is one of the best in the game and is a class act - great, great player. John Phillips sticks around, and needs to show the coaches he's back in form. Hanna will stick, because he has excellent size and speed. If he can start the catch the ball consistently, he could be dangerous. Big IF. He'll need to show the coaches early, because it will be hard to get looks with The Senator on the field, and Phillips versatility.


16. Tyron Smith

17. Nate Livings

18. Phil Costa

19. Ronald Leary

20. Doug Free

21. Mackenzy Bernadeau

22. Bill Nagy

23. Jarmey Parnell

24. Pat McQuistan

9 OL. I have my prediction for the start of the season listed as the first 5. I picked Leary over some of the young'ins and Bernadeau (injury), just off a hunch. No evidence. Just pure opinion and hope that Leary can be a steal. Not a lot of comment here, keeping 9 because the young'ins have potential, and McQuistan sticks purely because Parnell may not be ready to be the sole backup. Nagy is the swing C/G backup. Here's to hoping Costa continues to improve off his 2nd half push last year. Excited to see what Cally can do with this group.


25. Jay Ratliff

26. Josh Brent

27. Jason Hatcher

28. Marcus Spears

29. Sean Lissemore

30. Tyrone Crawford

31. Clifton Geathers

32. Robert Callaway

Really like the potential of this group, but it's a lot of hope on some guys that haven't even seen the field much. Rat is still king, and I like him at NT. Brent will be backup, but I'm not his biggest fan. I see Callaway pulling some reps from Brent this year. Marcus Spears may start the season as the starter, but Lissemore will get more and more reps as the season goes on. Lissemore will be a big piece of the defensive turnaround this year. Jason Hatcher is solid at the other DE spot.Tyrone Crawford will give us some situational pass rush as a rookie. The guy i'm really excited to see if Clifton Geathers - Huge body, in the mold of Chris Canty. I'd really like to see him put it together this year, and make a push for playing time. He's my Pet Cat. Lots of subs, lots of rotation, lots of different fronts.


33. Sean Lee

34. Bruce Carter

35. Dan Connor

36. Caleb McSurdy

Lee is very talented. Uber talented, and his play recognition is simply outstanding. Carter and Connor will share time next to him to start the season - with the hopes of Carter making the same 2nd year push Lee did. If he does, this could be the most talented LB corps in the entire league. Still - Connor will get his time, as he is talented himself. McSurdy sticks as a backup, and special teams demon.


37. DeMarcus Ware

38. Anthony Spencer

39. Victor Butler

40. Kyle Wilber

41. Adrian Hamilton

Ware is a future hall of famer, playing in the prime of his career. If the newly formed secondary holds up, and the new looking DL provides some pressure - Ware will undoubtedly break the sack record. I don't know if he breaks it, but he'll get darn close. I actually like Spencer opposite Ware, and see him adding some more sacks this year. Butler, WIlber and Hamilton provide a situational pass rush. Hamilton is raw - but he won't be able to be stashed on the practice squad. He makes this team - and comes up with a few big plays throughout the year, on limited opportunities.


42. Brandon Carr

43. Morris Claiborne

44. Orlando Scandrick

45. Mario Butler

46. Isaac Madison

Carr is going to be a stud. Claiborne will perform admirably - but will show he is a rooke, but this will be countered by his turnovers. Scandrick mans the slot, better than in years past - word on the street is he has been on the receivers like a tick on a fat dog. Butler and Madison make it as the backups, and see the field on Dime sets. I don't know what to do with Jenkins - I would love to see him stick around, but I wouldn't mind losing him for a 2nd rd pick. It'll be hard to trade him while he's not healthy. I'll admit, i'm lost on what the Boys will do with him.


47. Gerald Sensabaugh

48. Matt Johnson

49. Barry Church

50. Brodney Pool

Sensabaugh plays, and plays well. Matt Johnson makes a surprise surge in camp, and starts the season - making plays. Church will get his schematic reps, and Pool is a solid backup to both spots.


51. K - Dan Bailey

52. P - ?? Chris Jones

53. LS - L.P. Ladouceur

No real surprises here. Chris Jones will start the season as punter - only until McBriar gets healthy enough.


After making this prediction, I must say. I cut more than a few players that I would have loved to keep. This roster is full of young players with a lot of potential. It was difficult making this roster, and that's a good thing. FEAR THE STAR!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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