Blogging the Boys Should Get Media Credentials.  Period.

Tom Ryle wrote an excellent post, which isn't surprising. The posts by the first pagers and a LOT of the fan posts are not just good and not just worth reading. Often, they are funny. Most times, they are insightful. There's probably been a few that were poignant.

In his post, Ryle lamented that he wasn't "an accredited media type" and therefore couldn't attend the OTA's. (He also admitted that he had some family/financial "limitations" that prevented him from attending. I'm not sure whether he meant he had family limitations AND financial limitations or that his family cost a lot of money or what. And I figure it's none of our beez wax anyhow).

But the idea of Tom Ryle and any of the rest of the Blogging The Boys front pagers not being "accredited" was a jolt. It became curiouser still when later, Tom was forced to report vicariously by listening to "Rob Phillips, Mickey Spagnola, and Bryan Broaddus" in one of their "latest episode of Talking Cowboys at," straight from the darn mother-ship.

This got me to thinking that if guys like Spagnola were accredited, than that would probably mean that all the stiffs at the Dallas Morning News sports section also accredited.

I am not going to rip on the stiffs working at the Dallas Morning News sports section, because, frankly, I don't read it any more. I don't have time. Even in the dark days of the post draft and post free agency run, there's always plenty of great columns by the Front Pagers. (Well, truth be told, I nearly ODed on mock draft columns. Nearly had to go into one of those posh, $50,000-a-month Mock Draft Recovery Places with all the other rich guys. but that's another story and I want to stay on message).

So back to the high quality of Blogging the Boys and this whole media accreditation thing, which has me down right flummoxed, which I don't like being.

Another thing about Blogging The Boys is that there is in the fan post area a mother-load of often even better content (and I mean this as no disrespect to the Front Pagers, who are all worthy of their front page standing). Consider the works of Kegbearer, who not only has the best name but has written countless great columns. And there are many, many others, like the mysterious ScarletO, for example.

I guess my point is that Blogging the Boys provides by far the best analysis I have ever read on football. I'm not saying that there aren't other good NFL football writers elsewhere. I love the Sturminator, for example. But in terms of consistent quality and real insight, not only into the Dallas Cowboys but the game of football, well, unless you are Jerry Jones and have all that insider information, Blogging The Boys is as good as it gets, as far as I know.

So what's the deal with their not being accredited?

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that if the Blogging the Boys crew had access to players, coaches, owners, scouts, game tape, and whatever else the rest of us mere mortals can only dream of, well, then Blogging the Boys would be somehow even better, if that's even possible.

I'm also more than just a little bit miffed about Tom Ryle's "family/financial limitations." I figured guys like Ryle, being a Front Pager, were living large. Limos, private jets, groupies, the whole nine yards. I mean, that's what happens in this country when you produce a great product. Just look at Apple. Lots of those folks are living large. And rightly so.

And, if you haven't guessed it by now, I think pretty darn highly of Blogging The Boys. And this is America, where great accomplishments are rewarded.

Heck, you can even invent stuff that seems kind of messed up, like Facebook, where, best as I can tell, young people, not being very forward thinking, post pictures of themselves drunk and doing Lord knows what at parties, often with stuff stuck up their noses. (And recent college graduates wonder why they're having a hard time getting a job. I'm just spiff-balling here, but I kind of bet that one of those HR types Googled your Facebook page and unliked you. Well, in fairness to those young college graduates, there's not a great deal of demand for people taking a lot of women's studies and classes that deconstruct Western Civilization, no offense to the Women's Studies folks or the deconstructors. Heck, I've enjoyed studying women myself even though I haven't been able to make hide nor tail out of all the effort but it has been a lot of fun).

Anyway, I'm just saying.

It's the damnedest thing.

Only slight more mysteriously how the slugs at the mother ship get media passes. What next? That dreck from the Dallas Morning Snooze getting media passes?

I'm sorry. The Dallas Moaning News

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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