Plagiarizing my own 53 man prediction(+PS)

(Disclaimer:: I have a little more than a handful of beers in my belly and have not had a pee in quite a while now. So, the plagiarism is directly rooted from drunken laziness. This post was VERY prematurely published on April 29th. I believe I may have even been bold enough to be the first BtBer to make predictions on the roster for next year. Revamping now and really not changing anything. Just adding in my "bubble" prediction at the end. Including practice squad prediction.)

So. Every year, NFL teams bring in new players and lose some from the year before. Retirements and free agency are typically the check valve for teams not having to pull the trigger on a selection between two guys they really like. But, sometimes there are decisions that just have to be made.

Which of our beloved Cowboys are going to have to give way this year?

Call me a homer. But, I am a fan of each and every player that makes this team(53 man + PS). Mind you, there are exceptions. But, those are usually guys that I gave every chance in the world until they became a cancer or really weak link to our team.

I guess the first thing you would look at would be our current roster...


David Arkin G
Miles Austin WR
Mackenzy Bernadeau G
Dez Bryant WR
Rudy Carpenter QB
Brandon Carter G
Shaun Chapas FB
Phil Costa C
Doug Free OT
Isaiah Greenhouse FB
Dwayne Harris WR
Andre Holmes WR
Felix Jones RB
Kevin Kowalski C
Nate Livings G
Stephen McGee QB
DeMarco Murray RB
Bill Nagy C
Kevin Ogletree WR
Kyle Orton QB
Jermey Parnell OT
John Phillips TE
Raymond Radway WR
Tony Romo QB
Tyron Smith OT
Phillip Tanner RB
Lawrence Vickers FB
Teddy Williams WR
Jason Witten TE


Alex Albright LB
Baraka Atkins LB
Josh Brent DT
Victor Butler LB
Mario Butler CB
Rob Callaway DT
Brandon Carr CB
Bruce Carter LB
Barry Church S
Kenyon Coleman DE
Dan Connor LB
Clifton Geathers DE
Jason Hatcher DE
Mike Jenkins CB
Sean Lee LB
Orie Lemon LB
Sean Lissemore DE
Danny McCray S
Brodney Pool S
Jay Ratliff DT
Brashton Satele LB
Orlando Scandrick CB
Gerald Sensabaugh S
Mana Silva S
Marcus Spears DE
Anthony Spencer LB
Justin Taplin-Ross CB
DeMarcus Ware LB
C.J. Wilson CB


Dan Bailey K
Chris Jones P
L.P. LaDouceur LS

That is 61 players. We then, have our draft class...

1 Morris Claiborne, CB, LSU

3 Tyrone Crawford, DE, Boise St.

4 Kyle Wilber, OLB, Wake Forest

4 Matt Johnson, SS, Eastern Washington

5 Danny Coale, WR, Virginia Tech

6 James Hanna, TE, Oklahoma

7 Caleb McSurdy, ILB, Montana

7 more makes 68. Plus, our UDFA class...

Darrell Scott, RB, USF/Troy Woolfolk, CB, Michigan/Ronald Leary, OG, Memphis/Jeff Adams, OT, Columbia/Taylor Dever, OT, Notre Dame/Adrian Hamilton, DE, Prairie View A&M/Aston Whiteside, LB, Abilene Christian/Levy Adcock, OT, Oklahoma State/Eddie Whitley, FS, VTech/George Bryan, TE, North Carolina State/Andrew Szcrerba, TE, Penn State/Isaac Madison, CB, Arkansas/Lionel Smith, CB, Texas A&M/Lance Dunbar, RB, North Texas/Cole Beasley, WR, SMU/Charley Hughlett, LS, UCF/Harland Gunn, OG, Miami/Tyrone Novikoff, OT, Idaho/Tim Benford, WR, Tennessee Tech/Donavon Kemp, WR, UTEP/Saalim Hakim, WR, Tarleton St./Nathan Dick, QB, Central Arkansas

Puts us at 90 players. Camp is ready to rock.

Now we'll look at position groups...


Tony Romo

Kyle Orton (Free Agency)

Stephen McGee

Rudy Carpenter

Nathan Dick


Darrell Scott

Lance Dunbar

Felix Jones

DeMarco Murray

Phillip Tanner (Injury Return)


Lawrence Vickers (Free Agency)

Isaiah Greenhouse

Shaun Chapas


George Bryan

Andrew Szcrerba

James Hanna (Draft)

Jason Witten

John Phillips


Cole Beasley

Tim Benford

Donavon Kemp

Saalim Hakim

Danny Coale

Miles Austin

Dez Bryant

Dwayne Harris (Project)

Andre Holmes

Kevin Ogletree

Raymond Radway (Injury Return)


Tyrone Novikoff

Levy Adcock

Jeff Adams

Taylor Dever

Tyron Smith

Doug Free

Jermey Parnell


Ronald Leary

Harland Gunn

David Arkin (Project)

Mackenzy Bernadeau

Brandon Carter

Nate Livings (Free Agency)


Bill Nagy

Phil Costa

Kevin Kowalski


Jay Ratliff

Josh Brent

Rob Callaway


Tyrone Crawford (Draft)

Kenyon Coleman

Clifton Geathers

Jason Hatcher

Sean Lissemore

Marcus Spears


Adrian Hamilton

Alex Albright

Baraka Atkins

Aston Whiteside

Victor Butler

Caleb McSurdy

Bruce Carter (Project)

Kyle Wilber

Sean Lee

Dan Connor (Free Agency)

Orie Lemon

DeMarcus Ware

Brashton Satele

Anthony Spencer


Teddy Williams

Isaac Madison

Lionel Smith

Morris Claiborne (Draft)

Mario Butler

Brandon Carr (Free Agency)

Mike Jenkins

Justin Taplin-Ross

Orlando Scandrick

C.J. Wilson


Eddie Whitley

Troy Woolfolk

Matt Johnson (Draft)

Barry Church

Danny McCray

Brodney Pool (Free Agency)

Gerald Sensabaugh

Mana Silva


Dan Bailey


Chris Jones


L.P. LaDouceur

Charley Hughlett

The 42 players in bold are the guys I, personally, have as locks to make the 53 man roster. These players also have notes on how they were added. The players with scores through their names are guys I'm familiar with that I am pretty sure will be let go. That leaves 46 players on "The Bubble" with nothing really to separate them from the pack but skill and attitude. Pretty nice bit of competition and turn over if you ask me.

I really like the direction we've gone at back up tackle, WR, and interior OL.

Personally gunning for:

Jeff Adams

Danny Coale

Adrian Hamilton

Teddy Williams

So, if you were selecting 11 more guys to make the roster and 8 more for the PS. Who would your guys be?

Well now, I suppose it is time to tack on my bubble players and PS guys. I guess the best way to do this would be adding an entire 61 man list. But, you know. I need to get to blowing a few things up on Call of Duty. So, I think I'll just give you poor souls a +/- list and let those bored enough to dig through it do just that. The picks will, however, be in sequential order based on my depth chart. So, unless you are a big ole fat person and too damn lazy to lift your finger a few clicks, this shouldn't be too much trouble.

QBs +/- 0

RBs +/- 0

WRs +2(3?) -1?

+Danny Coale

+Andre Holmes/Raymond Radway - These two are a self contained competition. And the ONLY situation like this that will show up on my list. Only for the fact that Jerry has a hard on for Holmes and the Fans get chubbed up for Radway. I, personally, lean Radway's direction. Only because I haven't seen Holmes play.

+Saalim Hakim - Terrific gunner w/ tremendous upside. Yes...6 WRs.

OT +0 -0

+ David Arkin - Oh yeah. I did it. You know, I am not comfortable at all naming any of the guys currently on the roster a legitimate backup RT(Which is what we need). Pat McQuistan was brought in just for that reason. If Tron goes down, Free moves over. If Free goes down, swing comes in. I think Arkin is the best suited guy to play RT in a pinch for us.

OG +2 - 0

+ Mackenzy Bernadeau

+Ronald Leary - Now it starts to make more sense.

OC +3 -0 (Yep, now it makes a hell of a lot more sense.)



+Nagy - Garrett has preached constantly about the best players getting on the field for a while now. The FO is also very high on "multiplicity" across the board. Keeping 7 interior linemen is a stretch. But, not if one of those guys is your best bet for a RT backup that allows Free to swing left. And, absolutely not if these 9 guys are the best football players for their respective positions that your have.

Puts us at +7 of 11(+ PS). ONWARD!

DT +1 - 0

+Rob Calloway

DE +/- 0

LB +2 - 0

+Adrian Hamilton - 22 sacks . (Yes, I said period)

+Kyle Wilber - Will not be active much, IMO. But, he has a nice frame to build on. With a bit of added bulk, he could make a nice SOLB replacement for Spencer.(If contract talks don't work (p)out. Love me some Almost Anthony. C'Mon Spence, eat the humble pie.)

CB +2 -1

+Isaac Madison

+Teddy Williams

-Mike Jenkins - Aaaand, with our first true negative from my list. Mike Jenkins. I like Mike, I really do. But, Crap man. We have some good things rolling here and you just DO NOT FIT. I would absolutely LOVE to keep this guy on board. But, the way things are shaping up, his value on the trade market may very well exceed his value as a rotational guy for us. I predict we get a firm second rounder, with conditional pick, by the time the regular season rolls around. We need a fourth. Some teams need a first...

S +1 -1...Kool-aide makes bubbles?

+Barry Church - Don't really know why he wasn't a lock. Must have been moody, or drinking the Pool Kool-aide.

-Brodney Pool.......Matt Johnson both excites me and worries the crap out of me. I drank the blue sugar water with this guy. I liked it.

Pros:: Looks great on tape, has nice measurables, seems to be RKG, is an underdog(which I love), and put up college stats worthy of a very high draft pick.

Cons::Looks great on tape(Against low level comp. See AOA.), hasn't been at practice, reminds me of Andrew Sendejo...

Reason this is different from Radway/Holmes competition:: If Matt Johnson proves to be the better ball player. Pool is gone.

SO! That puts me at 53 players. Let's knock out this PS list so I can get on my way and you nice folk can get to criticizing my list.


1Jeff Adams

2Eddie Whitley Mario Butler

3Lionel Smith

4Caleb McSurdy

5Aston Whiteside Orie Lemon

6Cole Beasley

7Lance dunbar

8Tim Benford Radway/Holmes

(Sleeper) Donovan Kemp

So, that's that. I feel pretty confident, as I did on my previous post. I'm sorry if any of the guys on my PS list are not PS eligible. I am NOT looking that crap up. Let me know and I'll replace them with one of the other guys it pained me to let go. Keep up the good work BtB front pager fellas. I love reading your work!


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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