F.B.S. Therapy session for Fanatics II: "When the Cowboys Lost, I'm not proud of the way I acted"

Hey BTB,

Originally I was gonna use this as a post about a time I snapped but then thought as a licensed therapist it only be fair to make this an opportunity for Cowboy FANatics to have a place where they can blow of steam, and talk about moments that maybe they aren't so proud of. So I decided to make this a part two of a post I wrote last year which was a lot of fun. Welcome to group everyone. I'll post my favorite responses at the end, so others can be helped by your pain. :D

I'll Start:

I was reading O.C.C's article and the subsequent comments, on what kinds of traditions we have as fans on Game Day. It made me realize that our love for the Dallas Cowboys often causes us to be completely fairly irrational at times. However more than winning, watching the game, or talking about the game, one thing will always have the ability to cause us to be the most irrational: Losing. That six letter word has been the cause of some of the most ridiculous scenarios from players, coaches and fans alike.

Now for me I can not say that I am immune to this virus. At the risk of bringing up haunting memories for my fellow Cowboy fans, here is my cautionary tale:

It was the playoffs of 2007. I was sitting on the couch getting ready to watch my boys on television. I was in a state of Euphoria. Was this because my birthday was last night? Nope. Was this because my girlfriend had come over to see me and spend some time together? Certainly not. It was because the Dallas Cowboys were getting ready to play the division rival New York Giants IN the Playoffs. Yes the playoffs, that thing that we hadn't been a part of in a VERY long time... (Can I get an "Ugh" for that era please?). The week had been a little different as Patrick Crayton had a little bit more to say than I would have liked for one of our lesser known players but as long as we got the "W" I wouldn't care. And now that we finally had a QB I felt we could rely on, I believed that everything would be okay. I put on my Cowboys paraphernalia, and got focused. The game was a typical divisional game, you know, ups and downs but could go either way. Was easy to see the hate on the field, and I was LOVING IT! I also felt like the boys had control for the most part, keeping the worthless Giants on their heels. The Joy of the playoffs and the feel I was getting from the game allowed me to be able to even endure the comments/questions from my girlfriend. "Who's romo dating?", "How can you call those guys athletes if they're so overweight?", "Ok, so, the refs never throw or catch the ball?"(She was really pretty, what can I say?)

Then everything changed with this.(Slight language)

I screamed ridiculous things at the television (specifically at Patrick Crayton) to which my girlfriend said "He can't hear you, ya know". I shot her a look that I hoped would make face explode, but then got distracted by the fact that the Cowboy game was still going on and I wasn't able to maintain the focus needed to accomplish my goal. As you know when the zeros hit the game clock we lost that game. All I could see was red, and of course Patrick Crayton's drop. All I could hear was anger, and of course all of Patrick Crayton's confident words from the previous week. Then my girlfriend said those words that no person should ever say to fan after a VERY difficult playoff loss. It seemed to happen in slow motion: "It's.................. Only................. A................. GAME!!!!"...What can I say BTB, Something inside me snapped. I looked over to her and said... "Get out." I couldn't really tell if it was me saying it or not at first, but the voice sounded like me. The voice was calm with a slight tremble of anger. She was like "What? are you serious? Over a Stupid Football Team??? WHO CARES?!?!" To which The Voice said with that low anger "Geeeeeet oooooout, and lose my number... and address... and number" (Not sure why I repeated that). She left and I never saw her again. Did I overreact? I don't know I'm not an "Overreaction Scientist", but I do know that the Cowboys loss (mostly Patrick Crayton) broke up a happy home. But such is the life of a Cowboy fan. Anyone else out there ever get a little irrational after a loss. Let me know. Help me feel a little more normal... Please?

p.s. Currently happily married to a woman who loves the Dallas Cowboys almost as much as I do.

For those who want to read some of the best stories, I'm posting my favorite stories of "anger in losing" from this comments section after the jump with my "Advice" :)

Man, I’ll tell you. My lowest point was walking outside of my Pops’ house and firing off an entire clip from my .40 into the woods lol. I was very intoxicated. Ole dad came outside to make sure no one was dead, put his arm around me, and said “I know son. I miss Troy too…”

by mfoster on Jun 25, 2012 1:03 AM EDT

Favorite part is that this guy absolutely blacked out. He didn't have to tell me that he was intoxicated, as a matter of fact it almost seemed redundant when he did.

"Advice": You probably shouldn't get drunk with your firearm nearby. Just my professional opinion. lol.

This is great and totally brought me back that faithful day. I too was in a very similar scenario. I grew up in jersey but at the time i was dating a girl who was from texas. Long story short she came to NYC for a modeling gig, absolutely gorgeous but dumber than michael vick.

We went to my parents house to watch the game, mind you the entire family is giants fans except me. My gf was a cowboys fan by default but knew nothing about football or sports at all for that matter. Before the game started i sent a picture of a giant bowl of popcorn to pretty much everyone in my cell phones contact list saying “getcha popcorn ready”

anyways, i talked a ton of s%#t that blew up in my face. The game ended and my lottle brother said hahahaha and then ran to his room because he knew what was coming. I threw my car keys at the familyroom wall and they made a hole, my gf tried to tell me it was only a game and i flipped on her and made her cry, my mom then saw the hole in the wall and started screamibg at me and told me it was just a stupid game, my cellphone started BLOWING UP with pictures of TO crying and texts from “friends” i hadnt talked to in years. It was all too much, my phone felt the wrath, the stupid mini cowboys xmas tree my gf’s mom sent us got destroyed too. The rest of the night was a blur, and all i remwmber was my gf not talking to me for almost a week… bad worst f’n day in recent memory :(

by GardenStateWarrior973 on Jun 25, 2012 12:59 PM EDT via

Who doesn't hate those "friends" who only call you after a cowboys loss but NEVER pick up the phone when their team loses... ugh. What kills me about this post is that he started snapping the mini cowboys xmas tree.

"Advice": Don't watch games with a house full of giants fans. They won't be happy when you are, and may cause you to snap if the Boys lose (Or someone does something Crayton-y). But you already know that don't you?

...Well now to my worst moment… The Ice Bowl… lucky me my Dad got Transferred to Madison Wisconsin in May of that year and all year I had to hear it from classmates and friends alike about how much Dallas Sucked… and the Packers were the greatest team ever. I just wanted to rip their hearts out… So I’m sitting there in the Den with my Mom and Dad when my Dad says to my brother I got two tickets to the Championship game you want to go… and of course he burst out Yea! Well lucky me he got sick as hell and had 102 fever so he didn’t get to go and I was the happiest 8 year old on the planet.

So we drive all the way to Greenbay. the night before the game it was cold as hell outside but I was so high with excitement I didn’t feel a thing. My Dad looked at me and said, “See Son, I told you we would get them next year!” and stupid me says “Yea, Dad! Dallas has the best offense in the league this year and Green Bay is in for a big surprise!”

Here we are the game is notted at zero… and I think so was the temperature. I had my Cowboys Parka on and I looked around and don’t think I saw even one Cowboys Fan in the whole place except for my Dad, though I did hear some cheering from time to time just couldn’t tell where it was coming from… maybe my Dad cuz I think my ears were frozen. Oh… but it wasn’t good for my Cowboys all the sudden we were down 14 points in the first half and I was already mad. Saying crap like Pugh you stink… sack him.

Then the miracle happens… we crawl back into the game with a fumble recovery for a TD and make it 14-10 with a field goal at halftime, and behind the running of Reeve’s and a halfback pass to one of my favorite Cowboy’s of all time Lance Rentzle… in the first drive of the 4th Qtr and what does this 8 year old boy do…. with arms wide open I yell up into this sea of Packer fans… “Ya’ll Suck!” I don’t think anyone heard me because it was so darn cold my ears were stinging. Then the Packers missed the field goal with 5 minutes left on the clock, and even my Dad smiled. No way they could march the ball down the field with just 4 minutes something left on the clock… he took my little hand and said “We got em now, boy!” and then it happened… the final drive for all the glory and Starr pulled off a miracle of his own. Hell I couldn’t even feel my toes so I know those guys on the field were even worse off then I was…

They were at the 3 yard line and in two consecutive runs the Cowboys defense holds Anderson at the 1 yard line. On third down Starr comes out of the huddle and runs a QB sneak… for the winning touchdown. I looked at my Dad and said “I hate you Dad!” I still regret saying it to him. Though even now he sits through every Cowboy game with me and I have never said those words again to him. Maybe one day I will even tell him “I’m sorry!” Sometimes becoming a fan doesn’t happen because you win the big game, sometimes it’s because you lose them… makes that 71 season so memorable to me.


by Rex Pfister on Jun 25, 2012 8:48 PM EDT

LOL... If anyone saw the "I hate you Dad!" coming you deserve an award. RexP's dad probably got upset then IMMEDIATELY understood. But You bring up a good point. I can talk about a dropped pass, by an average to below average receiver, that wasn't even the final play of the game, OR fourth down, OR in the endzone, and it connects me with EVERY Cowboy fan who was a fan during that time. It's often the pain that connects us to the boys and each other.

"Advice": Awkwardly tell your Dad 'I love you' while intently looking into his eyes until he feels so uncomfortable he wishes for that '71 championship game.

The single most embarassing day of my Cowboys fanhood...

It was the Saints game in 2010. I’m from Texas and had been hanging out with a few recent post-Katrina N.O. transplants. It was four of them and me and my best friend were the only Cowboys’ fans. I had Monday off(An extremely rare occurance) so I was getting hammered. We were winning, Witten was money on every pass, Kitna had already threw for 200+ yards and I just knew we had it clenched…that is until….the Roy Williams fumble…As soon as I saw the ball coming out I jumped out of my seat and grabbed my jersey to take it off. I planned on yelling something to the effect of “This mother****!” and throwing my jersey at the TV. Unfortunately when I jumped out of the chair i landed awkwardly, tearing my ACL and letting out the most bitch-made scream of all time. Because I was in the middle of taking off my jersey my arms were stuck as I fell to the floor. Well, considering I had never tore my ACL before and no one realized I had tore it when I finally got my jersey off of my head my eyes were a little watery from the pain. Instantly everyone thought I had started crying over the fumble and erupted into laughter. They were laughing so hard and loud that they couldn’t hear me say something’s wrong with my knee for a good three minutes.

by UnitedStateOfTX on Jun 26, 2012 2:46 PM EDT reply actions



Can't believe

Nobody has any stories about the Seahawks game. The ending of that whole game was just a huge rollercoaster. First the huge pass to Witten on the goal line, then the spot gets overturned and it’s fourth down and inches instead of 1st and goal (when was the last time you saw a spot overturned from the booth?!). Then we go for the field goal, Tony fumbles, but he picks it up and for half a second you think he’s going to score anyway. After he’s tackled and weturn it over on downs, we still had a chance if the defense gets a stop. But Sean Alexander rumbles for 20 yards, and the game’s essentially over.

Through a terrible twist of fate I ended up watching this one at my girlfriend’s house. Stunned and speechless at the end of the game, her mother proceeds to needle me with the classic “It’s just a game” line. I walked out the front door and the 5 miles home without saying a word. I still haven’t forgiven that woman.

by Nassau Cowboy on Jun 26, 2012 1:47 PM EDT

There's something about immediately walking 5 miles home that says perfectly: "I must leave now or I might kill you" better than the actual words.... um actually scratch that, the only thing that could have made this story better was if you had calmly and quitely said that EXACT phrase then proceeded to walk 5 miles home!!

"Advice": Don't watch football games around people who don't know football. Win or Lose they will ALWAYS make you want to stab yourself in the ear with a spoon.


A young girl in Mesquite was watching as Danny White was about to take her team the Dallas Cowboys to the promised land. In the final minute one play would shatter her dream. I of course refer to the atrocity that has come to be known as the catch. The true result of the play was that somehow little Dawn wound up throwing a temper tantrum that resulted in her being grounded for what seemed like months but in reality it was probably more like a week. More than anything though that game sealed a bond between her and her father that lasted as long as he lived and for her that bond remains unbroken. That bond is a deep passion for the Dallas Cowboys.

I miss you Dad

by sexililkitti on Jun 26, 2012 9:37 PM EDT via mobile

Love This. Pain often bonds, and this is proof.

"Advice": Always remember that even though on some level it "Is just a game"... Often it's the people we experience these games with that make it SO much more. Use your love of the Cowboys to build more bonds. (Like we do on BTB) ;)

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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