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Good Morning Cowboys Nation. This is my first fan post and I was inspired to write this because of a overwhelming onslaught I received from my comments on a post about Tony Romo's career. I shared some opinions on why I think Tony Romo has had a decent supporting cast over the last 5.5 years and also that we should start looking for a successor sooner rather than later because history tells us that undrafted quarterbacks don't win Super Bowls.

I stated that Kurt Warner was so rare that he was able to bring two teams to the big game. For those statements I received quite a lot of backlash from the typical Romo-faithful, including a BTB lead writer, saying that my points were illogical, not thought out and I was even accused of "trolling". Now none of this bothers me because I encounter it amongst fellow Cowboy fans regularly but this was a whole other animal. Everyone that addressed me was furious and really seemed to deem my personal opinions (something we ALL have) irrelevant in the discussion. I don't rip anyone for supporting Romo til the wheels fall off but I don't think those of us who don't have a glass half full on Mr. Romo get a fair trial. Let me just further explain my opinion.

When Romo became a starter he had options such as Terrell Owens, Terry Glenn, Patrick Crayton, Jason Witten, Marion Barber and Julius Jones. I won't say that was a dream team but Tony with his spark in the offense was able to get them to a wild card playoff game and I give him all the credit for doing so. Over the years he would make 3 more playoff appearances and the Cowboys are usually offseason favorites because of his heroics and rollercoaster endings that suggest it'll all come together the next season.

During the dispute with other commenters I heard arguments that he wasn't so fortunate because of failed attempts like Roy Williams or how it took them so long to draft an offensive lineman and the defense was to blame some. I don't disagree that Jerry Jones has made questionable moves in the past with drafting, trading and acquiring certain players. I do however feel as though he was never in the hole with talent and he is fortunate to have an owner who has undying faith in him along with an offensive coordinator turned head coach. That type of consistency is important in a quarterbacks development.

Now the second part of my opinion is the case of undrafted quarterbacks and Super Bowls. As a disclaimer I just wanna say I do think it is possible for this team to not only get to a Super Bowl but also win it with Tony Romo under center. I am a die hard Cowboys fan and there were times when I questioned Romo and he proved me wrong and everytime he proved me wrong I was happy he did. Now I know Romo is statistically spectacular and even took a huge step this year in becoming a vocal leader and also a leader by example while battling through injuries. Way to Go Romo.

However my skeptism, though not extreme, about his odds of winning big are a mixture of his rollercoaster ways and a little fact regarding how many undrafted quarterbacks have won Super Bowls. Everyone who disareed said that draft grades mean nothing when a player steps on the field and that I'd have to go back and look at past undrafted quarterbacks to see if any of them were even as skilled as Romo for that point to be relevant. Now while I don't agree with those responses I respect that Romo holds a special place in the heart of many Cowboy fans and they simply want nothing to do with those....those.....for lack of a better word; "jabs" at their guy.

Back to my skeptism though. Tony Romo is the definition of a rollercoaster player. He burst on the scene with swift moves, game changing scrambles, escapes and enthusiasm that Drew Bledsoe lacked most of the time because he was just a pocket passer with little time to do anything. Now as upset as I was at the botched snap in the Seahawks game I've moved on and I think it could've happened to anyone. But in general Romo will win your heart one week and tear it out the next and the earlier half of this past season was a display of it. We looked well on our way to beating the Jets with what I believe was a 17 point lead in the latter part of the game before things fell apart. I know there was a blocked punt and the defense gave up a TD to Plax but also there were critical mistakes by our head honcho with a fumble at the 3 yard line and a late game interception to Revis island when the game wasn't just yet out of our hands despite the comeback. He would go on to be heroic in the next two games fighting injuries and looking like week 1 was just a bit of old bad luck that would soon diminish until the Detroit Lions came around. I really don't have to even touch that...

Now about the Warner comparison. Though it's apparently not a popular topic I still think it should hold some weight in how this organization handles Tony Romo's future. With the statistics Romo put up last year in no way do I think it's time to replace him or move on just yet (and I think that's where most people thought I was going) but rather consider the fact that Tony Romo was an undrafted quarterback and we expect him to do what only one quarterback that went undrafted has been able to do. There are first round bust and let downs all the time. High draft grades don't mean you'll achieve success but for example the active Super Bowl winning quarterbacks draft picks are as followed:

P. Manning (round 1)

D. Brees (round 2)

Big Ben (round 1)

E. Manning (round 1)

A. Rodgers (round 1)

T. Brady (round 6).

Like I said before I think the Cowboys can win with Romo but in my opinion it will be another rare occasion. I would like to see Jerry draft a quarterback in the early rounds of the draft next offseason because it wasn't necessary in this years draft after his performance last year. I also think Romo should play out his contract to see where he's able to get us while we groom our successor. With his rollercoaster play I think it's risky to lock up a 32 yr old undrafted quarterback with a 1-3 playoff record (and I think 1-2 in "win or get in"s) for longer than he is right now.

In closing I just wanna say again that I am in no way against Romo but rather see the glass not half full or half empty but just for what it is and that's in the middle. He puts up great numbers and he is our best option at quarterback now and has brought stability to a position that was underwhelming for so many years. Though he makes me want to kick a tv over too often I appreciate what he is able to do, the positives he brings with his chemistry and always taking the Big D blame that falls on his shoulders.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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