Life without Romo and what could have been...

QB play in Dallas is a lighning rod subject. We all know the Romo situation. Since he took over halfway in 2006 there has been constant debate on wether it was the right choice and can he lead us to a Super Bowl. So lets look at where Dallas would have been if after that 2006 season Jerry and company hadn't had the faith in Romo to go forward.

Going into 2007 the QB spot would have had to have been addressed. Continuing with Bledsoe wouldn't have been an option. Not after replacing him with an undrafted free agent who the team also felt was the answer. That leaves three options. You draft, sign or trade for one. Working a trade would have meant losing draft picks, and we all have to remember that at that time our draft picks were of upmost importance. We had lost too many in previous years that hurt our draft classes and robbed us of talent. So I don't see Jerry and Purcells going that route. Since if that was a strong possibility, it would have happened sometime between the Quincy Carter fiasco and Bledsoe meltdown. That would have been the time to take the chance on another teams roster player and gamble with picks.

So we are left with the draft and free agents. Knowing Purcells, I believe the most likely scenario is free agency. He would have wanted someone with experience. The 2007 QB free agents worth noticing at the time were, Matt Shaub, Tim Rattay, David Carr, Damon Huard, Joey Harrington, Shaun King, Aaron Brooks, Jim Sorgi, Cleo Lemon, Marques Tuiasosopo, Chris Weinke, and Brian St.Pierre. Knowing what we know now. The only attractive option would have been Matt Shaub. but in order to sign Shaub, we would have had to get in a bidding war with Houston. And its also important to remember that until last year Shaub's record with the Texans was 22 wins 25 losses. Anyone expect that he would have gotten better treatment than Romo?

So say instead of free agency, we would have looked to the draft. What would have been their options? These are the QB's available in order of draft position. JaMarcus Russell, Brady Quinn, Kevin Kolb, John Beck, Drew Stanton, Trent Edwards, Jeff Rowe, Troy Smith, Jordan Palmer, and Tyler Thigpen. Anyone on that list that gets you excited? And remember Russell and Quinn would have been off the board by the time Dallas picked unless they traded up.which means loss of picks.

Now in 2008 they could have still added depth to the position. If my presumption of Free Agency is right. Then that would be addressed by using the draft. Signing two high profile free agents back to back isn't very likely. So in the 2008 Draft we have in order. Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Brian Brohm, Chad Henne, Kevin O'Connell, John David Booty, Erik Ange, Colt Brennan, Andre Woodson, Matt Flynn, Alex Brink. Matt Ryan on that list looks good, but he went third overall so that would have likely been a trade up situation also. Joe Flacco makes more sense since he fell to 18 four spots above where we picked Felix at 22. And he is still trying to win it all in Baltimore.

Or if in 2007 we had went the draft route we could have signed a free agent in 2008. Our QB free agents that year. Derek Anderson, Byron Leftwhich, Daunte Culpepper, Todd Collins, Trent Green, Chris Redman, Kelly Holcomb, Josh McCown, or Billy Volek.

So any combination of Draft-Free Agent above would have been the face of your Dallas Cowboys for the next few seasons. Of course they would still have had the option in 2009, 2010, and 2011 of rolling the dice and picking a QB. and such names as Stafford, Sanchez, Bradford, Tebow, McCoy come up or in Free Agency you have Warner, Favre, Vick, Simms, Losman, Grossman, Griese, Boller, Cassell, to name just a few. But reaching for a QB that often means you aren't having success. Not to mention draft picks wasted or salary cap used up.

So in closing, its only fair to Romo to look at the big picture and see realistically where we would be without him. Thanks for your time in reading and any comments or opinions you may have.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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