A counter argument for the fan post "Speak no Evil"

When I read the post "Speak no Evil" I was waiting to see the word TEAM in that argument about Romo not winning a title. I saw a few player names, but the word TEAM never came up.Now when I say Team i mean offense, defense, special teams and coaching. Not just a few names like Owens, Witten, Barbar, etc....the writer never mentioned the offensive line, defensive line, the secondary, special teams, even coaching, along with all those offensive skill positions he mentioned. Also when referring to the playoffs he said Romo is 1-3 in the playoffs, not Dallas is 1-3 in the playoffs as it should be said. After all, the NFL is a TEAM sport isn't it??

Lets break down those play-off appearances shall we. The Seahawks game, 2006, although Romo was in the league 4 years, that year he was essentially a rookie that took over for an ineffective Bledsoe during the year. did anyone think that Dallas would even make the playoff when that happened?? personally, I didn't. But Romo led the team to the playoffs...He played well for a rookie in his first playoff game. put the team in position to win that game with his QB play....he wasn't a QB on that botched snap, it was bad luck, they could have still got the ball back if the defense stopped them 3 and out, but they gave up a long run for a first down to end the game. Also, there was a reason the NFL stopped using the K ball on field goals after that year, Romo wasn't the only holder to have problems holding the ball that year, his hold was the most visible because it happened in the playoffs.

The giants, 2007. First of all, a lot of fans blame Romo for that loss because he went to mexico with witten..They don't realize that the entire TEAM went "out of town" that weekend because the coach's gave the entire TEAM that weekend off, and Owens bought him that ticket to Mexico. Personally I think the entire TEAM should of had some kind of meeting, light practice or something that weekend, but they didn't. The only thing most fans mention about that game is the last play of the game. Romo's interception in the end zone and blame the entire loss on Romo. They don't mention that Dallas had a good lead going into halftime till, after dallas scored on a long time consuming drive, the giants took the ensuing kickoff from their 29, with 53 seconds remaining before the half to score a TD . they don't mention the fact that Crayton dropped a perfectly thrown ball that hit him in the hands, that possibly would have been a game deciding TD. They don't mention the fact that on that last play of the game, there was no one open, it was 4th down, time running out, and he was about to be sacked...He had 3 choices...he could have taken a sack, game over. he could have thrown the ball away, game over. or throw the ball in the end-zone and hope his receiver makes a play on the ball. If what he did was a bad play, what should he have done in that position??? to sum up, it was a TEAM loss, not just a Romo loss.

The Vikings playoff game. Not going to go into much in that game because that was an entire TEAM loss, the offensive line couldn't block, the running game went no where, the defense couldn't pressure Farve and the secondary couldn't cover my deceased grand ma in that game. For anyone to blame that loss on Romo doesn't know the game of football.

Now, has Romo made mind numbing mistakes? yes, he most certainly has, but what QB in the history of the game hasn't? Take Last year alone. Eli threw a pick 6 against the Seahawks, a pick 6 against green bay (regular season) pick 6 against Washington (first game) 3 INT's against Washington (second game), all losses. Rodgers probably had the best mistake free season last year but he looked awful against the chiefs, and looked pedestrian against the Giants in the playoffs. Brady had bad games as well, 4 or 5 INT's against the bills for one example.Romo had arguably 2 bad games last year. in the first month of the season. both those games Dallas still could have won even after Romo's mistakes. The jets game, yes he fumbled on the 1 yard line and cost Dallas points but the jet didn't capitalize, they had to punt soon after. Dallas still had a 7 point lead. Then came the play that, in my opinion, cost Dallas the game. Dallas has to punt with 5 minuets to go, up by 7. Dallas gets that punt off and most likely pins the jets deep in their end, and probably Dallas wins the game. The punt gets blocked, and it gets returned for a TD to tie the game. That play changed the last 5 minuets of the game. The INT Romo threw, yes it was a bad throw, shouldn't of thrown it, but there are 2 players involved on every pass play for the offense, the QB and the receiver. On that particular play, Romo was expecting Dez to cut his rout short and come back to the ball, but Dez never even turned around to Help his QB, so I put the blame on both of them on that play. The Lions game, Bad second half for Romo, the receivers, the offense for not tackling the players who picked off Romo. The coach's for not calling more running plays with having a large lead. Even after all those mistakes, Dallas was still up by 14 in the 4th qrt, but the defense couldn't cover megatron in the 4th.

Now, the writer of "Speak no evil" would have you believe that since Romo was undrafted, his chances of getting a Ring is slim to none, and Dallas should not renew his contract and move on from Romo. He asked how many undrafted QB's has won a superbowl besides Warner.. Well, I will counter that with How many undrafted QB's besides Romo and warner has done even remotely close to what Romo and warner have been able to do on the football field?? or what about drafted QB's? how many QB's busts has Romo outplayed that WERE drafted? Ryan leaf, brady quin, shuler, russell, I could go on and on and on and on.... The whole he was "undrafted so he has no chance to win a Superbowl" argument is so ridiculous it's almost laughable if it wasn't so ignorant of a statement . What Romo has been able to do on the football field being an undrafted QB out eastern Illinois is just short of amazing in my opinion. If you were to put Romo on any of the teams that have won the superbowl since 2006, Romo would have his Ring right now. Not because he is a better QB than any of those players but because those teams that won those superbowls played as a TEAM to be able to win those superbowls. Those TEAMS didnt win with JUST a great QB.. Take Worthlessburger for example. His first superbowl against the seahawks. I think he had one of the worst QB ratings for a superbowl winning QB . Did HE win that game? or did the steelers win that game?? (with help from the ref's, but that's another story)

In closing, If Dallas is able to put a TEAM around Romo, Dallas will win a superbowl. they will win even with a undrafted QB at the helm. The writer of "Speak no evil" is certainly entitled to his or her opinion, that's the American way. But No QB, a number one pick, or even a undrafted QB, has never won anything all by himself in the history of the NFL. It takes a TEAM to win the superbowl.....period

(this is my first post so be gentle with your comments :), plus i did this from memory, so if I got a few facts wrong, i apologize)

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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