Should Dallas Sign Owens (again) ?

This idea was inspired after I recently watched Sound Effects Terrell Owens on NFL Network. I am just going to say it, Dallas should sign Terrell Owens again. San Fran's signing should provoke a response from the Metroplex, as the 49ers are the team to beat on paper.

If Moss is on good behavior, then that is not good news for Jerry Jones' Super Bowl aspirations. It is no coincidence that the number 1 and number 2 best offenses in NFL history (Patriots and Vikings) both had Randy Moss on the roster. If Moss is a difference maker for the 49ers, the road to the NFC title goes through the bay area.

We can all agree that Tony Romo and Terrell Owens were a hell of a combination the year we went 13-3. We should give Owens an opportunity to make the roster in Training Camp, if there are four wideouts better than him on the team, then cut him. I just don't believe there is.

Terrell Owens is unsigned

Owens can provide game changing plays and impact plays from the slot. It is likely Owens will be on good behavior this season, he wants to prove that he can still play. Owens is loyal to Dallas, link to watch Terrell crying. He is honestly one of our team leaders, he has the respect of other players in the league. He can spread swagger, confidence and bravato to the Cowboys.

Fans and players all know Coach Jason Garrett is in charge, this is not Wade Phillips. Terrell will not disrespect Garrett and Romo, he will follow directions, they will be in harmony. Terrell wants to win a Super Bowl, which is the same thing we all want. If I were a betting man, I'd wager that there is a greater chance of Terrell Owens pushing Dallas over the top, than pulling the Cowboys into the celler.

I truly believe that Patrick Crayton was the bad apple, he influenced Tony and Terrell as much as anybody. And it was Crayton who dropped the slant on 3rd down versus the Giants [EXPLETIVE] Owens will take what he can get this time around, and won't not be a malcontent.

Exhibit A 2011:

Miles Austin loses the football in the lights versus the Giants at home. It just seems like Owens would have made that play and the entire course of the season might have been different. I trust in Dez Bryant and Jason Witten, but I wont say the same about Austin and Ogletree (and those receivers who have yet suit up for us on Sunday.)

The depth charts of the Wide Receiver's and Tight End's unit does feature many proven commodities. Cowboys need a 3rd WR this year.We need playmakers desperately, as we have lost games late in the season the last two years. Even though the plan is to run the ball often, with 6 of the first 9 games on the road its likely we'll have to rely on our passing game to win late in games.

With this piece, I don't want to imply that I am better at evaluating personal than our front office, yet >> Cowboys should look to draft QB Tyler Wilson from Arkansas regardless. link to Tyler Wilson interview on ESPN

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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