The NFL Top 100-A Fan Analysis

Now that the top 10 of the NFL network's top 100 players list has been revealed I thought I'd share my thoughts on this infuriating and bogus list compiled by players who are either complete morons or just watch the highlight reels on ESPN. So let's take a look at the highs and lows of the NFL's Top 100 Players Of 2012.

100-Chris Johnson(Really this low? I know he had a bad season last season, I.E. did not play(more like practice..) due to contract demands, but when healthy he is one of if not the most explosive running back in the league.)

99-Ryan Kali(I don't know much about this guy except I wish everyday he was our center instead of Costa. And that's without even seeing this dude play.)

98-Willis McGahee(WTF? Why is he even on this list? He was hurt for half of last season. He was lucky to have a decent season last year, and now he's better than Chris Johnson?)

97-Donald Penn(A solid lineman.On a not so solid team.)

96-D'Qwell Jackson(All I know about this guy is that he creates a pretty mean highlight reel. Too bad he's stuck playing for the Brown's though.)

95-Tim Tebow(LOL.)

94-Marshawn Lynch(A bit low for my tastes. The dude is a beast. He even makes skittles kinda of awesome)

93-Cortland Finnegan(He's so tough. More like he's a douchebag who throws a fit when he gets toasted. The guy is on the wrong side of 30(Skills wise..IMO), and he can't cover man to man worth a damn, and never has. I am so glad we got Brandon Carr over this hothead.)

92-John Kuhn(He's a fullback. Who scores some TDs every know and then. Nothing spectacular. Only on this list because fans and players love to hear people shout "KUHN!" every time he carries the ball.)

91-Tony Romo(This is downright insulting. He drops about 20 spots from last year because he just had the best season in his career with a shoddy offense line, injured receivers, a broken rib, and a swollen hand and he gets dumped barely above a freakin' fullback? I'm starting to think Rodney Dangerfield is the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. "No Respect. No Respect At All."

90-Hakeem Nicks(A freakin' WR is ranked above Tony now? Nicks is good, but he's a walking injury waiting to happen. And he drops way more passes than he should. Even with these faults, he's still as good receiver though. Better than that salsa dancer Cruz.)

89-Dwight Freeney(This is about right. Considering his level of play has dropped off significantly since Peyton got hurt and left for Denver. I mean he was almost invisible last season.)

88-Michael Turner(He's still got something left in the tank but I would be worried about how much gas he has left since he's approaching the age of 30.)

87-London Fletcher(This is where he should be, but I am wondering how much longer he can keep up this pace of stellar play. He is getting a little long in the tooth.)

86-Darren Sproles(One trick pony. IMO. Shouldn't even be considered among the top RBs in the league. He's what Felix Jones could have been if he stayed healthy. No way is Sproles better than Marshawn Lynch. He's super fast, but he's also streaky. Which means he can dazzle you one day, and frazzle you the next.)

85-NaVorro Bowman(I am not an avid 49er's fan so in all honesty, this is the first time I've heard of him. I guess he's a LB and he's really good? I really have no idea on this one.)

84-Chris Long(The heart and soul of the St. Louis Rams woeful defense. Too bad he doesn't have anyone else to help him out. Give this guy a decent supporting cast and the Rams might have a scrappy defense on their hands. Until then he'll just be the shining star among a sky full of turds.)

83-Fred Jackson(Overrated. In my opinion anyway. The guy gets a ton of garbage time yards. He is also injury prone. His style of play is tough on his body. Think of where Marion Barber is right now, and that's where Freddie will be in a couple years or so.)

82-Joe Thomas(A bit low. Considering he is one of if not the best OT in the league. I guess it's because he plays for the small market Browns)

81-Vince Wilfork(One of the best DT's to ever play the game. I think he's due for a big drop off soon, especially because of his age.)

80-Jordy Nelson(The guy runs fantastic routes and has sure hands. Too bad those hands didn't show up in the playoffs last season.)

79-Niamdi Asomugha(Why he is even considered in the top 100 after last season is beyond me. He is scary good though when he's on his game though. Like the last half of last season, where he played like a top CB but sadly it was too little too late for Philly then.)

78-Derrick Johnson(A big piece of a underrated Chiefs defense. Too bad the Chiefs haven't found a consistent offense to lend it's defense a helping hand as of late.)

77-A.J. Green(He was beastly last season. But keep in mind that he is still a Rookie. In my opinion Rookies shouldn't be on Top 100 lists. They haven't shown enough yet. For all we know he could end up like Roy Williams and fall of the face of the earth.)

76-Carl Nicks(What can I say about this guy except that I wish we could have afforded him to protect Romo? He is one of the few elite offensive linemen in the game today.)

75-Jason Witten(This is like a punch in the junk. Sure he's lost a little bit of a step. But to rank him this low is just lame. He has been and still is one of the best overall tight ends in the NFL. The only TE that I can see ranked above him is Tony Gonzalez. All the other "Elite." TEs are glorified WRs, who can't block to save their lives.)

74-Joe Flacco(I admit he had a stellar season last year, and he was one dropped TD, and a chip shot field goal away from a SB appearance. But the only reason why he makes the playoffs so much is because of Ray Lewis and the Raven's defense. Which now is going to be missing Suggs for most of the year. He is as inconsistent as they come. One game he'll be spectacular. The next he'll lead the offense to a measly 10 points. No way is he better than Romo.)

73-Jonathan Joseph(This is a guy I wished Dallas went for last season instead of sticking with old man Newman and his pulled groin. Solid CB. Instantly made a lackluster Texans D miles better.)

72-Lance Briggs(Still a solid linebacker. But not as great as he used to be.)

71-DeSean Jackson(Loudmouthed prima donna, one trick pony. Tried going across the middle one time, got his bell rung. Take away his big plays and he is nothing more than an explosive Punt Returner. He draws double coverage because of his speed. But cannot get away from bump and run coverage to save his life. Once he loses a step he's a goner. Still scary explosive though.)

70-Michael Vick(Not a pure passer. Injury Prone. Has a really disgusting past. Vick is a glorified running back who can throw a deep pass with some accuracy. Sadly, compared to other so called "Elite" QBs he is better due to his past playoff success. The guy can fly. But he turns the ball over too much, and cannot be counted on to drive the ball down the field consistently. A great guy for a highlight reel. But not a QB to build a team around. IMO.)

69-Carlos Rodgers(Finally had one good season with a stellar supporting cast with San Francisco, but was straight up garbage for years in Washington. Suddenly learned how to catch some picks and now he is all pro? Could fall back to earth this season.)

68-Elvis Dumervil(Has struggled with injures lately, but when healthy is one of the best pass rushers in the league.)

67-Joe Staley(A cornerstone of the Cardinals' offensive line. Will Arizona find a quarterback before he hits free agency?(This is what I get for just looking at the tiny little pic on I thought it looked like a cardinals uniform. Boy, how wrong was I. He is a lineman for the San Francisco 49ers and a dang good one at that.)

66-Earl Thomas(A young up and coming all pro safety whom I wished that Dallas could have drafted. Has potential to be the next Ed Reed.)

65-Roddy White(Streaky, but can do it all. Reminds me a little of Miles Austin.)

64-Logan Mankins(He used to be one of the best guards in the league. But time is starting to catch up with him and I really don't think he can continue to play at a level for very long. Still a possible Hall Of Famer though.)

63-LaMarr Woodley(One of the all time greats. But his time is running out. Looked really slow last season. Could fall off the cliff with the rest of the Steel Curtain this season.)

62-Justin Tuck(A loud mouthed pass rushing Giant. Who needs to figure out how to stop getting injured. Maybe his space helmet will help with that. Talks the talk and walks the walk. Until he gets hurt again.)

61-Phillip Rivers(Puts up gaudy stats. Wins a few playoff games, crowned the next Peyton Manning. Leads a Chargers team with the top offense and defense and misses the playoffs. Played like hot garbage last season, gets a pass year after year. And people think Romo is overrated? Rivers deserves every bit of criticism that Romo gets and then some.)

60-Darren McFadden(For the longest time kept getting hurt, didn't even rush for more yards than Felix Jones and now he puts together one 1000 yard season and he's elite? DeMarco Murray ran for more yards than McFadden last season and he didn't even play the full 16 games!)

59-Jake Long(Yet another fantastic offensive lineman stuck on a bad team.)

58-Jonathan Vilma(Now I know this list was created before the Bounty scandal. But the dude is a giant dirty douchebag. Great player, Extremely questionable character.)

57-Trent Cole(For the longest time the only Eagle who could rush the passer. Now that Babin is in town, I hate to say it, but the Eagles pass rush could be devastating this year. But they still won't be able to stop the run.)

56-Greg Jennings(Another precise crisp route runner from Green Bay who was coached well by current Cowboys' WR coach, Jimmy Robinson. Do we have a Greg Jennings in the wings in Danny Coale or Andre Holmes?

55-Patrick Peterson(He had a great year returning the ball. But covering it? Not so well. Hasn't shown enough to be ranked this high yet.)

54-Brian Cushing(A defensive rookie of the year and steroid user. I know he denies it. But he got caught, and he was suspended for it, and I can't root for a guy who got caught cheating. Sorry. He has a boat load of talent, but the steroid issue makes me uneasy about the man.)

53-Tony Gonzalez(A legend. A hall of famer. But does he have any more tread left on his tires?)

52-Von Miller(A potential next DeMarcus Ware. Lightning fast, strong as an ox, and a force to be reckoned with for any offensive line.)

51-Brian Urlacher(At this point in his career I would take Sean Lee over him. He's still got some juice left in that battery of his. But not that much. Age is starting to catch up with him. But he's still faster than half the LBers in the league. Not bad for an "Old Man."

50-Peyton Manning(What else needs to be said? He will go down as one of all time greats. He'll be compared to Unitas, Elway, Favre, Montana, and all the other goats. But his recent neck injury makes him a risk for any team to take. I wish him the best of luck in Denver, but the question is, will he go out like Montana, or will he be pummeled into oblivion like Aikman? Only time will tell.)

49-Maurkice Pouncey(Another excellent center. Young, and extremely versatile.)

48-Devin Hester(A electrifying return man. A record breaker. A so so receiver.)

47-Mike Wallace(Fell back to earth last season. But is still one of the fastest men on turf. But take away the deep ball and he's not so special.)

46-Champ Bailey(Could go down as the greatest Cornerback to never win a Super Bowl. Still playing at a pro bowl level after the age of 30. But questions swirl around how long he can keep that up.)

45-Vonta Leach(Another fullback. Who can block well and scores some TDs. Nothing spectacular. Might as well put Vickers on the list while you're at it.)

44-Jason Babin(The man who busted Romo's hand. A shifty, sneaky pass rusher, who racked up some huge numbers in the wide 9 defense last season. Can he do it again? Let's hope not.)

43-Vernon Davis(The deadliest TE in the league. Runs great routes, and has phenomenal hands. Doesn't block that well though)

42-Jason Peters(For a TE turned LT he is a grand accomplishment. Paved the way for the LeSean McCoy show, and gave Michael Vick room to run. But now since he's suffered a serious season ending injury, he might not return to form. I know the Eagles will surely miss him, that's for sure.)

41-Matthew Stafford(Give me a flippin' break! The kid has one 5000 yard season throwing to Calvin Johnson, and gets blown out in the playoffs and is top 50?(Never said anything about Stafford's 41 TDs..) The dudes name was Mr. Glass for chrissakes! No way in hades is he a better quarterback than Tony Romo. If Romo had Calvin Johnson he'd break the single season touchdown record. (SARCASM.)See if he can stay healthy for a couple of more years before you anoint him already.)

40-Cam Newton(What did I say about anointing people already? Jeez. It's like I'm turning in Bill Parcells here. First off, Cam is a rookie. He threw for a massive amount of yards, ran for more, and lead his team to...a 6-10 record. He ran for more TDs than he did passing them, and he also turned the ball over one time too many. And it looks like teams might have already figured him out. Did you see the Pro Bowl? He looked lost. Sure he's a lightning rod. He's an amazing athlete. But so was Dante Culpepper.)

39-Victor Cruz(After one great season now he's better than almost half the receivers in the league? Until he has another 1000 yard season, he's no better than Miles Austin. In fact I would take a healthy Miles over Cruz anyday. He dropped a lot of passes. Made a few lucky grabs, ran the sideline like a beast. But is he really top 50 good? He's not any better than his own teammate Hakeem Nicks. For all we know he could end up as one of the countless one hit wonder WRs that have exploded onto the scene and then fizzled out like a wet firework. Save the salsa dancing party until he puts up consistent numbers for more than a year.)

38-Nadmukong Suh(Any player who stoops so low to stomp on a player, doesn't belong on any top 100 list. He's a beast to contain, but no amount of talent is worth having this headcase.)

37-Steven Jackson(I am honestly surprised he's ranked this high. He has consistently put up monster numbers almost every year, but sadly he still hasn't got a quarterback to help him reach the playoffs or a super bowl. He probably would have had both if Parcells' didn't have a brain aneurysm when he drafted Julius Jones instead. Can you imagine if Romo and Co. had Steven Jackson? Stupid Tuna.)

36-Charles Woodson(The man is toughness defined. Plays through turf toe almost every season like a boss, and shuts down opposing wide receivers with ease. But recently some cracks have been seen in his once flawless coverage. Father time is in his rear view window and he's closing in fast.)

35-Steve Smith(A tiny tornado. Makes succulent catches, high motor, tough to bring down, he is everything DeSean Jackson is not. But even with his recent resurgance there are some questions about his health and his age. Still easily a top 3 WR in the league when healthy.)

34-Tamba Hali(Another key ingredient to a tough as nails Chiefs D.)

33-Matt Forte(Other than his recent contract demands, he could be considered the best Running Back in the league, but only when he's healthy. Recently the heavy workload has worn him down quite a bit. Still got plenty left in the tank though. Question is will Chicago contend fast enough while he's still in his prime?)

32-Jahari Evans(He makes Drew Brees' life in the pocket much easier.)

31-Eli Manning(I still don't think he's better than Romo stats wise, but he has unbelievable playoff success and 2 rings which currently Tony does not have, so I can understand the ranking, and he had a solid season last year, but other than his 5000 yards, he had pedestrian numbers. I can see why people call him elite, but Super Bowl trophies should not be the major deciding factor when it comes to ranking QBs. Can you honestly say Eli Manning is better than Dan Marino? Manning's defense turns it on when it counts the most, and his decent quarterback play is enough to win games. But take away his rings, his "Clutch" status, and he's a good quarterback but he's not on the same level as Peyton. The Kenny Stabler of the 2000's)

30-Ben Roethlisberger(Ok. Minus his rape allegations, and his terrible passer ratings, and his tendency to be turnover prone, the fact that he's dumb enough to drive a motorcycle without a helmet, and what have you got? A tough gutsy guy who has a couple rings, puts up decent stats, throws a mean long ball, and has a defense that masks his inconsistencies. Sounds like another quarterback we know...)

29-James Harrison(AKA. The journeyman who did absolutely nothing until he came to Pittsburgh and defensive mastermind Dick Lebeau turned him into a monster. People say he developed slow. It's more like he fell into a perfect situation with the Steelers, who have consistently turned mediocre pass rushers from other teams into all pros. And he's also a dirty player who likes to hit players in the head. I respect his talent but I disrespect his attitude.)

28-Frank Gore(The key to the 49er's offense. No Gore. No go. Too many injures as of late make his health a major question mark, but when healthy he is a major beast.)

27-Clay Matthews.(He looks like He-Man and plays like him too, beating double even triple teams without even batting an eye. But last season he had not so spectacular numbers, maybe it's because he was playing with a broken shin? The dude is a mega beast. But I can't seem to shake the feeling that he might be on some muscle juice. Other than that he's set to be an opposing force for years to come.)

26-Julius Peppers(One of the most prolific sack masters to play the game today. Hasn't lost a step yet.)

25-Arian Foster(This guy makes running the ball look so easy. Fast, Tough, and a solid pass catcher. Foster is the whole package. We can only hope DeMarco Murray ends up being this good.)

24-Jason Pierre-Paul(Don't get me wrong. JPP put up monster numbers last year. But will he continue to play at the same high level for year's to come? Is he better than Julius Peppers right now? I really don't think so. He is a a freak of nature. But many factors can determine his eventual career. I just don't think he's top 30 yet. Give him another season or two. It doesn't hurt that he has Tuck, and Osi rushing the passer by his side either.)

23-Wes Welker(A modern day Steve Largent. If Largent ran a 4.40. An excellent route runner, and one of the shiftiest players in the league. But his normally sure hands let him down big lately, and one has to wonder what that might do to his conscience. Good thing he was Mr. Brady throwing the ball to him though to ease his pain.)

22-Ray Rice(Small, Fast, and built like a rock.)

21-Rob Gronkowski(I wish his brother Chris was this good.)

20-Ray Lewis(This man must be immortal. He continues to play at a high level even at the ripe age of 37.)

19-Troy Polamalu(You wanna know how great this guy is? Look at how poorly the Steeler's defense played in his absence. He literally is one of those players' that make or break a D.

18-LeSean McCoy(He's the next Barry Sanders...Or so they say. But to rank him this high, is a bit much. He's only played 3 seasons so far, and now he's ranked higher than Stephen Jackson, Chris Johnson, Arian Foster, Ray Rice, and Frank Gore? No way Jose. Still Shady though.)

17-Justin Smith(This guy has a motor that never stops running..reminds me of another guy named Sean...)

16-Ed Reed(Another Raven who seems ageless. But recent injuries have slowed him down some, but he's still as instinctive and deadly as ever.)

15-Andre Johnson(Other than Megatron, you can't buy a better package than Andre Johnson, tall, fast, and physical he's a dream for quarterbacks to throw to, and a nightmare for cornerbacks to cover.

14-Jimmy Graham(Is he really top 20 good? Sure he's a freak. But last season was his first as a starter. To rank Witten 60 or so spots below him is absurd. He could end up being the next Kellen Winslow III. He put up massive numbers, but let's wait a little on this guy before crowning him the best Tight End in football. I mean even above Vernon Davis? Come on Man!)

13-Jared Allen(Other than Ware this man is the only other player that could potentially break the NFL's single season sack record. Even with a bad team last season Allen still flourished. Now that's a pro.)

12-Maurice Jones-Drew(After being the only person alive on the Jaguars offense and leading the league in rushing yards last season. The little guy deserves all the praise he can get.)

11-Terrell Suggs(His dominance will be felt even more when he isn't terrorizing opposing quarterbacks next season. The best linebacker in the league, too bad he's not going to be there to start the 2012 season.)

10-Patrick Willis(It's about time he's reached the top 10. The guy has been a force on the 49ers defensive line for years, and last year he finally got some help. I can't say anything bad about the man. Straight up beast.)

9-Haloti Nagata(The best defensive tackle in the league. Bar none. His impact sends ripples through opposing offensive lines. If only the Boys could get a game changer like him at DT. Maybe someone is already hidden in our midst?

8-Adrian Peterson(He is one of the best ball carriers in the league. But isn't most of this list based off last season's performances? Then why is he ranked so high after not even rushing for 1000 yards and tearing his ACL? Another player put in the top 10 this year just because of past accomplishments..)

7-Larry Fitzgerald(The only man on the Cardinal's offense that consistently can preform as of late. Just having him as a target to throw to can make even John Skelton look good. For a little while anyway..)

6-DeMarcus Ware(There is a reason why people are always Beware Of D-Ware. He continues to put up monster numbers in a rapidly changing league chock full of other pass rushers. He literally is the Cowboy's pass rush at the moment. A game changer, and a future hall of famer. Just needs to get that brass ring.)

5-Darelle Revis(Nobody does it better. When it comes to covering wide receivers that is. He was probably the only true shut down corner last year. And a man who can instantly make a defense better by just being there. We can only hope that Claiborne can turn out to be as good as Revis Island.)

4-Tom Brady(Despite not winning a Super Bowl since the 2004 season, he has been putting up mega stats at a historic pace. I personally don't like the guy, but I have to respect his mad skills. All he needs is two minutes and he can send your team home crying. But recently he keeps having run ins with the buzzsaw that is the Giants pass rush, and keeps coming up empty. Question is, how much longer can he keep up his stellar play, especially with his offensive line getting older, a weaker defense, and with age not on his side? The odds are against him. But that's just way he likes it.)

3-Calvin Johnson(An instrument of destruction. He blows up secondaries week in and week out with uncanny precision. The best wideout in the league period. And the "Bot" is showing no signs of slowing down. Can you imagine how deadly he would be with another excellent WR on the other side? He gives defenses nightmares enough already. Let's hope Detroit never finds CJ 2.0)

2-Drew Brees(I can't help myself..but really? This high? Ranked above Tom Brady? Brees was awful against the 49ers. He threw 2 picks and definitely wasn't himself. But maybe that's because his stats seem to plummet when he plays on the road. The man is elite, don't get me wrong, but just because he threw for another 5000 yard season don't mean jack to me. Especially considering the asterisk that is going to be surrounding his lone Super Bowl title. I look at Brees, and I see Tony Romo's reflection. Brees just has a ring. And a better arm. Still a fantastic QB who I wouldn't want to face on Sunday though.)

1. Aaron Rodgers(The man is only 28 years old, and his legacy is still being written. His year last year was for the record books. But he came up short when it mattered the most missing wide open receivers right and left against the NY Giants. 15-1 doesn't mean squat unless you win it all. Just ask the Patriots. But he is definitely the top QB right now, and has the potential to be for years to come.)

Well..I hope you enjoyed this extra long analysis of the NFL's Top 100 Players list of 2012, warts and all. If you made it through the whole thing that is. I hope the total disrespect to Tony Romo, and Jason Witten is felt by the whole team, and used as a call to arms for the upcoming season. And throw in Canty's stupid comments to the mix as well, and I think the 2012 Dallas Cowboys have enough fuel to the fire to finally tear the thorn in their sides that is the New York Giants right out this September.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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