I Love JJ

I love Jerry Jones, as an owner for sure. The man is a Cowboys fan who actually owns the team and has the money to get them as much help as possible. No matter how bad of a season the Cowboys might have some years, we as Cowboys fans at least know, in our hearts, that it is not because our owner didn’t do everything in his power to win. Small consolation? Eh, maybe, but I'll take it. Jerry may not be better than average at best as a GM, but I think for several years now he really has relied on the opinion of his scouts and coaches much more than he has been given credit for (But in the post-Jimmy 90’s he was just bad). But if I were a billionaire owner who thought I knew as much about football as I think I do, I'd probably give being solo GM a few years of trials and possible (probable?) screw-ups as well.

I really can’t think of a better owner in all of sports than ours. If a team like the Jaguars or Browns had Jerry as their owner, they would be much better off just by the fact that Jerry would get them, who he thinks are, the best coaches that money could buy. Then he would spend every bit of available cap space to get them the players in FA to make them better.

If somehow that all didn’t actually make them a better team. I can guarantee you one thing, Jerry would at least make them interesting again. The man can promote like nobody’s business. I mean, we went 5-11 for three straight years and were still the most popular team in the NFL at that time. We’ve won one playoff game in 15 years and every year a bunch of polls show up saying we are still the most popular by a long shot. Now, having the storied history that our franchise has had, along with an extremely loyal (even if a bit pessimistic at times) fan base and awesome cheerleaders, certainly helps. But Jerry also knows how to sell a brand (see awesome cheerleaders).

Clearly he can’t just go to any team and make them as iconic and popular as the Cowboys. Like I said, there are a lot more, and more important, factors than just Jerry there. But I bet the Jaguars wouldn’t constantly be thinking about heading to LA because they can’t sell tickets anymore. He’d of got Tim Tebow’s butt down there if he had too!

If Jerry ran the Browns, you think RG3 would be a Redskin? Heck no, Jerry would of given the Rams both of those first round picks and had those fans an exciting, possible franchise QB to watch. Sure they wouldn’t have Richardson who might be a boss, but also might only last 3 seasons getting pummeled in that division. And they wouldn’t have a 29 year old rookie QB. For a possible franchise QB for the next 10+ years? I’d make that trade.

I mean, just speaking from a fan of football point of view, the Panthers still only won 6 games last year, but Cam made them exciting to watch. Not like the year before when they were scoring 13 points a game under Clausen. That’s the kind of excitement Browns fans could have been feeling. Of course since RG3 is a skin now, I hope he is a total bust, but he would probably be a fun bust to watch at least.

But aside from the popularity thing, because honestly when it comes right down to it, what fan personally cares how popular the team is? Sure we love our fellow Cowboys fans, and have probably even become somewhat fond of haters after all these years, but like all football fans, we just want to win! And that is exactly what Jerry puts his heart and soul into doing.

Imagine how frustrating it must have been to be a buccaneers fan last year? You’re team had about 50 million dollars in cap space to go grab the best players available for your team and your owner didn’t feel like using it. Then you watch your team lose 10 straight games and think, “Well maybe if we used our damn cap space!”. We never have to think that as Cowboys fans.

Sure we might think, “Maybe if we drafted so and so!” or “Maybe if we didn’t have dead money on the cap from those players that declined!” But all fans say the former, and as for the latter, well, Jerry was trying to win and did a bad job seeing the future I guess. A really bad job in some situations…*cough* Barber *cough* Williams *cough* Hamlin. Ah my throats all clear now so I can’t accidentally cough out more names, but we can all think of several…dozen.

But the biggest reason I love Jerry is that he loves the Cowboys. I really think he does. Everytime our team is losing, the camera pans onto him and he looks just as sick as we feel. When we score a touchdown, that 70 year old man is runnin around his suite giving everyone high fives like he just won the lottery. Well, if he needed the money…let’s go with...he just won bingo! He always sounds genuinely excited talking about the Cowboys, even if we can't always understand him. But if we could then we wouldn't get awesome translation posts from Kegbearer and others! He also takes good care of his staff and players and he probably has a Blogging the Boys membership (Hey Jerry!) and wonders what the mothership is good for, like the rest of us do. I really think he loves the team for more than just money or fame.

Not liking Jerry the GM is definitely understandable. He has made a lot of bad decisions over the years and as the one constant through the past 15 years of suffering we’ve endured, it’s easy to blame his team management. But really, how can you hate an owner when you know that he will do ANYTHING to help your team win? I get that it’s been real rough since the glory days. But it’s looking better (fingers crossed) with JG and SJ seemingly taking the reigns. And heck, at least we’ve had glory days, think about Lions fans! Or haha, our “friends” in Philly.

I’d also like to add that without Jerry the owner, we might of never had the 90’s glory days. Yes we rightly give most of the credit to the great Jimmy Johnson, but who is the man that knew Jimmy and gave him the job? Who basically told Jimmy, “Just tell me what you need, and I’ll get it for you.“ Remember, the Cowboys hadn’t really been successful for a few years before Jerry bought the team and the old owner “Bum” Bright was going broke, hated Landry, and had Jerry agree to fire him. So who knows what would of happened?

But yeah, if you don’t like Jerry the GM, I don’t blame you at all. I’ve absolutely had many, many moments of contempt towards him in that role. But man, Jerry, just pass the GM role on to your son and keep on being our owner until you die!

Oh I’d also like to add that I am not trying to say that anyone who doesn’t like Jerry is wrong or anything like that. If you don’t like him, that’s absolutely your right. I just wanted to show Jerry some love and give some reasons why I like him. Plus it’s June, and I figure the old love or hate Jerry topic is always fun to talk about.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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