The Dez Bryant Stupidity Needs to Stop

As we've all read by now Dez Bryant was recently arrested for a domestic altercation. We need to step back for just a second here. People have called him a disappointment on the field, frankly a ridiculous claim OCC and others smarter than I have explained this, but this off the field stuff also needs to be discussed. Yes, I know Dez has had problems in the past. However, the NCAA is a corrupt and amoral organization that makes billions of dollars of getting teenagers to work for free. Not only are they corrupt but they are just as incompetent, if not moreso. It's taken how long for a playoff system? How easily was Jerry Sandusky hidden? So Dez got boned by the NCAA...hey that sort of thing happens. Obviously you'd rather have an Andrew Luck type of guy, but that's the way life goes somehow.

He was thrown out of a mall....okay, not really an issue. My grandfather was a member of one of the nicer country clubs in my state, I saw plenty of guys lose their cool and get escorted out. These were guys that worked at some of with some of the companies in the United States: Wells Fargo, Principal, AIG, etc. It didn't happen often, but it happened. These guys were upper management handling billions of dollars. Everyone loses their cool and gets thrown out of a place here and there. It's always something stupid, at the Country Club it was some Executive VP doesn't have time for his trophy wife and some other guy North Park Mall it was probably someone in Dez's crew didn't like what some other idiot had to say to him.

Lets say Hakeem Nicks gets too drunk at a club in the Meatpacking district and does something stupid, what do you think happens? He probably gets shuffled out and goes somewhere else. It's a common occurrence, no one probably says anything. However, since this is a shopping mall, not a bar and it's Dez Bryant in Dallas, it's national news somehow. Jerry Jones got a mansion for the Cowboys to do their thing at back in the 90s, and sports media's only gotten nosier. I fail to see how this is an issue.

When Dez was a rookie he got deeply in trouble with his finances. I hardly see how this is even remotely an issue. Warren Sapp has over 120 pairs of Jordans...I didn't even know that there were over 120 different Jordan shoes. He's settled his debts, and besides...poor finances aren't anything new to professional athletes. Ask Dwight Howard, Gilbert Arenas, Terrell Owens, and Antonio Cromartie.

He got in a fight with Lil Wayne's entourage. Okay, this is a good thing. Lil Wayne is a talentless hack and a massive tool, for those of you unfamiliar with the rap world (basically if you can name fewer than five Rakim this is you), Lil Wayne is basically Skip Bayless times Stephen A. Smith. Imagine if Mike Vick punched out Stephen A. Smith then kicked Skip Bayless in the balls, he'd be your hero. Yeah, it's a dumb thing to do, but plenty of great men have lost their cool in similar situations. Besides, there's absolutely no doubt in my mind that Lil Wayne deserves much much worse.

Now there's this current incident. First off, let me tell you this. If there's a complaint and the police feel that a woman's in an unsafe situation they'll remove the man for the night. Given the physical vulnerability of women this pretty much needs to happen. However, it ends up with a lot of guys who did nothing wrong spending the night in jail. Necessary evil, perhaps. That being said a lot of guys who did nothing wrong (other than getting mad at a woman) end up spending the night in jail because of this. If there were bruises on her face chances are we'd see stiffer charges, bear in mind if indeed there are pictures of her face completely smashed in a la Rihanna, all of this changes and Dez is a scum bag. That being said, speaking of Rihanna Chris Brown is reformed and people accept him now. Off the top of my head the athletes that have been arrested for some sort of violence against women include: Derek Lowe, Brian Giles, Julio Lugo, Courtney Upshaw, Erik Walden, Manny Ramirez, Ben Roethlisberger, and Paul La Doca. You could probably include AJ Hawk for making women look at him. So are all of these guys absolutely hot garbage that should be avoided at all costs?

What about guys like Justin Blackmon, Johnny Bones, Miguel Cabrera, Shin Soo Choo, Jason Kidd, Aldon Smith, Aaron Berry, David Diehl, Nick Fairley, Brandon Meriwheather, Mikel Leshoure, Jerry Hughes, Kenny Britt, Aqib Talib, Rey Maluga, and Jake Peavy? All these guys have been arrested...where's the panic over all of them? Ray Lewis was involved in a murder now he's the face of NFL defense. Kobe Bryant was on trial for rape before a settlement now he's the face of the NBA. There are SERIOUS rumors that Jordan's "retirement" was nothing more than a suspension for gambling, and now he's the greatest ever and owns the Wizards (or whatever crappy team he owns, if the teams aren't making the playoffs in basketball or have good players to trade I don't care about their existence).

That being said, Dez turned himself in once he found out there was a warrant for his arrest. He wasn't arrested at the scene, which is usually a good thing, and he's cooperating with police. This happend at the worst possible time too, there's no Cowboys news and I'm sure the staff of BTB and every other NFL website is scouring their minds for something to write about. So until this whole thing clears up, which it should by this time next week, we won't know anything. We'll think the worst, because we're conditioned to think that Dez is some malcontent that gets in non stop trouble off the field, even though this is his first arrest and he's not even being charged with a felony here and we've heard nothing but rave reviews about his off the field work ethic so far. KD had a video about how you have to take this stuff in training camp with a grain of salt and it's hard to take anything during this time seriously since something always turns into nothing, well I'd say that goes for the good and the bad. It's too early to get overly excited about anything, and it's also too early to get worried about anything. It's late, I need sleep, but I'll leave you with two things:

1.) Family situations can get very personal, very heated, very fast. My grandmother is suffering from a heart condition and COPD. My idiot aunt (who is the reason I hate the Nebraska Cornhuskers, she's a fan of them and I actively root for her misery) had the nerve to call a nursing home and ask where she is on the waiting list and ask if my grandmother can be moved up since she's not a candidate for heart surgery (she'd die on the table), this enraged my grandmother and now my grandmother does not want to see my idiot aunt. Now we're tasked with the unfortunate task of telling my aunt that she can't go up to visit her mom. Her own son turned against her in this fight, and if all of these people were in the same room I can easily see the police getting called and someone getting arrested. Add a little bit of alcohol and I'm positive an arrest is coming. Now would an incident make any one (except my aunt scumbag) in my family a bad person? Meh...I think not.

2.) This will be a non issue by October, unless there's a picture of the woman looking like this:



In three months we would have forgotten all about this. Right now this is the only news in the Dallas Cowboys world, so this is all we'll hear about. Since it's Dez Bryant and since it's the Cowboys we'll hear nothing but the worst of it. This won't go away until we learn more information, which won't be until later this week. My advice: Think about something else. There's nothing good that can come from thinking about this later than Wednesday, Dark Knight Rises comes out Friday and the reviews for that are pretty good. The best show on TV, Breaking Bad, premiered it's fifth season catch up on that or catch the new episode. Occupy your time with something else. If this is nothing, by the time you figure it out you would have already blown it out of proportion and it'd be too late to fix your misconception anyways; and if it is something a more apt time to whine about it would be then. It's not good news, but when Blackmon blew a .24, Aldon Smith ran into a tree, the Saints are entering their season without a head coach or half of their defense, Jason Kidd wraps his Escalade around a tree then drives into a forest, and Detroits interior DL is still at large...this is relatively small.

Edit: for those of you worried about ESPN, the headline reads: Cowboys' Bryant arrested for misdemeanor. If they're not taking this very seriously, neither should we.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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