What are your drafting plans for 2012 Cowboys in fantasy this season?

I've been playing fantasy football for the past seven years and I am always looking to get a feel for how others are looking at players going into a season. While I have been a faithful Cowboys fan for years, I do not go into a fantasy draft targeting players just because they play for the Cowboys.

On the contrary, I think I devalue some Cowboys players just because I spend more time watching their games. I do often end up with Romo, due to other owners' low value of him, but I think picking him up in the 5th or 6th round of a 12 team draft is quite a steal.

The leagues I play in are PPR leagues and therefore I place a higher value on those receivers that offer consistent 8 to 10 catches a game (think Wes Welker or Roddy White) over those that are the 3 reception for 80 yard type receivers. For this reason I have avoided Dez Bryant in the past and even have been nervous with Miles Austin, due to the number of receivers that Romo will often involve through the game. Bryant's value may go way down this season depending on what happens with the domestic violence case against him, but hopefully that can get cleared up soon.

I do often find myself with Witten on my teams just because he is a consistent pass receiver and offers those coveted points per reception that can be hard to find with many TEs. I feel that Witten may lose some of his previous value among other owners this year due to the amazing seasons that were put up by Gronkowski and Graham.

I picked up Murray, as a free agent, after Felix Jones was injured last year and was very pleased with his production while healthy. From the ratings I have seen this year it looks like Murray is going to be taken quite early this season and I am a little leery of taking Murray too early just because I feel if Felix is healthy he will take some carries and receptions from him.

I am wondering in what rounds are other fans planning to target our current Cowboys for fantasy this season? Does anyone think any other stars might step up and offer draft value? I'd be interested in seeing who the Cowboys decide to go with for the third receiver and would also be interested in Phillips if Witten was to get injured (unthinkable right). Also, do you feel your loyalty to the Cowboys team causes you to over or undervalue the players for fantasy?

In a twelve team draft with 15 rounds these are the thoughts I have for our current stars:

Romo- 4th-5th round

Murray- late 2nd -3rd round

Witten- 5th-6th round

Austin- 5th -6th round

Bryant- 7th -8th round

Jones- 13th- 14th round (especially as handcuff if you have Murray)

Third WR- 15th round

Bailey- 14th to 15th round

Defense/ST- 15th round- FA

Let me know your thoughts.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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