My "Dez" Story. By Aaron Eisenman

First off you may have noticed I did not use my Screen Name. It is for one simple reason. This is a extremely sensitive topic for me, and I need to get out of my "BTB persona" to write it. On here I joke, argue, and am generally not the same person that I am in "real life". Out side of here I am Shy, introverted, and for the most part I keep to my self, Much to my wife's chagrin. But enough on that. the Real reason I am writing this post is reveal a story that very few people in my life know about.

My Criminal Record.

Stay with me past the jump to find out more.

It was June 17th, 2000. The one date that I will never forget. This was a date that irrevocably changed my life. Earlier that year I had gone into the Air Force, which had been one of my life long goals. I have always been fascinated my Aircraft, how they work, how to work on them, etc. I also was something of a "Gear head". So going into the Air Force to be a Jet Mechanic seemed to be the perfect thing for me. However the best laid plans sometimes go awry. I went in straight out of High School, and at the time(looking back now I can see it) I was way too immature.

Due to family circumstances, I was raised by my Grandparents. My Mother and Father divorced when I was very young, and due to a nasty custody battle between the two, My Grand Parents became my Legal Guardians. The issue was that they weren't exactly "well off". They could have lived Comfortably if it had been just the two of them, but with having to raise my sister and myself, was just too much for them. So I had to "grow up" quickly. I started working @ the age of 16, and held a job for most of my high school years. This meant that I didn't have a a big "social life". I was confined in my own little cocoon. I seemed very "adult -like" and generally preferred the company of adults over people my own age.

So I go into the Military, and at first I was fine. The "shock of Boot camp" was enough that I was able to "maintain my cocoon" so to speak. the Issues started once I went to Tech School. There I was tossed in with people my own age, and I am sad to say I didn't fare very well. I fell in with the "outcasts", The same people I hung with in High School. The problem was that these were people that true "outcasts" in that they were being outcast from the Military. For an impressionable kid, straight from Grandma's lap, not the best choice of "friends". Needless to say, I was soon out of the Military. I had lasted less than 3 months.

To say that I was an angry kid would be an understatement. The problem was that I was mad at myself. I had failed at something that I had really wanted. something that hadn't really happened to me. Bear in Mind I am an extremely intelligent person, and for the most part things that most people have issues with, I can grasp with ease. So me failing at something was an experience that I wasn't really acquainted with. This lead to alot of Frustration and anger, and as is my general way I Internalized it. Big Mistake.

It all came to a boil on that June 17th. I had met up with an old girlfriend of mine, who offered me a place to stay. I of course gladly accepted it. I went back home to start packing my stuff, and While my grandmother wasn't happy about it, She was willing to let me go. The Issue was that she didn't want me to go through a certain Closet, and I wanted to get certain items out of said closet.

I Being the angry kid simply defied her wishes and proceeded to go through the closet.

I am not going to go into the details of what happened next, but I am sure you all can guess. I got into a fight with my 60 year old grandmother. The person that had raised me from the time I was...well I can't even remember. Suffice to say that the cops were called(by my grandmother) and I was taken to jail.

I was initially Charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon(a bamboo cane that had been given to me while in the Air Force). However My grandmother, the saint that she was, refused to press charges, nor was she willing to cooperate with the prosecutor. This lead to me taking a Plea Bargain of Misdemeanor Assault, for which I served 6 months and 2 days in Jail.

This was 12 years ago. Since then I have gone back to school, gotten married, had two kids, and generally lived a "normal life".

As you can see I have personal experience with how a simple Argument with a Family member, Even one you love, can get out of hand. And My family, for all it's dysfunction, is almost normal compared to Dez Bryant's.

This is why I am waiting/defending Dez Bryant. I know what it is like to be there. I only hope that you all never have to know that.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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