Why I am excited about this season... and why you should be too!

This is my first post.. Just wanted to get that out first.

I have been speaking with many people about this upcoming season. They range from fellow fans,Romo haters, NFC EAST rival fans, and so on. Ask any of them and Im not one that usually comes in screaming the 'Boys will be going to the superbowl this year. My dad wasnt that way, and thanks to him, I am not either. Sometimes I blame him for the crazy fan I have become though. Anyway to the points of the title, and my argument as to why the Cowboys should go to at least the NFC championship.


Assuming that our people stay reasonibly healthy this year this will be a huge increase in output for us. Offensive injuries were all over. Miles Austin was out for six games, Dez Bryant was out for a few. Romo played with broken ribs for several. Witten always has a number of ailments and plays through them. Felix Jones continued his trend of injuries. DeMarco Murray had 897 yards despite on starting 7 (played in 13) games also getting injured. As well as our FB being out with a illness. This is not including the injuries to the Oline.Or any injuries on the defense. All of these injuries and we still averaged 23.1 points per game.

New Fullback:

There have been many post about Vickers and what he has done for the RB's he has blocked for in the past. I will let you read those so I dont take any credit away from the work of those post. But take the stats that Demarco Murray had from last season and put in a fullback that is known for being an incredible blocker and is not injury prone. Our running game should see a dramatic increase and hopefully our rushing TD's as well.

Inside Linebackers:

Bradie James who played his heart out for us and who seems like a stand out guy knew his time was up. He played like it as well. Both him and Brooking gave it their all but just were not fast enough to play against the speedy reicievers (and now QBS) that are in the NFC EAST and the league. Lee is a force to be reckoned with and Carter (I believe) will be on the same level. He at least has the speed and athleticism we need at the position.Connor is younger and should be a upgrade from Brooking, and any upgrade is better!


T-New was good back in his day, but just like James his time was up. He couldnt keep up with WR's and just didnt have the lift he used to have to be much use. Unfortunately for him, we also had Alan Ball who sometimes played safety. Ever time he was on the field you could see a QB find him and throw that way, his pursuits and coverage were just awful. Carr has proven to be a great CB. Claiborne, who I know hasnt played a down yet,should live up to his hype and earn his already given nickname 'Pick 6" .

Rob Ryan & Conditioning:

The additions listed above to the defense should help Rob Ryan do his magic on defense. Our blitzes should be more successful. Conditioning has been mentioned before on here. I think that the new coach will keep our guys in shape. Last year we seen many times our defense wreck havoc in the first half, only to let us down in the second. The younger guys plus the better conditioning should keep us a defensive monster for the whole game.

I know that there are other reasons as to why the 'Boys will be better. This is just the reasons I bring up(and get extremely excited) when I start talking about the season. I hope these reasons get you, my fellow fans, excited as well.

As I said earlier this is my first post. I do not have the best grammer this I know already, so any other feedback is more the welcome!


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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