Sixth Sense: Why I think Dez and Cowboys are protecting Angela Bryant.


Dez: "I would love to make a statement, but I can't,"

C'mon you know it. Something just doesn't add up. Its almost like that feeling in your stomach, ones intuition, when you can sense deep down the facts just don't add up.

I have felt this way ever since the latest round of Dez Bryant mishaps came scrawling across the airwaves.

It is almost as if Dez wants to say something. He would love to speak. Why can't he? What is going on? Does the media have this all wrong? I believe so, or at least those tiny little conspiracy butterflies in my stomach.

3 Reasons to pull out the old microscope after the Jump...

#1. Angela Bryant was arrested in April 2009, the arrest involved the possession and sale of crack cocaine, according to Lufkin police. Three months after the arrest, Angela Bryant pleaded guilty to two charges of the delivery of a substance in Penalty Group 1, which includes cocaine, and one charge of possession of a substance in Penalty Group 1. She received deferred adjudication and was put on probation for 10 years. We all know her storied past, and I will not retread into those murky waters.


#2. Dallas Cowboys have been seemingly jumping out of their chair to come to the support of Dez. We know this is a close knit group, but no one is distancing themselves from the allegations. If you read closer into the word selections of the snippets of quotes it really feels like Garrett, Romo, Jerry and others are showing sympathy for Dez. Furthermore, the quotes fill up with words like "Supporting Dez's Family"...

JG: "I have spoken to Dez a number of times since the incident last week," Garrett said after the first day of a three-day practice session for rookies and selected veterans at Valley Ranch. "First and foremost we support Dez Bryant's family. We support Dez. We support his mom, we want to help them in any way that we can. We have the resources to do that."

Romo: "I think each year he gets better and better at understanding he's in the public eye and certain things he's got to think about. I'm just there for him. You pray for him and you let him know that I'm here. I got his back and he knows that."

#3. Dez Bryant We know Dez wants to talk.

Dez: "I would love to make a statement, but I can't," Bryant said as he exited the room, responding to a question about whether he had met with his Dallas Cowboys bosses to discuss the drama.

The way he looked at the press conference was not a look of remorse or guilt but a look of concern and irritation. If he were to open up to the real facts behind the incident, he would undoubtedly be in the position of "snitching" on his mom and ultimately sending her back into incarceration. Angela Bryant is on probation until 2019. She has had many strikes against her. If the DA caught wind of her with the possible possession of narcotics, then the Bryant's and the Cowboys will have a much bigger story on their hands. One that puts Dez Bryant in the center of a drug investigation and one in which his "knowing" could put him in much more hot water than Mall Cops and Misdemeanors.

I will leave with these parting words. I believe the "resources that Garrett is referring to are rehab options for Angela Bryant. The look on her face at the press conference was a bit scared. She looked beaten up and pre-occupied. She looked like she has been given an ultimatum.

Am I looking too deep into this? Any one else waiting on the smoking gun?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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