Can Mike Wallace Look Good In A Cowboys Uniform?

The Cowboys still aren't decided on a slot receiver. They know Miles Austin can play the position, but need his skills as an outside receiver. Dez Bryant has the same case; if they pull him off the sideline and into the middle of the formations, they will not have the proper skill running the routes of the No. 1 and No. 2 guys. So to fill in the void left by last year's unexpected blessing, Laurent Robinson, they have brought in many young talents to compete and fight it out for the No. 3 receiver.

As we all know, Dez and Miles have both had numerous run-ins with the injury bug, and none are a lock for even playing out the entire season. More than likely, one of these young, inexperienced guys will need to be playing in the big role as a No. 1 or 2 receiver. I don't think the Cowboys are particularly happy with any of these guys. They all represent some good skills, but definitely are not capable of handling what defenses give them on the outside or the skill required to play it. So if these rookies, Dwayne Harris, and Kevin Ogletree do not present the best solution, what can the Cowboys do?

They have said they trust in these rookies and the above mentioned, but I'm not so sure. There is a solution however. A solution that just might be worth the price, and won't make our hearts jump if either Austin or Bryant are out for a while. This receiver has the potential to make him, Bryant and Austin the most elite receiving squad in the league, not to mention throwing in Jason Witten and DeMarco Murray. Who is he? You might be familiar with his name. He goes by Mike Wallace.

That's right. I mean the Steelers' Mike Wallace. The Pro-Bowler. The one who is easily a top 10 receiver in the league. The issue is, he is currently holding out against the Steelers. He wants a big-time contract. Thy type that are given to big-time receivers. He is asking for something along the lines of 8 years/120 million contract, like Larry Fitzgerald had gotten. The problem that Pittsburgh has though, is the lack of cap space to sign him to such a huge deal. So what has Mike Wallace done? That's right, decided to skip camps and activities in a holdout. If the lockout continues, the Steelers will have absolutely no use of Mike Wallace.

Rumor has it that Pittsburgh may possibly even trade him for a 4th round pick. Personally, I think that's just what it is : a rumor. Pittsburgh would not be stupid enough to trade away a guy like Mike Wallace for simply a fourth round pick. A third round? No, in fact it will probably take a 2nd round. The Cowboys could have a deal here. Some say a 2nd round might be a little too much. So then what? Lots of people at this point could mention Mike Jenkins. However, some interesting news just came out that may be music to the ears of these people who think Mike Jenkins is trying to leave Dallas.

Yesterday, at the first Cowboys training camp practice, Mike Jenkins finally spoke. What did he tell us? He has not requested a trade from Dallas. It was again a rumor. He stated that he would love to be part of an elite CB group that Dallas will soon have. He is on his last year, and is strongly considering re-signing longterm with Dallas. He solidifies the secondary and that is something we cannot lose.

So this is my proposal: The Cowboys trade a 2nd round pick to acquire Mike Wallace. This would do wonders for an already strong offense. With Mike Wallace and Dez Bryant on the outside, defenses will have nightmares before they play Dallas. Not to mention Miles Austin, and elite talent himself, playing in the slot. He wouldn't mind playing slot, because he is very comfortable there. In fact, almost half his snaps last year came from the slot position. Austin is very versatile, and having a player with that skill teasing No. 3 corners will definitely create problems for opposing secondaries. And if Dez ever goes down, Miles will be there to fill up the spot, and the Cowboys will still have 2 of the leagues best receivers playing. This way, they have 3 incredible receivers.

I think that with what Mike Wallace brings to our offense is worth a second round pick. The Cowboys should jump on this before the offer is gone. An offense featuring Top 5 QB Tony Romo, Senator Jason Witten, stud receivers Miles Austin, Mike Wallace, and Dez Bryants, and backfield receiving and running threats DeMarco Murray and Felix Jones will be almost unstoppable. Mike Wallace instantly makes our team a top 5 offensive unit. What do do you guys think?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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