The Weight Of The Star

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Scientifically, religiously, it started as a mustard seed. The One became The Two(?), unrecognized potential slowly defined by poles.

Rawest radiation Jerry Jones (R) explains to John Mara (L) and Roger Goodell (C) why they are going to regret messin' with him.

collided and bonded, gathering mass despite the constant outward expansion of our universe's boundaries. The osmosis of light particles and variances in density The Three, caused by and perpetuating gravity, is what condensed this

gassy soupLove 'em or hate 'em, they'll spend money.

to the point that it collapsed on itself. These original stars synthesized the iron and other, more complex materials needed for planetary formation. Nebular disk coalesced quite nicely teams countries planets have formed to a respectable level , providing as much shelter _ and _ inspiration as they are an annoyance .

We are A young Star, burning quite well.

We have nearly collapsed

but .

in an environment where? all all but one will eventually. Scaled_php_medium

Looking around, it is hard to see why we bother struggling. We are bombarded, sliding, culturally undefined, sucking strong matter, spreading dark matter so thin it will soon surely collapse into itself or a parallel brother. Looking deeply into the past and future, it is a miracle we have had enough peace to come this far. There's even an impending Andromeda _ Collision.

It would certainly be easier to Scaled_php_medium

Especially when considering our leadership Scaled_php_medium

Because Scaled_php_medium

Sometimes Scaled_php_medium

it Scaled_php_medium

is Scaled_php_medium

like Scaled_php_medium

Serious? Scaled_php_medium

Are you really Scaled_php_medium with something that

means so much to so many? Scaled_php_medium

Please, Scaled_php_medium

and stop. Scaled_php_medium

Did I just see that? Scaled_php_medium

Yes, Scaled_php_medium

it is celebrated Scaled_php_medium

Appropriately? Scaled_php_medium

The King broke his focus for a look. Scaled_php_medium

We should all Scaled_php_medium

really just Scaled_php_medium

not make decisions Scaled_php_medium

we will. Scaled_php_medium

We have Scaled_php_medium

knowledge to sustain what is larger than us. Scaled_php_medium

Few have the will. Scaled_php_medium

We must be shrewd recruit well Scaled_php_medium

and find those not afraid to strike the killer blow Lawrence Vickers Scaled_php_medium

to dispense some justice.Scaled_php_medium

Despite _ misuse of obvious creative (extraordinarily loud music warning,) talents, Scaled_php_medium

Nothing if not bold, Scaled_php_medium

sometimes despite the potential and mutual love we make me want to vomit. Scaled_php_medium

Still, who am I to judge? Scaled_php_medium

I just want to Scaled_php_medium Scaled_php_medium

keep my friends and bridge the great divide. Scaled_php_medium

We really are all children. Scaled_php_medium

Looking up at missed Mist Falls, Scaled_php_medium

not knowing where Scaled_php_mediumwe will end up once at the top.

If we keep working hard, things are going to be fine. 127234228_extra_large_medium

And that is the point, I believe. We can enjoy the times we work to create.

Sometimes, the moments they, incredibly, create themselves. Scaled_php_medium Scaled_php_medium

So, the next time a collapsing protostar declines changing potential to kinetic, and participation on IR list in the IR cloud

just remember the good things. Scaled_php_medium

in moderation. Scaled_php_medium

We often Scaled_php_medium

walk Scaled_php_medium

For great reward. Scaled_php_medium

Just need to get things ironed out. Scaled_php_medium

Not everything is,Scaled_php_medium

and I'm just a Scaled_php_medium

looking up at a Bright Angel, sure I am seeing the light, Scaled_php_medium

but seeking perspective to make sure. Scaled_php_medium

Strange what we fight _ against, and what we allow. How some things are given up despite it being intrinsic.

that whenever any form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

Conflicting points of view are what will continue making us great, they do not make us enemies to be cast away. Constantly, we tell others to not turn violence on their own people. Will We _ honor the same if the time comes to confront our brothers?

I pray so... Scaled_php_medium

Or... Scaled_php_medium

Enjoy each other. Remember, this is only football. Scaled_php_medium :-)

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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