Sizzling pissed !

As I travel through this finite journey we call life. I take on heavy burden's to keep my life black and white. Life's gray area's lend to much speculation and subjection that is impossible to solve. Sports however is different. To avoid the gray would mean to not participate or be a fan. I choose to not embark down that path because of the thrills and anticipation that come with NFL football.

Like many on this blog I am an avid listener to nfl radio on sirius radio. This morning's show included a debate about Eli and Romo. The debate lasted for more than an hour with fans of both teams calling in as well as fans from other teams. Amani Toomer stated that he would choose Romo over Eli. The other host Ross Tucker said that Eli is better. Another part time host (Dave LaGreca) went through the career of Romo high lighting every gaffe in every big game Romo has played in. By the end of his rant , my eyes were bloodshot red. Steam was filling up my truck so much that I had to put down the windows.

Two games stuck out in my mind. First was the playoff loss the hated Giants. Tucker and LaGreca were talking about how a quarterback has to be able to will their team to a win. The conclusion was Tony hasn't done it. "It" being the it factor. Football like no other sport is the consumate team game. In baseball a dominant pitcher can prevent his opponent from scoring. In basketball , a Jordan or Bird or Majic Johnson can take over a game. They can dominate and will their teams to wins. Football is different. With 12-15 possesions a game in football the opportunities to score are few. Football like no other sport is dependent on all of it's pieces to work in unison to attain the ultimate thrill of winning the game.

Here is why I became sizzling. In the 07 game the host correctly acknowledged both teams had good o lines. One goes on to surmise that Eli was the difference. This is where I call b.s. Romo not once in his career has ever played with a defense like the Giants had/have. Amani stated that "if Romo had got better coaching and not had to deal with Wade , he would have more playoff wins". I couldn't agree more. Jerry ( I will get to him in a bit) never put a team or coach around Romo like Eli has had. Listening to Tucker embellish Eli's ability and belittle Romo and never once did I hear about the dropped passes by Crayton. Crayton dropped two wide open passes and later admitted quitting on his route to the endzone where Romo had , with navy seal accuracy placed the ball where it should have been. Yet David Tyree makes the most improbable catch in nfl history, in the superbowl. Nate Jones and Jacques Reeves give a up a td right before halftime.Yet Romo can't get it done.

The other game LaGreca pointed out that bothered me was the 44-6 game. How can one judge a qb in a game that was over as soon as the team got off the plane ? To blame Romo for not willing his team in a game where his coach was taken to the woodshed shows a serious lack of fundamentally sound appraisal by a supposedly well informed media jockey. That game should have been the end of the Wade era in Dallas. Player for player the Iggles weren't 44-6 better than Dallas.

Now to the gm / owner of the Dallas Cowboys. To rehash my opinion's and feelings about Jerry would make this post an unpleasurable read. I am not going in that direction today. The nfl owners across the board have lined their pockets with cash because of one Jerry Jones. The nfl today at the moment you are reading this post is as big as it is because of the innovative marketing genius of one Jerry Jones. mr. mara ( used small case intentionally) cheating the Cowboys out of 10 mil in cap space is akin to stabbing your brother in the back. Mara and his supporting cronies don't deserve the benefits they recieve from the leadership of one Jerry Jones. Jerry bashing by media nationwide has even made his harshest critic (football mensa) have a special interest in Jerry's good will this season.

Join me this season as we take on critics , backstabbers and bashers as we win the superbowl in Feb. 2013. I know many think my takes are caustic and cause friction with some. Some say I am not a Dallas fan. Some think I am a Giants fan. Both presumptions are inaccurate. I love my Cowboys. This year it's US vs everyone else. At no time in all my years of fandom have I wanted my team, my qb and my owner to win like 2012-2013. I don't want Dallas to just win. I want domiantion. I want to see resolve and the intent to break the will of opponents early and often. I want to see sad faces on other fans and the opponents . Go Cowboys !!

Sincerely , Football Mensa

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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