Dallas Cowboys Rookie Contracts: All's Quiet On The Morris Claiborne Front

Sometimes we forget just how impressive an athlete Claiborne is.

Of the seven players the Cowboys drafted in April, only Morris Claiborne remains unsigned. Should that be a cause for concern? Well, that depends on who you're benchmarking yourself against.

Spotrac.com maintains a list of signings that shows that per today, 14 first-round picks remain unsigned, including Morris Claiborne and all other top eight picks from April's draft. Ian Rapoport of NFL.com had reported earlier in the year that offset language, which limits the amount of money a player gets should he be cut before the end of his rookie deal, is apparently what's holding up most of the remaining contracts, particularly those of the top picks.

Per Calvin Watkins of ESPNDallas.com, Claiborne's agent, Bus Cook, indicated on Saturday that he’s not sure Claiborne will be signed by the start of training camp.

"I have no idea, don’t know," Cook said about Claiborne’s availability for training camp from a contractual standpoint. "I don’t know. We’ll see."

Traditionally, the Cowboys haven't been in much of a hurry to sign their picks, and have been content to sit back and watch the market value develop for the draft picks. This year, it looks like the teams with the top eight picks are once again leaning back and waiting for someone else to make the first move.

For what it's worth, Morris Claiborne himself sounds ready to go. The Shreveport Times writes that Claiborne is expected to be on the field for the Cowboys' three-day training camp for rookies and selected veterans at Valley Ranch on July 25.

"I will finally get my shot to show all the coaches and players what I can do," Claiborne said. "I just started therapy two weeks ago. I'm trying to get the motion back in it, the blood flowing. I should be ready when camp starts."

All's quiet on the Morris Claiborne signing front. If no news is good news, then there's no cause for concern. In all likelihood the Cowboys have already prepared a contract with an offer for the No. 6 pick that is in line with the slot-by-slot formula of the new CBA, and getting Claiborne's signature should be little more than a formality. That formality is however likely contingent upon one or more of the rookies picked ahead of Claiborne coming to an agreement with their team - and that could draw out the process.

When do you expect the Cowboys to sign Morris Claiborne, and do you expect that signing Claiborne will become an issue?

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