A look into Plinks crytal ball

Is it bad to use your own nickname in your title? Oh well. As anyone who has looked at my profile would know I'm a soccer fan. I'm not as active on the soccer blogs as I am here and frankly I haven't been on here near enough. I have a little bit of a different perspective of the games than most as I was too light to play high school football, and not good enough athlete to play after that. I love football and really enjoyed playing on the fields in the snow, rain, mud or whatever on the weekends when the neighborhood kids would all play. Consider this my disclaimer that this prediction is by no means anything to be take too seriously.

I predict that the great DeMarcus Ware seals his HOF entrance this year by breaking the sack record with 25+ sacks this year. Improved D-Line play, middle of the field coverage and improved secondary all point to QBs having to hold the ball longer. If anyone watched the sports science for Ware he gets to where a QB would in about 3 seconds if he is only blocked by an initial blocker and then a FB/RB.

I predict the Tony Romo is a choker meme will die a long slow death. We have all seen Tony accept more and more responsibility and be more vocal. Most of us also know Romo has been a good leader and pretty clutch but this year I think the NFL will finally realize how good he is. I think the Jets game and Lions game last year obviously helped him to realize even if Big Red is calling stupid plays at the wrong times everyone will blame him if the defense jumps the route and takes it to the house (or in the case of the one thrown to Dez in the opening game, "Revis Island" which looked an awful lot like pass interference island and holding island won't be called properly; no I'm not still bitter about this). I think Romo will throw for 4700+ yards and 45+ TDs this year and be a shoe in Pro Bowler.

I predict that Witten starts to slip a little bit. It kills me to admit it but the Senator will still be top 10 but I think his days are numbered. He will still have a lot of value but I think the days of him getting 100 receptions and 1,000 yards are done. I sure hope to be wrong on this one.

I predict Dez finally starts to show he is the best WR in the beast. I thought last year it was silly every team playing us guarded him as if he were a true #1 because he wasn't at that point and it really allowed Benedict Laurent Robinson to get a lot more open then he should have been. I would not be shocked to see Dez average 100 yards per game for at least 12 games.

I predict that Jerry Jones says something stupid and talks when he should be quiet (I want to at least get one prediction right so sue me).

I predict Garret really benefits from having a OC to help him not be so predictable and the extra coaching in practice helps our offense be a little more precise. The days of icing your own plays should be done.

I predict that Dallas go 11-5, wins the BEAST, and makes it to the NFC Conference finals is within 7 points of going to the SuperBowl. I'm not quiet ready to say we will go there but it wouldn't be a huge shock either. I mean the gnats won it all last year and they looked pretty terrible at times.

Go ahead prove me wrong, ruin my day. I dare you.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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