Why we don't just need a No.3 WR. We also need a No.2, and No.1 WR

Most of the comments I've seen on BTB, ESPN, yahoosports, have all centered around how bad our OL was last night, and why this is going to be a problem all year, and why Jerry Jones is stupid for not addressing it. Then when you bring up the fact that we had guys missing or not healthy, you are told, "You are just making excuses!" So now that I've been 'enlightened' to this way of thinking I thought it would be good to enlighten you all and see how this applies accross the board.

All I ask for this Fanpost is that you read it through. Don't let the Kool Aid stop you from reading past the first paragraph. If you do, the enlightenment you experience is guaranteed to Blow Your Entire Cardiovascular System.

I entitled this piece "The Voice of Reason?" (Dang there's something wrong with my "?" key... oh well)

Hearing all the complaints about our "Terrible O-Line", made me take a closer look at all the other Terrible Places on our team that Jerry Jones and his Brainless Merry Men have not addressed, offseason after offseason. Watching the cowboys ineptitude last night led me to draw many different 'conclusions'. First off we are never going to score more than 3 points this season, because if we can't score more than 3 against the Division III Raiders then that means we will NEVER score more than 3 for the rest of the season. As for the positives on Defense by holding the Raiders to 0, this doesn't mean anything because it's the Raiders, and it's preseason, and their offense was vanilla etc.

Now that I've helped enlighten you peasants, on the overall picture of the team, on to personnel issues:


Why didn't we draft a Top Flight WR in the draft? All we had last night was Dez Bryant. And even he only had 1 catch, yeah the defense was focusing on him, but he needs to do better. We should have drafted a real No. 1 because Romo didn't have anyone on his other side to throw to. At the very least we should have made a splash in FA and gotten a Top, respectable star. Could you imagine this team if they had Mike Wallace, or Vincent Jackson, or if we'd even kept Robinson on the other side of Dez, instead of RADWAY??? or HARRIS??? or OGLETREE???? Are we serious marching out THESE CLOWNS??? "Miles Austin?" He didn't do any better last night, than any of the names I mentioned, which is why I didn't mention his ZERO catch, Kardashian Loving, face( "face?", just press through FBS). Jerry Jones, and the Entire front office should be SHOT for not addressing this issue in the offseason.


This was an absolute Joke. YES the raiders didn't score, but there was ZERO push up the middle of the line last night, and there were many talented DT in the draft this year (Poe and Ta'amu come to mind) AND last year(Dareus). I've always said that Ratliff was WAY too small to be a NT, and he proved me right again on a NATIONALLY televised game. "What he wasn't playing last night?" I don't care, he STILL could have done more to get after Carson Palmer last night! Rob Ryan wasn't on the field and HE was still able to make an impact. Ratliff is just too small, and NOW he's too old as well.


All I heard ALL offseason long was about how our CB's will now be able to press at the line and take away the opposing WR's. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That was the funniest!!!! The WR's on the Raiders were NOT being jammed at the line or being guarded one on one! Pick Six!?!?! More like Pick Nothing!!! Don't even get me started on Jenkins as he's just as soft as ever. That idiot couldn't log ONE TACKLE! Where was he when McFadden was jogging all over the field... Yes Carr was there, but even he wasn't pressing, and he can't do it alone. If I recognize this, then you tell me why Jerry Jones and an ENTIRE FO can't see this!!!!

Which Brings me to our Mighty O-Line Problem


Why won't Jerry Address the OL. Year after year he just keeps neglecting it. Free did a terrible job, and we've ALL KNOWN for YEARS that Free didn't have what it takes to play RT, much less be IN the NFL. Costa didn't get any push, and even though we ALL know that they overpaid for Livings (someone the Bengals didn't even want), I still hoped he would do SOMETHING!!! Anything!!!! It's like he wasn't even ON the field!!! Even "Bernie" or whatever you call him, looked injured at the other guard position. Seriously I'm Done with this team. Done. The seasons OVER... If you can't see it then you're blind!!!

If you CAN see it however, You're welcome! But you're also probably dead as your Cardiovascular System was just Blown!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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