Ironman's Post TC 53 man roster with Practice Squad

HI again everyone. As promised in here, With Training camp winding down and the Preseason starting up, it is time for an update to my "roster prognostication". Feel free to look over the last roster and compare to this one, as there will be some changes.

Now I will say that there will be a slight change in the "format" to this post. I will be not using the Spotrac contract Data, so if you want a detailed look at the Contracts please use the last post for that. Also I will be using Coty Saxman's "Roster Builder" to show the Roster. This will allow me to make any changes quickly and efficiently(I just have to "cut and paste" the Changes)

So How do I think the Roster looks now? Move past the Jump to find Out.

Defense (26)
Defensive Backs (10) Linebackers (9) Defensive Linemen (7)
S (4) CB (6) OLB (5) ILB (4) DE (5) DT (2)
Barry Church Mario Butler Victor Butler Bruce Carter Tyrone Crawford Jay Ratliff
Matt Johnson Brandon Carr Adrian Hamilton Dan Connor Clifton Geathers Josh Brent
Danny McCray Morris Claiborne Anthony Spencer Sean Lee Jason Hatcher
Gerald Sensabaugh Orlando Scandrick DeMarcus Ware Alex Albright Rob Callaway
Teddy Williams Kyle Wilber Sean Lissemore
Mike Jenkins
Offense (24)
Offensive Backfield (6) Receivers (9) Offensive Linemen (9)
QB (2) RB (4) WR (6) TE (3) OT (3) G/C (6)
Kyle Orton Felix Jones Miles Austin James Hanna Doug Free David Arkin
Tony Romo DeMarco Murray Cole Beasley John Phillips Jermey Parnell Phil Costa
Lawrence Vickers Dez Bryant Jason Witten Tyron Smith Harland Gunn
Phillip Tanner Dwayne Harris Ronald Leary
Raymond Radway Nate Livings
Andre Holmes Mackenzy Bernadeau
Special Teams (3) Injured (3) Practice Squad (7)
Kickers (1) Punters (1) Long Snappers (1) PUP (2) IR (1)
Dan Bailey Chris Jones L.P. LaDouceur Kevin Kowalski Bill Nagy Orie Lemon
Danny Coale Ben Bass
Caleb McSurdy
Levy Adcock
Saalim Hakim
Lance Dunbar
Rudy Carpenter
Total Roster Size: 53 --- Click Here to CUT!
Current Salary: $126835962 Salary Cap: $133786426
Darrell Scott
Brodney Pool
Isaac Madison
Aston Whiteside
Mana Silva
Justin Taplin-Ross
Eddie Whitley
Lionel Smith
C.J. Wilson
Isaiah Greenhouse
Baraka Atkins
Kenyon Coleman
Stephen McGee
Shaun Chapas
Jamize Olawale
Ed Wesley
Javarris Williams
Donovan Kemp
David Little
John Nalbone
Andrew Sczerba
Tyrone Novikoff
Pat McQuistan
Charley Hughlett
Delbert Alvarado
Daniel Loper
Derrick Dockery
Akwasi Owusu-Ansah
Tim Benford
Kevin Ogletree
Marcus Spears

There have been a Few minor Changes:


As per fan request Stephen McGee is no longer on the team. With McGee unable to be put on the PS, and Dallas only going with two QB's, There isn't room for McGee anymore. Not to mention Dallas saves 600,000+ by cutting him.

Carpenter is moved to the PS, and hopefully we will never see him in a game....

Running Back:

Small change here with Tanner in instead of Dunbar. the Reason? Dunbar is PS eligible, and Tanner isn't. Plus Tanner has a nice role on Special teams. I still Like LD's potential, but Tanner is more a "proven Commodity" and I don't like cutting those, especially cheap ones....Also if The Injury bug hits the RB's again(Knock on Wood) Look for Beasley to get some time there.....

Wide Receiver:

Biggest Change Here: NO Kevin Ogletree. I think that Beasley has passed him at this point for the 3rd WR spot, and while Harris/Radway/Holmes haven't been that Consistent, we are talking about the 4th, 5th, and 6th WR spots. Ogletree should be dominating these guys, day in, day out. He's not, so he Meets the "Turk". Again.

Tight End:

No change here, as I had Hanna getting the third TE spot last time. Witten Remains the Starter with Phillips being the #2.

Offensive Line:

Some slight changes here. Obviously Tryon and Free have the tackle positions on "lockdown", The main changes are due to injury. I believe that the Starting lineup on the interior will be Livings- Costa- Bernadeau with Arkin and Leary as the primary backups @G/C, at least untill Kowalski comes off the "PUP". Gunn is simply holding his(Kowalski) spot until then. Also it looks like my leaving Nagy off last time, might have been a little psychic-ness, with Nagy possibly going to IR(hopefully)

The Defense didn't see that many changes though:

Defensive Line:

I think that Spears has seen his last TC with Dallas along with Coleman, and as many good things has I have been hearing about Ben Bass, the fact that he is PS eligible and the only other DL that is PS eligible is Crawford, means that He gets moved there. However this is a battle that bears watching, if Bass can show an ability to man the Nose, he could make Josh Brent/Robert Callaway expendable.


Well the McGee Spot proves valuable, as Dallas is able to hold on to Adrian Hamilton, rather than risk him being exposed on Waivers. This gives Dallas as many as 4 possible "Spencer Replacements" on the Roster, in Kyle Wilbur, Adrian Hamilton, Victor Butler, and Alex Albright.

At ILB the roster remains the same though, Lee with Connor, Carter and Albright.


Well it looks like Jenkins should be the #2 come the start of the season, which moves Scandrick to #3, moving Claiborne to #4. So if this holds:

#1-Carr> Newman

#2- Jenkins= Jenkins

#3- Scandrick= Scandrick

#4- Claiborne> Alan Ball

#5- Butler=Walker

#6-Williams> Who did we have here last year?

So right now Dallas has improved two of the Top 4 spots, and could easily be 3 if Claiborne can beat out Scandrick for the #3 spot. Nice offseason for Dallas just getting those two(Carr, Claiborne)


No changes in the Names, but I think that Church has solidified himself as the starter next to Sensabaugh. with Matt Johnson being the Primary backup, and McCray being the "specialist". And Yes I called the Pool Cut long before it happened. Was I expecting it to happen as soon as it did? No, but I did call it. Oh and for those that are wanting Matt Johnson as the Starter? Wait till next year. Cutting Sensabaugh next year will save ~1.5 million...Just FYI....


Dan Bailey and L.P are automatic.....Chris Jones...well...he is young, so maybe he can improve...before he blows a game for us....

As for the PS:

Lemon and McSurdy both should make it there, and will probably be working on FB duties.

Bass, Dunbar and Adcock get caught in the numbers crunch at DL, RB, and OL, but all three should benefit from a year on the PS.

Saalim Hakim, hopefully makes it through Waivers, but if he doesn't Dallas does have a couple of other options, though none with the pure speed of Hakim.

Carpenter will be signed to run the scout team. That is all. I would rather Dallas bring in Tim Tebow than see Carpenter actually play in a game as QB.

Well that is it for this edition. I will try to have the last one up sometime prior to the Final Preseason Game. I want to thank all the FP writers, and all the other posters here. With out ya'll I wouldn't have any clue what was going on, so me being able to put out anything remotely close to accurate in a testament to ya'll and the coverage you provide. Thank you!!!!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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