Excuse me while I pat myself on the back!!!

At the end of April's draft. I fanposted the players that I would have taken. Of course, I was bashed by fellow Cowboys fans (who obviously don't know near what I do about ...funny but true). This is my "I told you so". And this is also proof that we need a real vision of where our team should be going and that Jerry Jones needs to hire a GM. Remember each pick was available to us with the picks that we had going into the draft. Feel free to check my history of fanposts because this list make me look like a football Nostradamus. The first thing that you will see after THE JUMP is the copied and paste FanPost from April's draft but like I said, feel free to check behind me. But the main point of this is to show that picking players and building a good team is not hard to do but Jerry & Friends can't seem to figure out what I know. They have all the resources, all I have is a flatscreen tv and common sense.

Who I would have taken _Entire Draft! Story-edit

Before this draft I was begging for Dontari Poe. Here is who I would have taken, after at each pick after missing out on Poe. I would not have given up the 2nd rounder so each pick is a player taken after the actual Dallas pick in each spot. Therefore each player was available at the pick

1 Melvin Ingram OLB South Carolina

2. Brandon Taylor SS LSU

3. Alameda Taamu NT Washington

4. Kyle Wilber OLB Wake Forest *Same Pick"

4. Josh Norman CB Coastal Carolina

5. Johnathan Massaquoi DE Troy

6. Terrance Ganaway RB Baylor

7. James Brown G Troy

Free Agent to try to get: Garth Gerhardt C Arizona; any Qb over 6'3 220 lol; any rb between 5'9" -6' over 215 lbs (Chris Polk, Brandon Bolden, Marc Tyler, Inside backers Vontaze Burfict and Jerry Franklin MLB Arkansas)

NOW..Every one of those draft picks are getting some starter reps with their respective teams. In fact, Ingram will be a starter. Brandon Taylor is competing with Atari Bigby. Alameda Taamu is project to spell Casy Hampton or even replace him. Kyle Wilber has arguably been our best pick so far. Josh Norman is pushing hard for a starting position for Carolina had 4 picks in one practice (may have been my best pick). Terrance Ganaway has outplayed Shonn Greene in camp & in the preseason game. James Brown has been the Godfather of Block in bears camp. Google them all for yourself. oh I almost forgot Massaquoi has been a beast so far for the falcons ....look them all up.

free agents I suggested: I can't find anything on Garth Gerhart. Chris Polk is getting rave review and is likely the Eagles 3rb. Michael Lombardi recently sung the praises of Brandon Bolden!!! Marc Tyler was getting rave reviews in OTA's but is on the bubble now after hurting his shoulder but he is advanced for a rookie in blitz pickups. Vontaze Burfict had a nice diving pick against Tim Tebow in their preseason game, has lost 15 pounds and is pushing to make bengals' 53. Jerry Franklin doesn't look like he's gonna make the bronce because they signed.....of all people ...Keith Brookings.

Lastly, Dontari Poe is commanding double teams in KC and we still have a 287 NT. But he wouldn't have been there at 14. Anthony Spencer will still getting 8.8 million this year then become a free agent and we could have had that beast named Melvin Ingram to replace him(at a much cheaper price). Mo Claiborne is always hurt (believe me I wish him well ...I am pulling for him). But Josh Norman is looking like a starter in carolina and had 4 picks in one day. More than patting myself on the make me angry that i really am better at picking players than our front office. That bothers me.

Here is another little nugget that I know also. That is, if Witten is out for a while, it will be a blessing in disguise. It will force us to go to another te and whoever he is.. will be automatically be a better athlete than Witten. It will also force Romo to look for other receivers who are capable of making us more dangerous. Im sorry but we are about 2 years late on phasing Witten out. I believe that Witten himself knows it and that is why he has been speaking about winning now lately.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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