Parnell, Play by Play

1st and 10, Dal 37: Run right tackle. Parnell locks the defensive tackle up, Smith comes in late to push him down the line into the play. Both Smith and Parnell have the defensive end outmatched but Smith drives him down the line into the play.

2nd and 9 Dal 38: Pass to Dez. Parnell locks the defensive tackle up at the line of scrimmage and gives up no ground. Nice, nice job of giving a good pocket to Romo.

1st and 10 Dal 41: The Defensive tackle turns Leary and gets in the running lane. Leary gets controlled by the tackle and his man makes the play at the line of scrimmage. This is a bad play for Leary. The run is right behind Parnell and he gets dominated.

2nd and 10 Dal 41: Deep pass incomplete. Parnell does a good job, his man never gets off the line of scrimmage. Leary has a funny looking hop or bounce, but he looks strong holding his ground.

3rd and 10 Dal 41: False start, before the snap. Parnell has his guy beat at the line, it is a late whistle for a false start.

3rd and 15 Dal 36: Screen pass. Parnell gets out to block and looks good, he looks a lot more athletic than I had thought he was. Jones drops the pass but for some reason Leary hooks the linebacker around the leg, if Felix had caught the ball holding would have (should have) been called on Parnell. He didn’t have to he was in good position to make the block.

1st and 10 Dal 20: Infamous Witten play, I just realized this is a naked boot leg, I hate this play, I bet if you go back and look into the history of football this play has gotten more QB’s killed than any other play. The first time I saw this play I asked the coach, "I’m supposed to block who? How?" You're supposed to gain an angle advantage by the play action, if you don’t as a blocker you are in a bad place. Parnell's guy bites on the fake as does the rest of the line except Doug Free’s guy, Leary simply pushes his guy in the direction he is going, away from the boot leg.

2nd and 12 Dal 18: Screen, sack on Romo. Parnell is in a good place on the screen and moves really well. He and Smith do a good job of bumping the defensive end and passing him off.

3rd and 12 Dal 18: And here it is, every pre season Garrett gives his linemen one or two pull plays in the pre season. Parnell pulls and leads into the right guard gap, flawless. He moves well again and gets to the linebacker. Felix Jones only needs to read the block and cut, instead he runs up Parnell's butt. This angers me; if Jones cuts, Parnell's block becomes more of a focal point. Extremely good job by Leary, nice job big guy.

1st and 10 Dal 39: Run left. Parnell starts with a double team with Arkin and slips to the second level to pick up a linebacker, very successful getting to the second level but the timing on the double team looks a little off. Too quick of a release or too little movement of the defensive tackle results in a short gain.

2nd and 9 Dal 40: Incomplete pass. Parnell slides to his right and picks up a defensive tackle in pass protection, his guy gets no penetration.

3rd and 9 Dal 40: Pass. Leary gets a good punch but the defensive tackle is able to lower his shoulder and drive to Parnell's outside shoulder. Parnell recovers, only gives up a little ground but pushes his guy wide giving Romo a clean lane to throw.

1st and 10 Dal 19: Parnell turns the defensive tackle to the inside where Arkin pancakes him. It’s a good run and Leary has a very good block that helps create a lane to run into.

2nd and 3 Dal 26: Parnell and Arkin double the tackle pushing him two yards back. The running back gets behind them and grinds for the extra yard. Nice short yardage blocking by Arkin and Parnell.

1st and 10 Dal 30: Arkin engages the defensive tackle, Parnell assists, the double team is a success, the tackle gets no push and Romo gets the pass off.

2nd and 10 Dal 30: Pass to Ogletree. Parnell stones the defensive tackle at the line of scrimmage; he is not giving up any ground.

1st and 10 Dal 41: Run right guard. Parnell looks late out of his stance and is slow to get to the linebacker, he appears to attempt to hook him like earlier in the game. These are going to be holding calls.

2nd and 9 Dal 42: Parnell gets snapped off balance and all the way to the ground, the dirt infield may have helped. Holding on Arkin.

2nd and 19 Dal 32: Pass play. Parnell bounces up but has no one to block.

3rd and 9 Dal 43: Parnell and Arkin double the defensive tackle, the tackle gets no penetration, Leary and Arkin hold the pocket.

Two minute drill, Parnell moves to tackle and that is for another day.


I must admit this is extremely surprising to me, Parnell was dominating at points. He looks like a perfect fit at guard, I am impressed by his play in that he is strong at the point of attack and he moves incredibly well.

I have not seen Livings play yet, but in my opinion he's going to have to beat Parnell out for the guard job, Parnell played really well.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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