Should the Cowboys Look at trade options for Witten?

I originally posted this as a comment, but thought it warranted a broader exposure once I noticed the word count.

Just to bring up a thought that I suspect will cause lively debate...

but wouldn’t it make sense (pending John Phillips and Hannah both being good, not necessarily even great, but good) to see if we could shop Witten for picks and possibly a Center?

I don’t bring this up rashly, and yes, I do understand he is one of the greatest Tight Ends to ever play the game, but there are a couple of factors that make me think this might be an option worth at least cursory inspection.

1. Witten is great. Every other team in the league knows this, and would, presumably, pay accordingly. Again, if there isn’t a great price out there somewhere, by all means, hold onto Witten like the opposite of the Titanic finale.

2.Witten is 30. He’s still got moves, he can still do everything we ask him to do and more. But the inglorious fact is, he is either at his best now, or worse, last year or the year before. Except in very rare cases, past 30 the only direction for ANY football player, no matter how great, is eventually down. Maybe not this year…but in the next few.

3. It sends a message and starts something. The message is, no one individual is more important than the good of the team. Not even a true star like Witten. It starts something by garnering us a whole mess of picks and, at best, a good center. Again, if a team is not willing to cough up a whole mess of picks, then by all means keep Witten.

4. Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Or not to, in this case. In 1989, the Dallas Cowboys traded a 28 year old star player to a desperate team for an absolutely silly amount of players and draft picks. Those draft picks were used, over the next few years, to assemble the Triplets and the 90's dynasty. Now, I'll be the first to say that catching that much lightning in a bottle twice is unlikely, but surely it's at least worth a look?

Just my 2 cents, look forward to the responses.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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