Leary Play by Play

I must say I really enjoyed doing these play by plays on Ron Leary, He’s quite a specimen. Unlike last year crop of interior linemen these youglies are bigger and stronger, and it has shown so far in the first pre season game, Leary is no exception, The team is clearly trying Leary as they continuously run off his butt or ask him to pull and lead into a hole, Garret really runs him through the gauntlet which I find interesting.

1st and 10 Dal 20 Run off left guard, Leary pulls and he and Hanna pancake a DE, Learys first play in the NFl is to pull and get outside and block a DE, that’s asking a lot from a guy in his first game, but Garrett has only gotten started with him,

2nd and 3 Dal 36, run left guard, Leary pops the DT and pushes him three yards straight back, This is the short yardage run blocking we need,

1st and 10 Dal 30 The DT slips on the dirt and the whole play looks strange, Leary looks like he wants to jump on him but has a change of heart,

2nd and 10 Dal 30 Pass play Leary gives the DT a good pop and stuns him at the line,

1st and 10 Dal 42 The defensive tackle gets his hands into Leary and pushes him right back into the running back, Leary is beat on play and looks bad. Run is designed to go off Leary’s block,

2nd and 9 Dal 42 Holding on play by Arkin, Leary and defensive tackle never move from the spot they are at on the field, they lock onto each other and don’t move,

2nd and 19 Dal 32 Pass play, Defensive tackle runs Leary up the field and makes an inside move, Leary falls flat on his face,

3rd and 9 Dal 42 Leary and McQuistan try to double the De but he blows right by both of them, after watching it again it appears a stunt confuses them and they miss the block, I don’t know who was supposed to block the DE

1st and 10 16 two minute drill, Leary gets beat by the same stunt again,

2nd and 4 Pass, Leary gets good leverage on DT and holds him at the line of scrimmage, on pass play,

1st and 10 Dal 41 Its hard to tell if Leary is beat by the DT or if he slips on the dirt infield, but the DT beats him and Orton is forced to throw the ball away,

2nd and 10 Dal 41 interception before half, Leary does a good job not allowing the DT any pressure,

As the team comes out for the 2nd half it appears Garrett has made his mind up he is going to challenge Leary to do better, the long drive has a lot to do with the big man as you will soon see,

1st and 10 Dal 18, pass, Leary stones the DT at the line of scrimmage, Arkin starts out on a doulble but ends up standing behind Leary as he gives up no ground to the DT,

1st and 10 Dal 33, run right up the middle, Leary’s initial block is to help Arkin but slips quickly to the second level, the linebacker has already read the play and is beyond blocking for Leary,

2nd and 5 Dal 43, Leary and McQuistan collapse the right side of the defensive line, they both push their guys well inside and the full back kicks out the linebacker, there is a huge hole but the running back runs into Arkin, the running back should have easily made this read,

3rd and 9 Dal 44, pass, Leary stones his guy at the line,

1st and 10 Oak 45, Leary turns his man outside and draw runs right off his hip for a big gain, excellent block by him for a 8 yard run, Arkin had a good block too. It’s a huge hole, 5 yards wide,

2nd and 1 Oak 36 Leary and Arkin start out on a double on the DT and move him out of the hole, Leary slips off and picks up the linebacker, picture perfect except McQuistan gets beat and his man makes the tackle, If McQuistan makes that block it’s a huge hole again, Ball is again run off Leary’s hip,

2nd and 4 Leary turns the DT and blocks him out of run, ball runs off his hip again,

1st and 10 Oak 32, Run left tackle, Leary gives a lack luster effort on a pull, does not seem to have any urgency, or maybe he’s just tired, he needs to understand Garrett does not call these kind of plays in the pre season and he has already called three for him, Not impressed with the effort, Leary is a non factor as he doesn’t get to the hole in time, the running back is well gone by the time he gets there,

2nd and 9 Oak 31, The DT is not trying he and Leary lock up and they both kind of just stand there

1st and 10 Oak 19 New DT, the last one was worn out, run left, the DT spins inside on contackt and Leary shoves him to the ground,

2nd and 10 Oak 19, pass play, DT attempts to bull rush Leary but Leary holds his ground and keeps the pocket clean,

3rd and 6 Oak 15, DT attempts to swat Leary’s hands but Leary is unfazed and rides the tackle outside as he tries to go around him,

Coming out of the locker room the team had a long drive and Clearly the team got a lot of film on Leary, they run at him away from him asking him to pull, they asked him to block the DT by himself for the most part and gave him a couple double teams, He got a little bit of it all except a screen pass, Leary showed much better in the third than he did in the 2nd

1st and 10 Dal 36 Dallas runs a screen and it appears Leary Pulls and goes the wrong way, the screen is to the right and he went left,

1st and 15 Dal 47 Pass play, Leary’s man jumps and knocks the pass down, for starters the DT is tall, very tall, and second he times his jump perfect, Leary wasn’t pushed to badly into the pocket, I think this is more a good play by the DT than anything Leary did,

2nd and 15 Dal 47, Pass play, Defese stunts and the O-line picks it up, Leary stones the DT at the line of scrimmage,

3rd and 16 Dal 47 Pass, Leary moves with the DT as he tries to run around him, Nice movement by Leary to keep the defender out of the pocket,

4th and 6 McGee quick pass batted down, Leary and the DT are non factors in this play as it happened so fast,

1st and 10 D 34 Run behind Leary and the DT runs Leary straight back into the running back, not pretty for Leary.

2nd and 9 Dal 35 DT stunts away from Leary leaving him no one to block,

1st and 10 Dal 44, run left tackle away from Leary, Leary pushes DT 5 yards down the field,

2nd and 4 50 McGee roll out, the DT slips in the dirt infield, never gets back up,

3rd and 1 O 47 run off Leary’s butt, Leary drives the DT past the left guard, powerful block by Leary, Leary shows a want to on short yardage,

1st and 10 Oak 41 Parnell and Leary Double team defender as run comes right at them, Leary slips and falls in the dirt infield, it kills the play,

2nd and 10 McGees Bomb, Leary shows good pop stunning the defender at the line, DT never gets off the line of scrimmage,

3rd and 16 Leary gets 15 yard Pen, I did not see it, Pass play, Defender gets into Leary’s chest but does not move him,

1st and 10 Dal 26 run off Leary’s butt, Leary drives the DT past the tackle,

2nd and 9 Dal 27, Leary gives up a sack, Leary goes to plant his right leg and it slips on the dirt infield giving the defender the inside track to a sack, I can’t blame him for the crappy field, We are lucky he did not get hurt,

3rd and 14 Dal 22, Pass play. Leary’s guy gets around him to flush Carpenter, Carpenter could have helped the situation by just stepping up but he tucked and ran at the first sign of trouble,

WOW, this is a lot of information to take in, The team took it to Leary, and asked him to do a lot, He started out slow but came out of half time on fire, then gave up a sack and pressure as his last two plays,

It’s a good start in my opinion, he looks strong a little athletic but not like Smith or Free, a good guard athletically for sure, In my opinion he’s farther along than Arkin was last year and looks to be a better player than Nagy,

For a 1st pre season game that’s a lot to take in,

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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