Anyone Regretting Drafting Claiborne?

WARNING: This post contains yet another offensive line rant.

Almost every Cowboys' fan I've talked to over the last few months are extremely pleased with our decision to trade up to snag Morris Claiborne. I have a feeling, however, that those expressing displeasure will slowly emerge with every new unabated sack we give up. The offensive line struggles have been apparent in camp, but they were crystal clear to us fans in the limited time our first team offense on the field against the Raiders. Our offensive line sucks and I'm really worried it is going to have a significant impact on our ability to win games. It is hard for me not to see how we would be in a much better position had we addressed our offensive line issues in the draft.

We got CB Morris Claiborne.

When we could've gotten G David DeCastro AND C Peter Konz.

There is no denying Claiborne is the best college player at his position, but so are DeCastro and Konz. Without "Pick 6" we still have Carr, Jenkins, and Scandrick which isn't horrible. Our offensive line, however, IS horrible. Our inability to block makes Romo, Murray, Dez, and all of our offensive stars wasteful.

Now I'm going to fast forward to where I'm done whining about the "woulda, coulda" and focus on the here and now, so here is my question - WHAT THE HELL ARE WE GOING TO DO?

Arkin filled in for Costa at center. No mis-snaps, but he was manhandled by silver and black pass rushers. But so was everyone else. Arkin, did what any Cowboys' lineman did last year when they were outmatched - hold. And we all know the impact of those drive stalling holding penalties. I know he is still developing, but our lack of better options will force him into a role that he I don't think he is able to handle. I think Arkin shows us an example of what I think we'll see a lot of this year from our offensive line - players will be asked to do things that they aren't accustomed to and their inexperience will translate into mistakes.

And it's not just Arkin, everyone was bad. The interior line was non-existent. Mackenzy Bernadeau and Montre Holland weren't holding, but that's because they weren't blocking. Defenders just waltzed through the line like nobody was there. And they did nothing to open up an lanes for our rushing attack. I've been hearing great news about how great DeMarco Murray has looked in camp, but we got to see NONE of that because he had nowhere to run. Our depth consists of Ronald Leary, Derrick Dockery, and Kevin Kowalski. If anyone sees more playing time we are in a world of hurt.

The bright spots on our line are supposed to be our tackle positions, but are they bright or do they look good by comparision? And Doug Free didn't look any better on the right side as he did on the left. Tyrone Smith looked fine and there are no reasons to be concerned with him so he'll probably end up getting injured. That's just how things seem to be rolling.

Our line situation will start effecting other things too. Romo should continue to see limited action until we get healthier. This will affect our ability to develop cohesiveness on offense, especially where we need it. Third WR? TE depth? All these things need Romo in order to get in working order. I feel like this will cause us to enter the regular season like we are a couple weeks behind everyone else. So I ask those who are nowhere near as pessimistic as I am about our line situation - what do you see that I don't that makes you think we are are going to be okay?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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