Cowboys-Rams Preview

I recently read a great post by fellow BTBer Hippie_Mike (be sure to read it here) about the history of the Cowboys and Rams. The next preseason test for Dallas is against the Rams, so I decided to do a small preview. I usually don't do many of these, but have decided to try it out this year so be sure to watch out for them this season :)

Victor: Dallas Cowboys

I believe the Cowboys will win this one with room to spare. The offense seems to be humming now, and the Rams don't have a great defense to stop them. I don't think Romo will have a scrambling day however, because the Rams pass rush should be tough for a weak Dallas O-Line to handle. I know they had a good game against San Diego, but the Rams have better pass rushers in Chris Long and rookie Michael Brockers. If they play well, Romo should only play 8-12 snaps, get the ball in, and leave. It will also be tougher for him with the presence of Cortland Finnegan in the Rams defensive backfield. But Murray should provide support for Romo there. I see Romo leading a touchdown drive and finishing for the night.

I don't expect much to happen from the Rams offense. Unfortunately, they just don't have much offensive firepower. The LB's can stop the run game and our secondary will feature don't-throw-to Brandon Carr and test-him-if-you-dare Morris Claiborne.

Overall, I think the Rams will fight hard, but they are a bottom feeder team. I wish them luck, but I see the Dallas offense overpowering in the first half and taking a comfortable lead at the half that resembles something like 20-6. I think the final score will be close to 27-13, give or take a few points.

Projected stats for some players:

Romo: 5/7 60 yards td

Murray: 4 carries 20 yds 2 recs 15 yds

Bryant: 2 recs 25 yds td

Claiborne: 2 tackles 2 recs allowed for 15 yards

Tyrone Crawford: 2 tackles 1 sack

Cole Beasley: 5 recs 80 yds td

Ogletree: 5 recs 60 yards td

Orton: 11/20 100 yds 2 td

McGee: 5/10 40 yds int

Carpenter: 2/4 20 yds

Felix Jones: 5 carries 20 yds 1 rec 10 yds

Olawale: 10 carries 35 yds 2 rec 20 yds

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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