Feedback on My FF Draft

Before anyone goes there I will do it for you.


I just could find where I create a fanshot at....

So before I reveal my draft I will give you the league scoring set up.

This leagues scoring offers bonus for kick and punt return, 2 pts for every 25 yds kickoff return, 2 pts for every 10yds punt return. Return TD are worth 6pts of course.

6pts for sacks, 5 pts for int’s.

.5pts for every rushing attempt,

.5pts for every catch.

Passing tds are worth 4pts plus a piont given for every completion and -.5pts for an incompletion.

rushing and recieving tds are worth 6pts.

Other than that scoring is standard. 1pt for every 10yds rushing receiving etc.

So this league seems to be pretty RB, returner, and sack/int centered…..

I drafted in the 4th and 7th slots in alternating rounds (snake draft)

QB- Matt Ryan RD 8
RB1 Lesean McCoy RD 1
RB2 DeMarco Murray RD 2
WR1 Julio Jones RD 4
WR2 Percy Harvin RD 5
TE Brent Celeck RD 14
FLEX Darren Sproles RD 3
DEF/ST- Dallas RD 21
K- Dan Bailey RD 20
DL Justin Tuck RD 7
LB Patrick Willis RD 11
DB Patrick Peterson RD 10
DP D’Qwell Jacks on RD 9
DP Trent Cole RD 12


Reggie Bush RD 6
Jay Cutler RD 13
D, Heward-Bey RD 15
Mikel LeShoure RD 18
Devone Bess RD 19
Mario Williams RD 16
Colin McCarthy RD 17

I added the round in which each player was drafted to the right of their name so you could assess value of the pick.

The only pick I think I didn't get good value on was Justin Tuck in round 7, I got a little trigger happy because someone took JPP and D Ware the 2 picks ahead of mine. I was going to take JPP but when he went I had to scramble and was debating between Jared Allen, Tuck, Super Mario, and Cole. So I ended up with players 3, 4, and 5 in my rankings instead of 1 or 2 which was JPP and Allen. Although I was a bit scared off by Vikings coached saying they want to limit Allens' snaps this year.

I also might have been able to take Peterson a round later, but He is by far my leagues #1 projected DB because of his return ability. If I would have done that then I would have taken Doug Martin from TB in the 11th round and Peterson in the 12th.

how do you think I did?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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