My thoughts on the 2012 Cowboys

I have not posted in quite some time due to life issues, etc. but I am always reading the site and of course watching/following camp and preseason.

I feel good about our team this year. I wanted to just throw out some random thoughts/opinions about the preseason and what I expect this year.

These are in no particular order, but here goes:

-Good riddance to Martellus Bennett. Go drop passes and run your mouth in new jersey

-James Hanna is gonna be a steal, we are stacked at TE

-Victor Butler needs to play more

-Orie Lemon belongs on the 53

-Mana Silva does too, he makes plays every game

-I hate roger goodell

-Dewayne Harris is a good player, has a bright future

-I have yet to see Bruce Carter do anything

-Sean Lee is gonna be an All-Pro

-I have never seen a player that loves the game more than Dez Bryant. He is the first player to congratulate his teammates on the sideline after a big play. He is going to be a leader of our team for years to come.

-There is not much deadweight/lazy turds left on this team

-Kyle Orton needs a haircut and a shave

-roger goodell is a hypocrite and a fraud

-We are going to cut some good players such as Baraka Atkins, Danny Coale, Rob Calloway, Kenyon Coleman/Marcus Spears, Adrian Hamilton, Lance Dunbar

-Our offensive line is a huge, huge concern

-Tyron Smith is going to be fun to watch the next 10 years

-Lawrence Vickers is a badass and a leader

-Jason Hatcher is going to have a huge year

-Dan Bailey is AWESOME

-the 2009 draft makes me sick to my stomach

-We need to draft a young QB in the top 4 rounds this year

-I hope roger goodell dies in a housefire

-We should sign Mat McBriar back

-I think Dez Bryant will have 1300 yards and 14 TDs this year

-Witten is such a special player and person

-So is DWare

-I wish Dan Campbell and Dat Ngyuen were on our coaching staff

-I think we have a very resilient team

-Roger Goodell is going to ruin the NFL

-I am very sad about the Sam Hurd situation

-Michael Irvin would make a great national analyst

-Tyron Crawford looks very good

-The rams broadcast team was the worst thing I ever heard

-Sorry, 2nd worst behind joe thieessssmannnnnn

-Tim McMahon, Calvin Watkins, Tim Cowlishaw, and Matt Mosely all suck

-Jean-Jacque Strap Taylor sucks much worse

-Skip Bayless sucks even more

-Wade Phillips set this franchise back 3-5 years

-Roger Goodell is a filthy liar

-Kurt Warner is my favorite player ever

-I don't ever want to hear the name David DeCastro the rest of my ;ife

-The rooney family can go to hell

-Warren Sapp is a fat, stupid fool

-I would rather hear a knife stabbed in to my ear than listen to Adam Schein

-Jerry Jones should never rap or dance again

-I hope Ware breaks eli gump in half next wednesday

-I hope roger goodell gets hit by a truck

-I will be in New Orleans for the Super Bowl and I expect the Cowboys to be there playing the Patriots

-I am happy to see Chris Cooley get cut, good riddance, please never play or speak again

-David Arkin needs to get stronger but I really like him as a player

-Cole Beasely is going to be around for a long time

-Eagles will be 8-8 again this year

-I feel bad that Andy Reid's son died

-I don't know why we did not address the Center position

-I hope brandon jacobs dies on the field

-I'm going to the Cowboys-Panther game on 10/21, will be sitting at the 40-yd line on the Dallas sideline about 10 rows off the field

-I am ready to see a year that has LeBron winning a title(even though I'm a Wizards fan which is miserable), the Nationals win the World Series, the Capitals win the Stanley Cup, and most importantly The Dallas Cowboys win their 6th Super Bowl

So, BigTurkey, I am waiting on your response as to why this should be a


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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