My Saturday morning 53 and O-line thoughts

I'm sure we'll see a few of these over the next few days, but I've got nothing better to do right now and I'm bored. There are some hard cuts to make, and the Cowboys would be crazy not to look at other teams cuts and churn some more. Especially on the o-line. I don't know about you but I have very little confidence in Costa and none in Arkin as a primary backup. The defense will be much better than last year so the biggest weakness will be o-line. I know your not allowed to critize Tyron Smith but he has only been "ok" in my eyes so far at LT. Let's hope he gets better as the year goes on. In my opinion Livings will be a wash with Holland who manned LG last year. Costa has to be better right? I actually like Bernadeau and think he will be an upgrade over a gimpy Kosier. I don't know what to make of, or expect from Doug Free. I think O-line could derail the whole thing, let's hope they surprise. Now on to my 53 which I will take the "looking at tomorrow approach" so to speak.

Qb- 2

Romo-No explanation needed

Orton -Maybe the best back up in the league


Murray- Duh! But will he stay healthy?

Jones- His Cowboys swan song

Tanner- Special teams play saves his spot

There is some thought about going long here and keeping Dunbar as punt returner and speed guy, but he is probably headed for practice squad.

FB -1

Vickers -An upgrade and a leader in the lockeroom

TE -3

Witten- No explanation needed

Phillips- Better than he gets credit for

Hanna- Maybe a steal?


Bryant- Break out year? I think so

Austin- How many games will he play?

Ogletree- Has had a nice pre season could this be the year he contributes?

Harris- Ditto!

Beasley- He has to make this team, wish he had more special team ability

Coale- I'm going with him over Holmes, I know Holmes has more upside, but Coale is the RKG type Garrett looks for and can be a core special teamer.


Smith- I do think there will be a learning curve for him at LT, expect a up and down first half of the season

Livings- Solid, not spectacular

Costa- Like it or not he's not going anywhere, hope he really did improve

Bernadeau- I think he will be an upgrade and suprise

Free- IDK what to expect, I really don't

Arkin- Still doesn't look strong enough to play in the NFL, hope he doesn't have to, could be in trouble if a better option gets waived.

Parnell- If Free struggles all year again say hello to your starting right tackle in 2013.

Dockery- Lack of position flexibility could cost him, maybe McQuistan sticks because he can play multiple positions. Either way both would be vulnerable to wavier wire pickup


Ratliff- Needs to play less snaps, love him but he is probably overrated at this point,his contract will be a bad one

Hatcher- Breakout? A consistent pass rush from him would be huge!

Lissemore- Hoped I would have see more from him in the preseason but he can play all 3 position and figures to get staters minutes.

Spears- I'm going with him over Coleman, because he give a smidge more pass rush and is a good locker room guy.

Crawford- Seen nothing but good things, future starter

Brent- Barely! Waiver wire vulnerable

Bass- I think he showed enough to warrant a year. He and Crawford future starting ends? Probably would not be active on game day, but need to get younger.


Ware-Best defensive player in the game? If not he's top three

Spencer- Is this the

Butler- He has looked good and will probably see more playing time

Wilber- Been hurt a lot, but they drafted him with the idea of developing him behind Spencer

Albright- Coach fave, position flexibility and core special teamer

Hamilton- Wont clear waivers if cut, shows too much promise as a pass rusher not to try to develop. He's not ready yet, add him to the game day inactives


Lee- All Pro? and leader

Carter- His "potential" gets him the starting job

Conner- Has looked slow in coverage,and otherwise ordinary, could he be a surprise cut?

Lemon- I think has done enough, can he contribute on special teams?


Carr-Has looked like the 50 million dollar man, Huge Upgrade!

Claiborne- I think he is going to struggle early on, but will get better as the year rolls on

Jenkins- IDK what to expect from him

Scrandirck- He is what he is at this point, will be up and down

Butler- Because of uncertainty with Jenkins, and some position flexibility he sticks. But this may be another area the Cowboys scan the waiver wire for.


Sensabaugh- Starts strong and fades. Will he put together a whole year?

Chruch- A pleasant surprise, seems like an upgrade

McCray- Special team ace, will have a few dime packages this year also

Silva- Has been good enough as a backup, and core special teams guy

Johnson- Has been hurt all year, but they like his potential, maybe inactive on gameday?

Special Teams-3

Bailey- Mr automatic again?

Jones- Takes over for Mcbrair

Ladouceur- Has never had a bad snap

There you have it, tell me what you think. Looks like about 17 changes from last years 53, lets hope its enough to get over the hump.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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