Final 53

Defense (26)
Defensive Backs (10) Linebackers (9) Defensive Linemen (7)
S (5) CB (5) OLB (5) ILB (4) DE (5) DT (2)
Gerald Sensabaugh Brandon Carr DeMarcus Ware Sean Lee Jason Hatcher Jay Ratliff
Barry Church Morris Claiborne Anthony Spencer Bruce Carter Kenyon Coleman Josh Brent
Danny McCray Orlando Scandrick Victor Butler Orie Lemon Tyrone Crawford
Mana Silva Mario Butler Kyle Wilber Alex Albright Ben Bass
Matt Johnson Mike Jenkins Adrian Hamilton Sean Lissemore
Offense (24)
Offensive Backfield (6) Receivers (9) Offensive Linemen (9)
QB (2) RB (4) WR (6) TE (3) OT (4) G/C (5)
Tony Romo DeMarco Murray Miles Austin Jason Witten Tyron Smith Nate Livings
Kyle Orton Felix Jones Dez Bryant John Phillips Doug Free Mackenzy Bernadeau
Lawrence Vickers Kevin Ogletree James Hanna Jermey Parnell Phil Costa
Lance Dunbar Cole Beasley Pat McQuistan David Arkin
Dwayne Harris Derrick Dockery
Danny Coale
Special Teams (3) Injured (4) Practice Squad
Kickers (1) Punters (1) Long Snappers (1) IR/PUP
Dan Bailey Chris Jones L.P. LaDouceur Kevin Kowalski Lionel Smith
Caleb McSurdy Rudy Carpenter
Donovan Kemp Shaun Chapas
Isaiah Greenhouse Jamize Olawale
Tim Benford
Jeff Adams
Harland Gunn
Justin Taplin-Ross
Total Roster Size: 53 --- Click Here to CUT!
Current Salary: $130160621 Salary Cap: $133786426

Romo & Orton, Carpenter to PS

Murray, Jones, Dunbar, Vickers.

Dunbar plays ST, looked pretty good at it. Plays more ST roles than Tanner. Tanner could make the squad if they did something crazy like cut Jones (I would).

Bryant, Austin, Ogletree, Beasley, Harris, Coale.

I think they take Coale over Holmes. I personally would only keep five. If I kept six I would be inclined to keep Benford over Holmes.

Witten, Phillips, Hanna. The double letter in the last name is all thats needed.

Smith, Free, Parnell, McQuistan.

Parnell was signed for 3 years for a reason. McQ sticks as the all purpose guy to play tackle or guard if needed.

Livings, Bernadeau, Costa, Arkin, Dockery.

Arkin is the backup center / guard. Keeping McQ could make Dockery expendable to save a roster spot.

Sensbaugh, Church, McCray, Silva, Johnson.

Silva has made this team. I think he may actually bump Johnson from the roster altogether.

Carr, Claiborne, Scandrick, Jenkins, Butler.

Nothing to be said here

Ware, Spencer, Butler, Wilber, Hamilton.

We have to keep all five, period.

Lee, Carter, Lemon, Albright

Yes Connor is gone. Lemon might not be as seasoned, but he has shown more upside than Connor. I listed Albright with the ILB's, but he will play all over the field. One of my first posts of the year had him making this squad.

Hatcher, Coleman, Lissemore, Crawford, Bass

Spears has played well, but he gets axed. Bass should make this team over Calloway or Geathers, but I doubt the brass will do that.

Ratliff, Brent.

Lissy can play inside when needed.

Bailey, Jones, L.P.

I still dont know for sure if Jones will be here in week 4.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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