Observations from Camp - Sat. Aug 4, 2012

OK I didn't have the best seat in the house, and I'm no football expert, but here's what I saw today:

- Raymond Radway had a tough day - dropped several passes, and seemed really bummed after each one - would walk back to the line/huddle with his head hanging low - he did have a nice catch near the end of the day though

- McGee looks awful

- Danny Coale looks ready for Monday when he gets back into the lineup

- Clifton Geathers is gigantic - looks at least 2 inches taller than everyone else. He was in on the o-line as a blocker on field goal drills

- Dan Bailey is money, made all his field goals. The backup kicker is not, missed 2 or 3 out of 4. He won't be around.

- Felix looked good today - was real crisp - was even in as a blocker on punt return drills. Dez and Harris appeared to be returning most of the kicks.

- Danny McCray seemed to be in on a lot of plays - he looks to be the biggest (size wise) safety we have

- Cannot wait to see Brandon Carr against live bullets

- Dez had another good day - he dropped a couple passes, but they weren't particularly good throws either. He made a beautiful catch where he had to reach back behind the defender on one play - might have been the prettiest catch I saw all day.

- Bruce Carter had a pick

- Lawrence Vickers had a sure TD catch, and they seemed to have Jamize Olawale catching passes too (he was also good) - interesting to consider the FB as a valid receiving threat.

- TRON is so smooth sliding down the line - amazing talent for his age/experience

- Bill Callahan rocks - he might not have the best talent to coach, but by gosh he's working his butt off showing these guys proper technique - very impressive to watch him work

That's about all I can recall - sorry I didn't have more from the defensive side to report - this was my first camp and it's very hard to see everything going on. I give BIG props to OCC for tweeting and being able to report while watching - truly amazing.

<strong>Edit: I added a couple pictures after the jump</strong>


^^ The first stretches of the day - this is only the young guys (before starters take the field)


^^ Some light-weight QB to Receiver drills - honestly these were cupcake passes/routes - I think it was really just a photo op.


^^ The big guys working with Callahan (the short guy in blue standing in front of them)


^^ 5-on-7 or 7-on-7 drill, rehearsing some plays

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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