Dez Bryant vs Hakeem Nicks

I firmly believe the Dez Bryant is the best receiver in the NFC East. I don't think many people argue that Nicks was the best last year, but this year, it's Dez's turn. Here's why Dez is a better wideout than Nicks:

Height: Dez has a slight advantage here, as he is 6-2 compared to 6-1. It isn't much, but with DB's using the tips of their fingers to get between passes nowadays, one inch could be the difference. Advantage: Dez

Weight: Dez is clearly the bigger man between the two here. He is 220 pounds, with 12 pounds on the 208 pound Hakeem Nicks. This added weight help Bryant get defenders off of him and get through tackles. Advantage: Dez

Speed: Dez clocked a 4.52 40 time. It's not roadrunner speed, but its faster than Nicks who clocked 4.63 (4.61 on some sources)

Jump: Dez again has a clear advantage as he recorded a vertical of 38 inches, compared to Hakeem Nicks 36. Considering that Dez is already taller, Dez is able to get higher than Nicks to reel in the catches over defenders' heads.

Hands: This one is also not a debate. Dez was the second most consistent pass catcher in the league, having one drop out of 64 catchable passes. It graded as a drop percentage of 1.56. Nicks did not even come in the top 20. This mean he dropped more than 6 percent of the catchable passes thrown his way. Advantage: Dez

Route Running: Dez is known for being a poor route runner, and Nicks is knows for being crisp. Advantage: Nicks

Potential: Last year, Hakeem Nicks recorded 76 catches for 1200 yards and 7 scores. It was his third year in the NFL and he showed that 80 catches for 1200 yards is typically the best he can give. It is respectable, but Dez has mush more in the bag. Last year, Dez recorded 63 catches for 930 yards and 9 scores. He did it without any NFL offseason IN HIS ENTIRE CAREER. This is the first ever offseason that he has fully participated in and has the ability to produce 85-90 catches a season and between 1200-1500 yards. He has more upside and tremendous skill waiting to be tapped by a proper offseason. And he has not even done his third year of NFL, where typically a receiver breaks out and shows his true colors. Advantage: Dez

As you can see, Dez has the upperhand in many categories. Hakeem Nicks is also a great player, not taking anything away from him. But after 2012, Dez Bryant will be in a class ahead. I'm sure that soon, Dez will be categorized among the NFL elites, with Megatron and Larry Fitz.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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